There are times in life when we need to focus on something hard, whether it is for college-going students or too much workload in the office.

Sometimes multitasking becomes necessary, but for that, we need focus. However, it gets difficult to concentrate on the work even you drink too many cups of coffee. 

In this fast-paced and overloaded life, it gets difficult to remember and concentrate on the work.

That goes for school kids preparing for exams or some important project which needs to be finished on time, but due to lack of concentration, it is impossible to do it. 

Concentration generally means the mental effort used at times of learning something.

For this concentration, we need our brains to be active and fast so that it can easily remember and learn everything we need.


Attention and concentration can affect for a number of reasons. Some people have a hard time figuring out the distractions.

Age, as well as lack of sleep, might decrease the level of concentration. Most people forget things, especially when they are at a certain age, and a decrease in concentration can increase memory loss. 

Head or brain injuries can also affect the level of concentration, as the focus is the work of the brain.

Any injury to the brain might affect the concentration. People get frustrated when they cannot concentrate on things that need focus. This may lead to irritation and an increase in stress levels.

Maintaining concentration gets, we connected with the world, which we think is very successful in our mind.

This positive impact helps us to think positive in the real world and helps us with our success. But lack of focus might cause a lot of factors which can not only make our mind slow but also it may cause memory loss and other mental problems which are harmful to us as we age.


Concentration starts at an early age. As a child, he is able to learn how to concentrate on different things so that it may be effective in the years later on when he or she grows up.

It helps the child to learn that concentration leads a successful life, and it is very helpful for a person in the future. 

Several factors during the early age stage or childhood and adolescence can enhance development skills that need focus for a longer period.

This concentration helps the brain to grow faster, the child learns how to focus, and by doing that, he learns how to be successful in any field.

Infants, who are small and at times are confused in this world and do not know something, they take some guidance by the adults where to focus their attention.

While for preschool children, who can concentrate on tasks are more likely to complete college. Kids who have a hard time concentrating, most likely, skip school or they slip behind in school.

Adolescents, when they are unable to concentrate, drinking is the thing that makes them upset. However, it interrupts in their normal brain function and growth of the brain.

Due to this, it affects their heavy level thoughts like planning and organizing. 

However, teenage students who use heavy alcohol, it affects the ability to perform in school and sports. These effects could be long-lasting, and it is not good for their future.


Concentration deteriorates as we age. It also decreases when we have too much workload.

It affects not only teenagers but also can affect anyone at any age. It is our brain’s duty to concentrate and focus.

However, those who cannot do it in any part of their lives, it means the lack of nutrients which is causing a problem for the brain to concentrate.

Here are some points which are likely to be helpful for those who need to increase or improve their concentration.

1) Training brain

There are many types of games that are made to improve concentration and focus. These games are indoor games, which needs proper concentration.

As the main goal is to win the game, people use their full focus and attention in the game to win. This way, it helps to improve concentration at the workplace as well.

Such games are:
  • Memory cards
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Sudoku
  • Chess
  • Scramble

These games and other games which need focus and attention might help to improve focus. This also helps to develop short-term memory and assists in problem-solving situations.

2) Increase focus on kids

At times kids get frustrated or irritated while doing some work or some school projects.

They are unable to concentrate on the projects or work. For that, there are some books such as word puzzles, which needs focus and attention.

Even board games such as jigsaw puzzles and memory card games need attention to complete. 

Coloring books can also be effective for kids, as it requires attention to color pictures. It is fun as well as an exercise for the brain to choose the color according to the picture.

These games help to develop the focus and concentration in kids, which might be helpful for them in their future.

3) Green time

Green time does not mean a room that is green in color. It means natural exposure, exposure to green plants, and natural environment.

Research suggests that sitting in the green room that is natural surroundings, may improve brain development in children.

In a study, it has shown that children who have been exposed to or have greener space in their homes have better results than those who do not go or live under green space.

Their brain development has been improved and has a healthy brain.

An increase in green space also helps to increase concentration levels in students who go to college. Even glancing at greenery may help college students to focus on their studies, and for those who work in offices, green space helps to increase their concentration in their work.

Students who were asked to take an ordinary task, to take 40 seconds to break from their work.

Half of the students were told to look at the concrete scene, and half of the students were told to look at some greener space.

After this task, the results showed that students who looked at the green space had a few errors, but their concentration level was higher than those who looked at the concrete scene.

It is not necessary to have a big garden or a luxury rooftop, but you can look at some greenery while doing lunch or spend some time outside in the green. It could make a lot of difference in improving concentration. 

4) Game on

Not only are board games played to improve concentration, nowadays, in this modern world, but even video games are also introduced to improve concentration.

New research suggests that playing video games helps to boost concentration.

There was a study in 2018, it suggests that 29 people who played video games for an hour help improve selective visual attention (VSA).

Visual selective attention refers to the ability to concentrate on the specific work and distracting any other work or sound coming from around you.

The study author recommends future research to continue on video games as they are exploring how video games will help to increase and boost concentration. 

There are many video games made to make the brain function fast and boost concentration.

These games are especially played by kids who give their complete concentration towards the game.

5) Take a break

People who find difficulty in concentrating get frustrated and irritated.

It makes their minds tired of, and it gets difficult to focus on the same thing.

At this stage, it will be a feasible option to take a break from work and go out for a brisk walk. This break freshens out the brain and helps to concentrate on the work with ease.

People get tired also when continuously focusing on the same thing again and again, whether it is a school project or work which requires focus and multitasking.

Due to the heavy workload, the concentration level increases, and it makes our mind tired. At this point, a little break does not harm.

Taking a little break from work might help to work back again. A little distraction from work boosts the concentration level when doing the work again. You can distract yourself by checking and reading emails.

This will take your mind off from work and will revive the attention level when you start the work.

While checking your email, you can call your friend as well to distract from work for a little bit. You can check messages, set up the volume level, even play a little game on your phone in order to take a little break from work.

In this fast world, some applications are made to enjoy and have fun.

You can use those applications to freshen up the mind before starting the work again. These distractions can help to bring back the concentration level and can help to focus again.

Some break types help to boost concentration, energy, and motivation:
  • A mid-morning break to revive concentration.
  • Breaks which you enjoy, which is restful and helps you recover and helps you to come back to work with full focus and attention.
  • Frequent short breaks to keep the mind fresh and active.

6) Sleep

Irregular or sleep deprivation is the main role that disrupts concentration.

It is one of the vital and important roles which do not let us concentrate. Not only concentration but sleep deprivation also causes other problems such as memory loss and attention problems.

Irregular sleep or disturbed sleep at night might affect the work in the morning. It also changes the mood and performance at work.

Being too tired also affects our motor skills and slows down the reflexes and ability to do multitasking or even completing any work on time and fast.

There are some factors that cause disturbed sleep.

It might happen because of age factor, health issues, a workload which cannot make us sleep or other factors which make a person unable to sleep.

Nevertheless, it is important to get as close as recommended sleep at night. For an adult, a maximum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night is necessary to have a fresh and healthy morning.

Here are a few tips to have a good night’s sleep
  • Before going to bed, make sure you switch off the TV or any other screens an hour before sleeping.
  • The room temperature must be comfortable according to the mood.
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, even on weekends.
  • Keep yourself in a good mood by reading a good book, taking a warm bath for listening to soft music.
  • Do a little warm-up exercise before going to bed but not heavy exercise, especially when going to bed. 

7) Environment

The environment plays a very important role in concentration.

A clean and quiet environment helps to concentrate even more as compared with those places which are noisy and dirty.

You can make changes in the environment in order to work in a more peaceful and concentrated way.

Many people have different working styles. They arrange their place according to their desire and feel relaxed and can work with complete attention and focus.

People often enough seem to like listening to music while working.

Music makes the mind refresh, and soft music keeps the mind active and relaxed. This helps in concentration and attention at work.

People often play music, which they find soothing to their ears. Whether it is soft music or smooth music of flowing water, it helps to keep the mind cool and calm and helps to focus on work.

Even aromatherapy can help to concentrate. The good smell in the atmosphere can open up the brain and helps to focus on the work.

Aromatherapy is very good for those who cannot be attentive to their work.

2) Supplementing

Other than natural procedures to improve concentration, people often use supplements to improve their focus and attention.

Some brain supplements help to promote and improve concentration and improve mind function.

It is better to consult the doctor before trying any supplements as they contain different ingredients that might be harmful.

Without a doctor’s consultation, supplements can cause allergies and other problems. A doctor can recommend better supplements while looking at your condition. 

Even getting all the vitamins and nutrients from food is not enough to improve concentration.

Food may contain a low amount of nutrients, which is not enough for our brain’s development. On the other, taking supplements with food will complete all the nutrients which are not properly consumed by food.

Supplements complete the nutrients intake, and this causes the brain to function properly, resulting in better concentration and attention.

Following ingredients in the supplement might improve and increase the concentration and overall brain’s health:

  1. Choline
  2. Vitamin K
  3. Folate
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids
  5. Flavonoids
  • Folate (folic acid) is also known, like vitamin B9, is a water-soluble vitamin that has important functions in our body. It is naturally found in many foods and in the form of folic acid in fortified food. It helps to promote cell division, which is very important for proper brain function. It is available in legumes, eggs, leafy green, citrus fruits, broccoli, nuts, and seeds.
  •  Choline is indeed one of the essential nutrients that is necessary for our body to function properly. It affects liver functions, healthy brain development, muscle movement, and metabolism. It is available in eggs, chicken liver, cauliflower, broccoli, salmon, and soybean.
  • Vitamin K plays a vital role in blood clotting. Due to this nutrient, the blood suddenly clots when there is a cut or injury, and this helps the blood to move smoothly and reach the desired place in our body. It is available in green vegetables, beef liver, chicken, kiwi, and cheeses.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important for our body. They have powerful health benefits for our bodies and brain. It also promotes brain development of a child during pregnancy and early life. Other than this, omega 3 has got a lot of other positive effects on our body, which is very important for our body’s growth and improving the development of our brain and body. It is available in fatty fish which should be consumed 2 to 3 times per week. 

Other than supplements, food which contains these nutrients can also be consumed in order to improve focus.

To increase the concentration, you can add walnuts, avocado, and chocolate to the diet. Walnuts improve cognitive functions also increases information processing speed, memory, and concentration. 

Consuming one avocado each day improves memory and concentration.

A study has disclosed that eating an avocado per day enhances cognitive skills, memory, and attention. 


There are different ways to increase and improve concentration.

The best way is to either take supplements that are very helpful for the future or play brain games, which makes the mind work with focus and concentration and makes it better and active.

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