There are various stacks on the market for brain boosting powers. Here, we have the top three picks for the best nootropic stacks. Learn which one is apt!

Nootropic stacks are quite trendy these days. Nootropics give strength to our mental health by making its function better and stronger.

Nootropic stack does not mean consuming handful of pills stacked together; instead, it means combining different nootropics together to achieve a positive effect.

There are many different nootropics in the market these days that complement each other, therefore creating positive effects on your brain.

There are many nootropics that reduce the damage of acetylcholine while others enable the receptors to receive them.

Therefore, stacking these two nootropics together will clearly improve your brain’s levels, which improves cognitive abilities.

Below are the market’s best nootropics stack for anyone to easily get in the market.


Nootropics are basically effective drugs that enhance your mental state of mind, but it is very important to know the right one.

Nootropic is derived from the word nature having qualities that are cognitively beneficial.

The substances it has are not newly invented but have been using since thousands of years ago in Ayurveda as well as in many medicines in china.


In order to give special benefits to your brain, different nootropic supplements are combined together to form a nootropic stack.

You can always take one supplement to increase your memory and the other to make your focus better.

Taking one supplement after another is called nootropic stacking.

You can use nootropic stacks by already taking the preformulated ones, or you can even create your own stack by customizing it.

Nootropics stacks are great for beginners.

Instead of buying different products and consuming differently, beginners can buy this convenient product and have a go.

Below you will be reviewed with the best nootropic stacks that will make your life way too easier.


Since there are many different stacks available in the market these days, the best three amongst them is listed below:


#1 Stack – QUALIA MIND

Qualia’s mind is one of the top three supplements that does not only help with your mental performance but also improves the health of your brain.

It was developed by the neurohacker collective to improve support, focus, and memory. Qualia’s mind includes many different powerhouse substances like L-theanine and caffeine.

With advancements in the chemical industry along with such a competitive market around, qualia are all set to emerge out as one of the best stacks in the market.


Qualia Mind is out in the market with many benefits. However, some of the main benefits are listed below:

  • If you are fighting with yourself due to alert issues, qualia mind is a perfect choice since it increases alertness and makes you more vigilant.
  • There is nothing on this earth that you can do without having proper focus or clarity for anything that you do. Qualia’s mind helps you improve your focus, showing you a ray of hope for a successful life ahead.
  • With the fast-moving world where you sometimes lack the things to excel, leads many to depression. Qualia’s mind increases your will power.
  • A single dose of Qualia mind has effects up to 7 hours.


Qualia’s mind components have a long-lasting effect because of the fact it has an amazing blend of 22 different ingredients that are closely picked from different classes making its performance better and effective.

  • NEURO-VITAMINS: During our stressful working hours, our nervous system constantly needs a proper flow of neuro vitamins. The added ingredients in qualia mind make sure they are being properly nourished.
  • NOOTROPIC COMPOUNDS: Qualia’s mind has many different compounds that will provide you with a better mental performance by improving your brain functions.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS: It repairs your worn out
  • ADAPTOGEN EXTRACTS: Qualia’s mind has many different extracts that increase your energy levels over time. It not only improves the longevity but also increases the vitality of human cells.
  • CHOLINE DONORS: It is a special type of substance that helps in improving neuromotor functions. It contains acetylcholine that manages the amount of choline in the body to the percentage that allows the brain to function more fluidly with your body.
  • AMINO ACIDS: Amino acids are the building blocks of life. Amino acids repair the cognitive brain function giving rise to a healthy brain.


If you are someone who is related top business in the capacity of an entrepreneur, a businessman or a creative professional, qualia mind is a perfect choice for you since it targets those individuals, who look forward or need help in enhancing their brain function for proper work and sustained thinking.


  • EFFICACY: since the body weight and the sensitivity of every individual are different, it is better if you experiment first to find the right dosage for yourself. Qualia’s mind is however recommended by the top biohackers who think it surely is one of the best nootropic stacks.
  • SIDE EFFECTS: some people have reported stomach upset and is therefore recommended taking qualia mind after breakfast if you experience it too.


  • It should be noted that one should not exceed 10 capsules at once in a day.
  • Always start with a single stack and slowly combine more supplements in your daily routine.
  • Qualia’s mind is seen to have excellent results after giving yourself a break of 2 days after already consuming for 5 days.
  • It is suggested to take 7 capsules with water before breakfast.

Visit the Official Neurohacker website for Pricing and buying options.

#2 Stack – ALPHA BRAIN

Alpha brain is established since 2010 and developed by its labs.

It’s 0% of artificial stimulants and caffeine makes it the best nootropics stack in the market.

Therefore, the alpha brain is an excellent choice for any individual who needs a stimulant-free supplement.


  • Alpha brain reduces your anxiety levels, therefore playing an important role in improving your mood.
  • For the brain to develop properly, the alpha brain stimulates nerve growth.
  • The alpha brain has been seen to reverse any loss in focus and concentration that anyone has experienced due to ageing.
  • It not only boosts your memory but also improves alertness and higher energy levels.
  • The alpha brain has been seen to improve the mental speed in response to stimuli.


  • BACOPA MONNIERI: It is known as the memory enhancer, and an excellent tonic used to treat Parkinson’s disease dementia and epilepsy. It is majorities’ favourite supplements, but since the alpha brain provides only 100 mg of bacopa, it is not a suitable dosage.
  • HUPERZIA SERRATA EXTRACT: It plays an important role in intrancmiting signals which help to store and retrieve our memory. Huperzia serrata is also known as huperzia A that increases the levels of acetylcholine, an important chemical used between the neuron as a transmitter.
  • L-ALPHA (GPC): It is a special type of chlorine that enhances our mental focus, memory, and ability to perform different tasks.
  • L-TYROSINE: This amino acid makes us happy along with making our behaviour normal even under stressed conditions
  • VITAMIN B6: It is an important neurotransmitter and is equally vital for proper brain functioning that makes our sleep cycles regular and improves our alertness even a mile deficiency of vitamin b6 many to many symptoms such as behavioral changes poor sleep and decreased secretion of hormones produced by hypothalamus and pituitary glands.


Since the alpha brain has become very popular among weightlifters high performers and biohackers, it is considered as one of the best nootropics stacks. It is specially formulated who needs instant memory to come back along with enhancing their focus.


  • EFFICACY: Certain studies were carried out that supported the fact that the alpha brain helps to execute the proper functioning of the brain.
  • SIDE EFFECTS: No major side effects have been noted. However, minor reports were seen regarding stomach upsets and mild nausea. There was a survey carried out that concluded many users are saying the alpha brain was not at all beneficial.
  • DOSAGE: It is suggested to have 2 capsules with any light meal at any time of the day. For better performance, it is suggested to maintain an on-off pattern. Dosage should never exceed more than 2 per day.

#3 Stack – MIND LAB PRO

Mind lab pro was the first nootropic invented in order to boost cognitive powers helping you live an active lifestyle along with excellent brainpower.

Because it contains top-quality ingredients, it plays an important role in improving our brain health for the long-term.

Out of all the organs in the human body, our brain is one of the most complex organs.

In order to meet the brain’s needs of proper nourishment, mind lab pro gives it all it wants by making your mental performance better.

Mind lab pro is indeed the nootropic without a doubt which is a most demanding nootropic in the market these days.

It is combined with excellent combinations of effective nootropics that helps in getting the job done the right way.

If you think you are losing sharpens, and your clarity, mind lab pro will certainly give you back.

Taking mind lab pro will provide you with a heightened sense of wellbeing and pretty easier to wake up in the mornings.


Mind lab pro is always listed as one of the best nootropics in the world and is therefore easily recognizable throughout the world too.

Since it is a complete supplement, some important features it offers are listed below:

  • Enhances focus and alertness
  • Plays a vital role in reducing anxiety and stress
  • Neurogenesis
  • Protects brain cells by providing them with proper nutrients
  • Improves mental clarity
  • It supports sharp thinking and gives you a clear memory that is useful for all competitors in any field.
  • Whether it is your game time or gym, business dealings or studies, mind lab pro promotes positive brain chemistry for ultimate motivation and intensity.

With so many benefits to offer, there are hardly any supplements in the market that come close to offer these many benefits.


  • CITICOLINE (as cognizin): Citicoline is an all-time favorite of the majority because of the fact it is one of the most efficient ways to alleviate acetylcholine levels in the brain. Because acetylcholine is the brain’s basic neurotransmitter, increased levels are the perfect way not just to increase focus, but also overall cognitive performance. Other than this, citicoline also helps in healthy brain cell membrane formation. Mind lab pro consists of 250 mg of citicoline that will noticeably give you improvement in learning and focus.
  • BACOPA MONNIERI (9 bioactive bacosides): It is the most natural way to enhance memory. Supplements including bacopa monniera went through different clinical trials proving bacopa monniera not just improves memory in adults, but is also equally effective among older people with age-related memory loss.
  • PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE: It is a phospholipid that is extremely necessary for healthy brain cell signaling. When a brain cell is about to die, phosphatidylserine moves to the outside of the membrane and signals the immune cells to kill the cells. Phosphatidylserine is very important for normal brain function. As we age, the levels decrease, therefore, using supplements is necessary to improve cognitive performance.
  • N-ACETYL L-TYROSINE: Tyrosine is a hot-selling amino Acid in the market, especially after manufacturers realized its full capabilities. Tyrosine improves cognitive function, especially for people with extreme stress. It also improves mental performance for sleep-deprived people. Mind lab pro contains 175 mg of n-acetyl l-tyrosine.
  • L- THEANINE: Theanine is an excellent addition to the stack as it lowers the side effects of caffeine. It even takes away the anxiety that comes with having too many caffeine-related drinks. Theanine even relaxes the mind and induces sleep.
  • MARITIME PINE BARK: Maritime pine bark is an ingredient that keeps mind lab pro unique in the market. It is a natural source of antioxidants that protects brain cell health. Mind lab pro contains 75 mg of this pure antioxidant.


Ingredients in mind lab pro are all well-tolerated and extremely safe to use.

It is made with pure ingredients and clearly labeled as no artificial colors, no additives, and no caffeine.

It is, therefore, fit for every lifestyle and pure to use for everyone.


Its dosage is clearly labeled on the bottle, so you have an idea of what you are consuming.

However, the majority of mind lab pro supplements come with a regular dosage of 2 capsules per serving.


Nootropics are, therefore, active supplements that work perfectly on the central nervous system improving our cognitive function.

Since individual supplements, when consumed have mild benefits, two or more compounds are combined with nootropic stacks to receive stronger effects.

Nootropic stacking is being widely used worldwide and is a very common practice these days.

Different nootropic stacks are in the market being sold differently for energy, motivation, power, focus, and memory.

They are all equally great and serve a specific purpose. For a peaceful and healthy life ahead, add nootropic stacks in your life for that extra shine.

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