NeuroIGNITE Review: Is This Brain Booster That You Desire?

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We humans have been conquering this world for ages. Imagine the primitive lifestyle when man lived in caves and still managed to survive and evolve.

It amazes us to the core to see how the world has developed into such tech-filled, easy and luxurious to the people. All thanks to the powerful brain inside the head of a man.

For something as powerful and precious as brain, proper nutrition and care is a must.

After all, this brain is going to unveil this world for us and still does. We learn a new language; we see, hear, perceive and use all that information to process as a piece of knowledge.

All of this happens because of the brain that we have. So, it deserves nutrition and a balanced type of care.

In the market, we come across numerous supplements and potions which claim to improve our memory and boost the brain cells for higher functions.

We are going to discuss one of those supplements available with the name Neuroignite.

What is Neuroignite?

I have already introduced Neuroignite as a memory booster. But it still needs a little more detail so that you all can grasp everything about this magic potion for the brain.

Neuroignite is one of the most popular brain boosters which claim to improve the memory and cognitive skills of humans if we take them regularly.

Brain boosting potions were always a hit in even in ancient history when some plants were ingested as a magic herb capable of increasing higher mental functions in no time.

Since then, such herbs and drugs are always popular in the market. Today, the brain supplements that we see claim to have the same magical herbs from history.

Neuroignite is formulated and supplied by Havasu Nutrition.

Havasu nutrition mission statement is to provide a healthy mind and a healthy body through organic and extremely safe ways.

They claim to extract the natural Nootropics from the ancient herbs and put them into the tiny potions which can enhance cognitive skills to an impressive level.

Reviews about Neuroignite

Neuroignite is a famous brain supplement. We can spot the regular users of this allegedly magical drug from anywhere in the world.

Most of the reviews about this supplement are positive. But we are not going to stop here.

We are going to dig deep into the reviews about this supplement and then come to the conclusion.

After all, we are humans; with the best brain functions who fail to accept any statement without logic. That is a good quality I guess!!!

If we surf through the internet, we would notice that there are an overall 80% of the users of Neuroignite who are satisfied with the results. I mean, let’s admit it, 80% is huge and makes us buy it right away.

People who got Neuroignite from have rated it to four stars. This is again an encouraging rating. If we observe closely, the regular users of this supplement have a marked improvement in the ability to retain information for a longer period.

They also stated a significant increase in the focus and mental energy that stays all day long.20-25% of overall users are either not happy with the results and some are not even sure of the drug has any kind of effects.

An important point to note here is that none of the users mentioned any adverse effects,

How Neuroignite works?

Neuroignite works on a simple rule. Take the necessary supplement every day and your brain will begin to work at an exponential speed. Wasn’t simple though?? Okay, let me explain this way.

Neuroignite is a composition of certain smart drugs that claim to boost the brain functions.

Talking specifically the Nootropics are capable of improving higher brain functions which include memory.

This also has a gradual effect on improving the perception and processing of mind. If focus, perception, and processing are better, we can be masters in solving the problem.

This is how, the logo “Focus, Clarity, Memory” is put on the jar of Neuroignite.

What are the ingredients in Neuroignite?

Now, our already brilliant brain wants to know this. What are those ingredients which make Neuroignite, a huge name in brain booster supplements?

A couple of most effective, precious and rare ingredients have been put together to make this formula.

The manufacturers have claimed to make a special proportion of each ingredient which is just right for the brain function.  

Let’s have a product breakdown and see what is inside Neuroignite.

  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract

If we look at the back of the packaging, we will notice that Bacopa Monnieri has acquired the topmost position in the list of ingredients of Neuroignite. Bacopa Monnieri has documented benefits and hundreds of studies have proved the efficacy of Bacopa as a Nootropic.

The Bacosides present in Bacopa Monnieri increase the dendritic function and directly affect the brain function by increasing the neuronal activity and better neuronal junctions. The electric stimulus gets to pass from neuron to neuron way faster which results in fast brain processing and sharp memory. The effect of Bacosides on the myelination of neurons or axons is yet to identify.

The packaging claims to add good 300mg of Bacopa Monnieri extract in the Neuroignite’s one capsule.

  • St. John Wort’s Extract

St. John Wort is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Hypericacaea. This plant with beautiful yellow flowers is abundantly present in the U.S. The chemical constituents of St. John Wort are believed to relieve anxiety and depression in the long run. The oily extract of the flowers is also famous for the healing of wounds, treatment of menstrual problems and worm infestation in traditional medicine. It was one of the favorite herbs of the ancient Greek healers.

Naphthodianthrones, flavonoids, and Phloroglucinols present in St. John Wort extract are responsible for all the benefits of this herb. The herb treats depression by increasing and regulating the levels of important brain neurotransmitters like serotonin and 5HT. Neuroignite has 130mg of the St. John Wort’s extract.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Gingko Biloba or Maidenhair tree extract is rich in ingredients that are beneficial for the human body in many ways. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties. It improves blood circulation and improves psychiatric health, anxiety, and stress. Some of the studies also have shown their effects for the management of Alzheimer’s disease. But further studies are required to prove and support its medicinal use.

  • DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), Phosphatidylserine-L, Huperzine, and others

These ingredients also enhance brain activity by directly acting as nootropics or by increasing the synthesis by essential neurotransmitters by working as catalysts. The exact mechanism of actions of ingredients like DMAE is not yet identified.

Pros and Cons of Neuroignite

Without any context, let’s summarize the pros and cons of Neuroignite.


  • Rich with essential ingredients
  • Caffeine-free
  • Easy to administer (oral route)
  • No complex schedule of intake
  • Healthy and organic constituents
  • Suitable for any age group


  • Needs prolonged use
  • Some of the ingredients like DMAE have no proven studies for its exact benefit
  • Safety of prolonged use is not yet proven

Side Effects

Neuroignite is a composition of some of the big names and extracts that directly act on the brain cells.

There can be some side effects of excessive use. According to the studies and statistics of the studies, Neuroignite can result in,

  1. Headaches
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Irritability
  5. heartburn
  6. mood swings
  7. Allergic reactions, dizziness, and confusion
  8. Phototoxic effects( endothelial cells of the cornea)

Where to buy Neuroignite? Is this available on Amazon or eBay

Havasu nutrition has its official website where you can find this Nootropic supplement for around 22 USD.

Some other reliable places where you can order your Neuroignite supple are Amazon and eBay.

One pack of Neuroignite comes with 30 gelatin capsules.

We can eat these capsules one every day or as suggested by the experts.

Amazon has a large number of regular buyers of this brain supplement and so does eBay. eBay and Amazon have Neuroignite even in a better price tag.

So, those who are interested can easily buy this magical brain booster from the official website of authorized sellers like Amazon and eBay.

However, the quality will mainly be up to the seller as they are not the official accounts.

Final Verdict about Neuroignite

Havasu nutrition deserves appreciation for coming up with such an amazing brain supplement.

They have carefully formulated this supplement and added the right concentration of constituent substances.

We do know that some of the extracts like St. John Wort extract have some substances that are highly photoreactive and their properties change the moment they are brought into the light.

A capsule of Neuroignite is especially safe for the ingredients like this.

At the same time, we must take one thing into account that Neuroignite also comes with certain problems that associate it with some of the serious side effects if they manifest.

So, if you are thinking about trying this brain supplement, you need to weigh the benefits against possible problems.  

It does contain the most precious ingredients in it. Some of these ingredients have a repute of star medicine for the brain and memory.

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