AZOTH 2.0 Review – So You Need To Try It In 2024

Azoth 2.0 is a nootropic but should people really go for it? Is it a great start for quick boost in focus or another well marketed garbage? Learn facts, now!

AZOTH 2.0 Review is here to reveal the truth. Nootropics are substances that help in increasing our focus and memory.

We use these two to learn new information and process it in a way to vast ways. A sharp mind affects greatly on the standard of our everyday life.

Our performance, behaviour, and moods all depend upon a strong association between the mind and body.

Nootropics like Azoth 2.0 help us achieve that level of mental, physical and social well-being. 

What is Azoth 2.0?

Azoth 2.0 is one of the nutritional supplements aimed to improve memory, cognitive skills and improves the mood of the people who take this supplement regularly.

Azoth 2.0 is manufactured by the company with the name Azoth.

CEO and owner of company Prady Tewarie came up with the name because he believed the supplements have the potential to unlock the true mental potential inside a man which he can utilize to unleash the new worlds. 

Once at the same place, Prady wanted to prepare the supplements which are helpful as Nootropics.

Azoth created its 2.0 supplement breaking all the norms of placebo Nootropic and came up with a nutritional supplement that can help the brain.

Reviews of Azoth 2.0 Total Nootropic

Azoth 2.0 has multiple claims that it has on the brain and body. Let us first have a look at them.

The manufacturing company claims that Azoth 2.0 is extremely helpful in the optimization of attention span and ability of focus.

The supplement claims to increase your attention span, which helps in the enhancement of memory.

If memory and focus are sharp, processing of information becomes speedy.

You get to achieve your tasks better and quicker, which is a kick-start for morale and motivation.

It also regulates the concentration of trace elements as well as the neurotransmitters keep your brain affirmative and provide you with a contented mind.

All this helps in the reduction of anxiety and stress in the long run.

So, you enter a cycle of health, happiness, and prosperity. Neuroprotective functions of the drug are an additional advantage for the users.

I must agree, the company has said a lot. We need to see the facts and figures now before we get up, take out our mobile and place orders for our Azoth 2.0.

Amazon has awarded 4.0 stars out 5 to this brain supplement. Some people are praising this product and loving it to the moon.

A Holy grail product for the people who have very demanding jobs in terms of focus and energy. For example, someone who was in nursing named Azoth 2.0 as Gospel Truth.

Nursing is a noble yet demanding profession that needs complete focus and energy on the floor.

You can’t sleep or be casual when it is about the life and death of a person. But if your mind is tired and sleepy, it can’t process properly; your body can do anything.

Taking a lot of caffeine to do the same duty is never free of risks. Thanks to Azoth 2.0, which awakes the mind without poisoning with caffeine.

Regular users of Azoth 2.0 are satisfied with the results and have been using it for quite long now.

For some people, it is a magic tablet that they can never leave especially when it is about getting high grades or staying awake with full focus to perform that emergency surgery in the middle of the night.

17% of the total reviews rated it one star because of the reasons like bad taste, stomach irritation or a mere dissatisfaction towards the supplement.

We can conveniently say that Azoth 2.0 has greatly been successful in making its users happy and for the very reason; it is the hot product in the Nootropic industry.

Azoth 2.0 works?

We have been talking about Azoth 2.0 as a miraculous supplement which lets you open up your brains into the depths and discover the abilities which no other humans have discovered so far.

We may as well want to know about the process which takes place and lets Azoth 2.0 work as a star medicine, or I must say a hot Nootropic.

The ingredients present in Azoth 2.0 are responsible for the wonderful effects of this supplement.

Each herb has its quality and works or supports in building up a strong mind and stronger coordination between mind and body. 

Ingredients of Azoth 2.0

Azoth is as rich in ingredients as its packaging. We have listed down all the ingredients along with their benefits on the mind and body.

This helps a lot in deciding if we need the supplement or not.

1. Ashwagandha

The topmost ingredient in the list is this magical herb Ashwagandha.

The name has its Hindi origin because it was the herb of choice for almost all the miseries related to human health. Two capsules of Azoth 2.0 have 250 mg of Ashwagandha extract.

The main mechanism of action of Ashwagandha is the regulation of levels of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol when optimized results in a reduction in the fight and flight situations.

This means Ashwagandha can keep us calm and relieve anxiety in the state of worries.

Apart from the effects on the brain, Ashwagandha also reduces inflammation, pain, and some unclear studies have shown anti-cancer properties of the herb.

2. L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid, but it is basically a non-essential amino acid, and a precursor of many neurotransmitters and some pigments in the body called melanin.

Dopamine and norepinephrine are the most important neurotransmitters that are responsible for the proper functioning of several brain parts.

Common benefits of tyrosine are management against fatigue, cold, sleep deprivation, and anxiety.

3. Phosphatidylserine

Another useful phospholipid for the brain and an important component of the cell membrane is Phosphatidylserine.

Some studies support the effectiveness of Phosphatidylserine in improving the memory and focus ability of the elderly.

The daily requirement of this phospholipid is 150 mg, and Azoth 2.0 has 250mg in two capsules. 

4. Thiamine 

Vitamin B1 is this other name. Severe deficiency of vitamin B1 can cause confusion, anxiety, irritability, malaise, and weight loss.

Optic neuropathy and some brain and behaviour changes are also seen with the deficiency. Vice versa, its supplementation proves to be healthy and beneficial for the brain tissue, muscles, and entire body.

5. Bacopa Monnieri extract

I just cannot talk more about this Bacopa Monnieri.

No, please don’t take me wrong, I don’t hate this product. I love this so much, and this herb itself is so famous that I wonder why I have to write about it.

This ancient extract is the mother of all Nootropics, and a newborn might know about it (This herb is given to the newborns in India believing they will grow up smart).

6. Alpha GPC, Bioperine, Huperzine A, and others

These are some of the many other ingredients of Azoth 2.0, which just add to the nutritional value of every capsule on that jar.

All of them are beneficial for the brain and body in one way or another. Together, they make a miracle drug

Pros and cons of Azoth 2.0

As they say, everything comes with a bright side and a dark side.

While thinking dark is a way too harsh word for an amazing supplement like Azoth 2.0, we would like to mention the pros and cons of the entire product.


  1. attractive packaging
  2. easy to ingest
  3. neuroprotective
  4. Free of caffeine
  5. good for the rest of the body and wellness
  6. complete package with lots of ingredients
  7. safe to use


  1. Some products don’t have complete studies like Huperzine A
  2. Taking two or four capsules may be difficult for some
  3. A fatty meal will go well with it
  4. Heavy on the pocket for some
  5. Some ingredient are photoreactive or unstable at some temperatures

Side effects of Azoth 2.0

Since the product comes as a combination of many ingredients, having side effects might be a concern for some users.

Some of the side effects that we all must be aware of are;

  1. Pain or Epigastric discomfort
  2. Mild insomnia
  3. Diarrhea and vomiting
  4. Fatigues
  5. heartburns
  6. Alterations in blood pressures
  7. muscle twitching
Availability of Azoth 2.0

Azoth 2.0 is a famous product for those who are in search of a life-changing Nootropic.

It is easily available on the official website of the manufacturers.

Amazon and eBay also ship this product to many countries of the world at a nominal price. A jar of 60 capsules of Azoth 2.0 can cost us up to 70 USD.


Sharp memory, a positive mind, quick processing of information and a confident personality is the dream of every individual living on this earth.

If somehow, we have lost focus and our ability to concentrate, we want to regain it by any means possible.

Nootropics do help us in getting that mental energy and sharpness for us. We are open to uncountable options when we step out of the house to buy one decent supplement for us.

It is our intelligent mind and thorough research that helps us come to the conclusion on which one suits us in the best way. 

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