Genius Consciousness Review – Brain Booster Traits in Depth! [2024]

Genius Consciousness is nootropic supplement but there are so many options available in the market. Learn what makes this one special and what you can get!

Genius Consciousness is here to reveal things about this product that you are still unaware of and details that you might not find anywhere else.

In contemporary times, stress has adversely affected the minds of people. Anyone can have weak minds irrespective of any particular age group.

The supplements which are available in the market can assist them in better and strong brains than before.

These products are for the support of people to start living healthy lives once again.

The Genius brand has worked considerably on its brand as well as its products and its approach.

Their supplements manufactured resonate well with the customers as the increasing trend is evident from the customers’ side.

The approach behind its products is amazing, the trademark is trustworthy and its trademarked ingredients as well.

Even the structure that is present is worth trying. The clinical trials support the functions and claims.

The supplement is in sync with the natural ingredients.

Genius Consciousness Review

The product, Genius Consciousness the drink mix available in powder form.

The drink comprises of many trademarked ingredients that are great for providing thinking of high performance by considering the following areas:

  • Cognitive function for learning, focus, and memory
  • Neuroprotection.
  • Neurogeneration
  • Creativity

Generally, people are aware of the terms of creativity, learning, memory, and focus. Some might even suffer from brain fog a little bit, but neuroprotection and neuroregeneration need clarification.

Any sort of degeneration that takes place in the nervous system, specifically in the brain comes under the term of neurogeneration.

The two main ingredients are available in the Genius Consciousness aids in the supporting of creating new brain cells.

Neuroprotection, you can understand in the context of Genius Consciousness, it is clear that it refers to the abilities to protect and preserve the cognitive functions by decreasing neuron excitotoxicity and excitability. Besides, it addresses stress and inflammation.

However, the product itself declares at the bottom of its official website page.

The disclaimer reads which is relevant to the FDA, the product does not intend for prevention, cure, diagnosis, or treatment of any disease.

How does Genius Consciousness work?

Genius Consciousness claims to meet and even exceed the performances of various other nootropics brands present locally.

The product has a considerable positive review regarding mental clarity, focus, and energy, as well as improved memory to some extent.

Caffeine present in its formulation is in bit doubt when the energy component is the topic.

Some reviewers have mentioned that the benefits comes from her favorite coffee are similar to the benefits derived from Genius Consciousness.

So, evidently, mental clarity at its peak can be noticed. Increased focus is also a possibility here as well as better cognitive performance.

No doubt, in the enhancement of energy.

Genius Consciousness Ingredients

  • AstraGin™ that is 50 mg, from the Astragalus and PanaxNotoginsengfor supporting absorption.
  • NeuroFactor™ that is 100 mg, with the clinical trials is supporting its claim of repairing and protecting the neurons.
  • Dynamine™ that is 125 mg seems suitable for amplifying the mood, energy feelings as well as focus by the activation of dopamine receptors. The derivative from caffeine is Dynamine that is much likely to the Teacrine.
  • SerinAid™ that is 100 mg, is responsible for improving the mood and reducing both psychological and physical stress. The mental performance maintenance is possible and enhancement clinically by the Phosphatidylserine (PS), from the Chemi Nutra.
  • AlphaSize™ that is 600 mg, is considerably as one of the very active ingredients available anywhere for memory. The clinical trials support this ingredient which Chemi Nutra has presented.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: It is 500mg present in the product. This ingredient supplements well with the product has shown an increase in the expression factor of nerve growth in the brain. Proliferation, repair, and growth of neurons boost takes place via its performance.

Moreover, you can expect better mental performance in the long term with increased brain hardware.

1) Alpha GPC

Alpha-GPC that is 300mg is a potent focusing booster for the short term. The Choline levels increase quickly in the brains that further lead to higher levels of acetylcholine.

This is the primary and main neurotransmitter of the brain. The increment of this is the most reliable and effective way of improving focus, learning, working memory, and processing speed.

2) Tyrosine

Tyrosine is 250mg present in the supplement that has been quite effective for improving the mental performance of the people who were suffering in distracting and stressful situations.

Clinical trials successfully found out that so far, Tyrosine is very useful for improving the cognitive skills of people who are sufferers of deprivation, cold, sleep, loud noise, and many others. Indeed, it is a excellent anxiolytic and nootropic.

3) Caffeine

The caffeine that is 50mg in the product. This ingredient doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

Caffeine is countable among the most potent stimulants present naturally.

The perceptions and impression of fatigue decrease, the energy levels offer mentally increase, the focus heightens, motivation boosts as it has acted on its dopamine.

Caffeine is considerably a right solution if a swift increase in drive and focus is mandatory.

4) Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine that is 50mg in the product is the phospholipid available in a lot of concentration in the brain. It is the leading and essential structural part of the cell membranes present in the mind.

Phosphatidylserine is necessary by the brain for the building of new brain cells.

It has involvement in cell signaling. The brain cells which are near the end of its lives and necessary to be destroyed by the body have their participation in the cell signaling.

5) Huperzine A

Huperzine A that is 5mg (1% Hup A), is present in the product. The enzyme acetylcholinesterase is shut off by this extract of the plant.

A steady and quick acetylcholine’s build-up takes place in the brain when Huperzine A supplementation is in place with the product.

This highlights the improved memory function, faster thinking, and greater focus.

Pros and Cons

These are some of the most desirable qualities that you can ask for in a nootropic supplement.


  • The product comprises of really great nootropics ingredients as discussed above.
  • Sound and strong scientific backing have supported the ingredients. Numerous clinical trials have taken place for showing that better and improved cognitive functions are present by all of its ingredients.
  • All ingredients have their own specific purposes and mechanisms.
  • The product comes up with standard pricing all over.
  • The product offers a full money-back guarantee within 90 days.
  • The stimulants contained in it work very fast.
  • All of the ingredients that are present in this supplement are natural.
  • Shipping is speedy, and good quality assurance is given.


  • The product contains a lot of ingredients that have no usage for cognitive functions. The mental performance of day today is not all affected by some of its components like Ginseng and Caffeine.
  • Methylberine is the other coffee extract with no scientific backing. No scientific support is present in favor of increased energy or focus.
  • No meaningful property of nootropics contains in ALCAR. It is merely in use for increasing the powerful energy of the athletes, so it has nothing to do with the mental skills.
  • The formula of the product lacks behind because of no Bacopa Monnieri for improving memory. B Vitamins are also not available for energy. Anxiety and stress cannot be reduced because of the absence of Rhodiola Rosea.

Side effects

  • The product is only safe if in use properly.
  • Still, no one contradicts in the surety of natural ingredients, so no side effects are inflicted by the product.
  • It contains Huperzine A that needs to be cycled on a regular basis for avoiding the side effects. Look for using it after three weeks.

Where to buy Genius Consciousness

The product is present on the official website.

The company also support brick and mortar retailers, so the product is available on a significant specialty like Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.

Target is also a selected outlet for the sale of the product.

However, it is always a considerable idea to buy it through original producers so you can be sure of the quality that you are paying price for.

Is Genius Consciousness Plus available on EBay or Amazon?

Rob Oliver, who is the founder of this brand, The Genius, started his business in collaboration with many other brands and Amazon.

So, you can quickly get hold of the product on Amazon. However, do not go for 3rd party seller.


After reading this review, you must be thinking of what to do. On the one hand, the product, Genius Consciousness contains excellent ingredients in perfect and right dosages.

The combination of Caffeine( 50 mg), Alpha GPC (300 mg), and Tyrosine (250mg) will do wonder for making you more focused and clear-headed.

Long term changes are incorporated into the brain with the usage of Phosphatidylserine and Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

This is the most preferred way of enhancing brain cognition for a long time.

You must study the ingredients of this product, among which have no functional effect on the memory.

Look for other nootropics too and opt for the one that suits you best.

Best of Luck folks!

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