What is Nootropics and Why it Called “Smart Drugs”

Nootropics (pronunciation: /noʊ.əˈtrɒpᵻks/ noh-ə-TROP-iks)—also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers—are drugs, supplements, or other substances that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals. Wikipedia

The modern day world offers a lot of difficulties and complications. Living in the world has never been more difficult. Even though we have been surrounded with gadgets that try to make living even more difficult, living in the modern day world is nothing less than very complicated.

The hassles of work combined with the hassles of running a family make it very difficult for men. Women similarly also have the difficulties in raising the children and being a helping hand towards the men in running the family and bringing in finance.

Due to these complications, the stress levels within both the males and females have risen dramatically. There are now multiple cases of stress levels increasing which can eventually lead towards depression.

Once a person gets prone to stress levels and depression, it is hard to find a way back. Thus, the normal functioning of the brain and the mental capability is disrupted.

Best Nootropics (Brain Boosting Supplements) of 2016

nootropics depot

There are a lot of products or solutions in the market that cater to the need of individuals to increase mental capability. But all of these products require either regular visits to the naturopath doctor or limitless intake of some gross liquid or plant roots.

Keeping in mind the importance of the issue a lot of new products have been launched which naturally try to induce more mental strength, but none of them can match the level of Noocube.

Noocube is a product which can be proud of not containing any glutens or caffeine or GMO. It is free from all of the above ingredients and is perhaps a very natural and permanent remedy for good mental strength.

So, if it does not contain all of the above-mentioned ingredients, then what is this Nootropic exactly made of? The ingredients of Noocube can be summed up below:

Ingredients of Noocube (Highest Quality Nootropics):

The pills come with a gel cap and once you get rid of the gel cap, this is the list of ingredients that you will find amalgamated inside:

1) Alpha GPC: One of the most important functions of Alpha GPC is that it vehemently stops you from daydreaming while you are being presented with useful information.

It happens very often that people cannot listen to and record information that might be useful in the future because they are busy daydreaming. Testing on old people and patients with Alzheimer has resulted in very favorable results.

2) Huperzine A: This is an extract from a Chinese Moss and plays a very important part in the pills. The Huperzine A enhances the cognitive functioning of the mind and helps in storing memory.

3) Cat’s claw: Cats claw can be very difficult to get by your own self, thus it is best to consume them through this dynamic product. The ingredient is filled with anti-oxidants which can help a person get rid of increasing stress levels.

4) Oat Straw: The Oat Straw is one of the most ancient remedies and is best known for increasing the blood flow towards the brain.

5) L-Theanine and L- Tyrosine: Both of these ingredients are originally believed to be found in green and black tea and play a very important part in increasing stress tolerance.

Noocube is a perfect amalgamation of the ingredients mentioned above. But the exact amount of each ingredient is yet to be known. The prescription and the method to use the product are mentioned below to help using Noocube easier for you.

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Nootropics Human Trial Part: 1

best nootropics supplements

The best Nootropics are those with a proven track records  clinically-proven results for cognitive enhancement.

The wish to lead a peaceful and a mentally strong life is something that everyone has. The same wish brings most of you over here. In an earlier article, we discussed the Noocube and the reviews that we had present on the net.

The lack of proper reviews meant that the Noocubes still require authenticity to validate their claim of mental relief.

The pills have been found clear of any side effects but no human testing has yet been done. To make the consumption of Nootropics safer and easier for you, we have decided to hold human testing.

The first rounds of results which consist of two weeks of usage are here with us and throughout the course, I will be presenting them to you.

Day One:

I received the pills on the afternoon of the first day and was genuinely excited to get them. The excitement got over me and I didn’t wait a second before consuming them.

After the consumption of the pills, I felt genuinely active and was more concentrated than before.

I had no feelings of taking a nap and the results were very testimonial of the claims that Noocube had been making from the first day. The results of the first and second day were very encouraging but can be considered influenced by the placebo effect.

The placebo effect puts a lot of bias that is why we made this test a thorough and extensive one.

Day Three:

By the time day 3 arrived, the placebo effect and the excitement had diminished a bit. I took the pills according to the directions of 2 at a time in the morning and proceeded to work.

The day was progressively better than other days and I had no tingling sensation of a nap during the afternoon. The vigor was less than that of the first two days but that was because of the placebo effect.

Thus it is advised that whatever you do, do it with your full heart and will. The Placebo effect can be very mesmerizing and amazing. The effect brings into the larger picture the excitement and amazement we have at trying everything new.

My teenager is going through puberty so obviously, he has a lot of demands from me. Coming back from work I have to respond to his demands and give him the full time that he deserves and needs from me.

Without the pills balancing the routine was becoming hard for me but the pills were weaving their magic and by the fifth day, I had started interacting more with the kid after coming back from work.

Day Seven:

A week has passed by in a hurry without leaving any traces behind. The first week of the testing is almost about to be over and I have made some marvelous deductions as of yet.

I have gone through this week like the wind from the north without any alterations. The fact that I have had to do a lot more than usual has also meant that the Noocube has had a very positive effect on me.

The start of the baseball season meant that now I would have to sit late night with the kid to watch all the baseball matches on T.V so that my presence is felt.

Secondly, I also coach a small backyard team which will require coaching from my side during this period. The coaching during breaks started and normally I would feel a lot of stress induced but this time around I was being very dynamic and was actually looking forward to hanging out and coaching the boys.

Taking Noocube has very much become part of the routine now and the changes that I am experiencing because of the consumption have become harder to feel with the passage of time.

The fact that I cannot notice any change is probably because the Noocube has become part of me but when I look behind to all the activities that I did during the day or during yesterday, I do realize that slowly and gradually the Noocube is indeed weaving its magic.

Nootropics Human Trial: Part 2

Nootropics research on humans

After the testing of the Noocube in the previous article, we will be testing the Pills again with a few changes. The pills come across as a remedy to reduce mental stress and to make living within this age easier.

The changes that I would be making this time around are that instead of two, I will be testing the impact of four pills of Noocube on my body. It is also pertinent to mention that the transition from two pills to four has been made only after proper consultation and research.

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While previously testing 2 pills a day I did experience minor changes in my work schedule and mental strength. I was carrying out normal daily routines with lesser exhaustion as compared to any other day.

Understanding the mechanics of my body and the fact that the safe prescription limit for Noocube is 4 pills a day, I decided to upgrade.

Day 1:

During the first day, I decided to take 4 pills at once in the morning and then know and record my progress. The first day I felt very active in the morning but as time started to pass by I started feeling tired.

The second half was a tiring one for me and I could feel mental pressure. This could have had been because of my diet or any other external reason but I decided to take no risk and divide the prescription into intakes of two times a day.

I would now take 2 pills in the morning and two in the afternoon.

The First Week:

Ever since I started taking the pills in intakes of two times a day, I could start feeling my body change for the better. The dual intake was helping me a lot and I could feel a positive vibe about my activities.

The product activated a very ripple like effect in my body and one positive activity was leading to another without the fear of mental stress. I was out doing things which my mental strength would not allow me to do on a normal day.

Let me remind you here that I am not at all being paid to write this, the only reason why I am writing this is to make the decision of buying a Noocube easier for you.

Furthermore, the intake can vary according to body types so the fact that my body benefits more from an intake of the pills two times a day cannot be true about your body. Thus it is best to have an evaluation of one’s body type.

The Second Week:

The second week was when I experienced the advantages of the Noocube at its fullest. I had to shift houses without the help of any movers and the strenuous process like many over here can relate does require a lot of mental strength.

The mental strength was provided to me by the Noocube. I could experience firsthand the increase in my productivity levels. It normally takes me a lot of effort and energy to manage the things that I was managing with lesser mental effort through the use of Noocube.

Considering the busy schedule I have, working as a single parent working two jobs I find myself as a person who is in need of a lot of mental strength and that mental strength was provided to me by Noocube.

The end of the month:

This month has been a very positive one for me. My body has become accustomed to the Noocube and I can feel the change in energy levels.

The effect that Noocube has had on my body is that I have come to expect a little bit more out of myself than before. I had trouble sleeping during one or two nights of the month and obviously productivity levels were low the other day but the Noocube helped me get through the month with renewed mental strength.

Being an herbal supplement the Noocube Supplement does leave a lasting effect on your body. I decided not to take the four pills on the last day of the month and I could experience the flow of renewed energy on this day as well.

The Noocube is not just a temporary drug to renew mental levels before a test or a presentation but it is an herbal prescription that will leave positive changes.

How to Use Nootropics Cognitive Enhancement?

how to take nootropics

The product or the bottle comes with a quantity of 60 pills. The maximum input level advised by Noocube is no more than 2 bottles a month. That means you will be consuming anything between 30-60 pills per month.

The return policy by Noocube has spurred a lot of interest by the users as Noocube encourages you to try the pills and if they don’t work you can send the bottle back anytime for a full refund.

The healthy ingredients and the good marketing do make a positive vibe. The method to use the Noocube is very simple and easy.

All Nootropics are extremely healthy and do not contain any such side effects. But still for safety reasons it is recommended that you contact a doctor.

The pills should be taken at 2 per day at the start and once you become accustomed to them you can jump to dosages of 4 pills per day. But the intake should not exceed more than 4 pills per day.

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Quick review:

Indeed the experience with Noocube has been a pleasant one but the results during the last few days have been a bit underwhelming. Knowing my body I am aware of the fact that even as a kid I did require the maximum dosage to influence an effect.

The first part of our trial comes to an end and the results have been mixed. The second part will see me trying 4 pills a day, divided into two doses, one in the morning and one at lunch. The results will be duly shared with you so that you can form a better understanding regarding the working of the pills.

There is a serious lack of proper information regarding reviews. Even though Noocube has not provided us with the list of all active ingredients and their quantity, the quality of the product is assured.

For raising a better understanding of the product in your eyes we have decided to arrange for a bottle of Noocube and test it properly on humans and convey you with the results.

Where to Buy Nootropics:

I personally found the Noocube a very successful and a fulfilling product. The last month for me was way more tiring and exhausting than the other 11 months of the year. But the use of Noocube helped me get through.

The most important thing was the build up the process in my system which I could experience by not taking the pills on the last day.

I would definitely recommend the product to friends, family or for because this is one of the products that leave a lasting impression.

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