What is Neuroplasticity and Why is it so Important?

Neuroplasticity is a new buzzword that has made its place in the psychology and scientific fields, and even the general public is aware of its revolutionary effects.

Neuroplasticity is so promising and it has the potential to rewire your brain.

The topic is quite famous.

Thus, a lot of misleading, conflicting information is present.

So, what is the working principle of Neuroplasticity?

What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is not just a pretentious vocabulary but as a matter of fact, it is the name of the ability of the human that tells us that the human brain never stops evolving.

Brain exercises

Neuroplasticity is an umbrella term that covers the brain’s ability to identify itself, functionally and physically throughout your entire life.

Whatever changes occur in your life because of your behavior, thinking, environment and feelings or emotions, your brain reshapes itself to perform in that situation.

It is important to remember that the concept of Neuroplasticity is not a new thing;

it has been in the existence since the 1800s,

but fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) has made it possible to learn about the ability of transformation or morphing of the brain.

The reality that the brain can change itself has totally replaced the old concept that the adult brain is not able to change.

Moreover, it is just like any other organ and unchangeable after the crucial development of the brain in the childhood period.

However, there is no doubt that the human brain is more plastic in the early years of an individual’s life and the potential does decline with the age factor, but the process of plasticity keeps on happening throughout a human’s life.

How is Neuroplasticity pivotal for our life?

Neuroplasticity lets your brain become more resilient and it is the mechanism through which long-term or permanent learning happens like learning a new musical instrument or acquiring expertise in a totally new or different language.

Moreover, the new concept has cleared that Neuroplasticity is likely to be helpful in recovery from stroke, injuries, and even some birth abnormalities.

It can be even helpful in overcoming autism, ADD and ADHD, getting over the depression and addictions, learning abnormalities and other brain defects.

Neuroplasticity has the various implications and it is the second name of hope for enhancing cognitive abilities.

It can revolutionary impact every aspect of the human life and culture from basic education to healthcare (medicine).

Furthermore, the limitation of its effectiveness is still unknown.

However, the feature of the brain to become extremely resilient also makes it extremely vulnerable to internal and outside influences that are normally unconscious.

Many people, who have learned about the power of Neuroplasticity, have overcome their anxiety, depression, brain injury, and even their suicidal thoughts, and they have almost rewired their brains

through different Neuroplasticity related exercises like cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, mindfulness practices, and meditation.

All these exercise and stuff promotes neuroplastic change.

However, this is the Neuroplasticity that is responsible for this depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and overreacting.

Seven Fundamentals of Neuroplasticity:

The researchers and experts have confirmed that Neuroplasticity is great for improving the life in a positive way!

However, it is not an easy thing as it sounds it needs persistence, patience, and a firm belief that you can alter your brain cognitive functions in a positive direction.

As neuroscientist, Dr. Sarah McKay, explains

Plasticity or reshaping of our brain takes place when there is something that triggers it and the recent studies confirm this idea that remolding powers of the brain can actually help adult minds in growth.

Although age does affect the internal parts of the brain and it tends to slow down to a very little extend the power of plasticity but with the right circumstances that mean focus, attention, consistency, vigorous determination and overall health of the brain.

Dr. Michael Merzenich in his book “Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity can change your Life”, has listed various vital fundamentals that are necessary for reshaping or plasticity our brain and we have included seven of them here.

1. Change in the brain is limited to those events, when your brain is in mood!

If you are focused, engaged, motivated, have a high spirit, and all set to have some action, this is the point when your brain will secrete neurochemicals that are essential to make the changes.

However, the picture is totally another way around when you are unengaged, inattentive, distracted and doing something mindlessly, and without putting any thoughts or efforts then dear friend, this is the point when your neuroplastic switches are on the off mode!

2. The tougher you try, the more you are alert minded, the potential outcome and its volume, the bigger change your brain will experience.

Basically, when you are intentionally paying more attention to the task at hand and really willing to master something for a cardinal reason, the change will be much better.

3. These changes are nothing but some new connections or strengthening the old ones that our brain forms, these connections are highly important for the brain to perform at its optimum level.

Furthermore, the better you practice something, the more important your brain will consider it and make some really strong connections to master that particular thing.

Moreover, these connections usually have all the experiences that we gain through different channels, such as movement; cognitive pattern; and sensory info etc.

Think it as a Master controller that is trying to improve any particular behavior or skill so, you can perform it even more brilliantly and with flexibility.

4. The changes, which are relevant to learning something new, make the cells increase their cooperation, which is certainly quite crucial to promote the factor of reliability.

Merzenich asks to consider a football stadium that is crowded with fans and they are clapping on random occasions, but the same people clapping in unison, you can imagine the powerful sound of it.

Similarly, when your nerve cells are in good coordination with each other, their working is bound to produce more reliable and powerful outcomes.

5. The brain also makes better connections among the teams of neurons.

These teams of neurons represent individual moments that are happening successively.

These strengthened connections improve the power of the brain to predict what is going to happen next and it generates an “associative flow” without this capability, your flow of consciousness would be nothing but just a reduced series of separate puddles.

6. Do remember that initial changes are always made on the temporary basis, as they are simply the chemical changes.

Your brain just records the change then, later on, it evaluates whether this change needs to be the part of the brain on the permanent basis or not.

The changes only qualify as permanent when the brain judgment declares it as fascinating, novel or some sort of important outcome (good/bad) is linked to it.

It is a two-way street; generating negatives changes are as easy simple as generating the positive changes.

For brain there is no difference in negative or positive changes, it is merely some structural changes for our brains.

Brain plasticity can make you master of overcoming all the negative changes but do remember that old people are experts at promoting plastic change in the wrong direction.

Is it possible to take help from supplements in the process of Neuroplasticity?

Yes, it is possible, but it is the matter of choice.

NoocubeWhich supplement, we are opting for is quite crucial.

Thus, opting for a supplement that is already reliable and helpful for people can actually make things easy for us.

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