Open API for Everyone

ISBNPlus has a mission to build a open source ISBN database for everyone to use. To date, we have more than 8 million ISBN records and 23 million MARC records that associated with those ISBN numbers in our database, and our goal is to open it all to the public.

Register and Sign-in

ISBNPlus is managing the API service, click the link below to Register or Login to the API management system.

You can see all the books data and their categories here.

Search API[keywords]&p;=[page_number]&app;_id=[your_app]&app;_key=[your_key]
qKeywords, search for everything
pCurrent page number, default is 1
aKeywords, search for Author
cKeywords, search for Catagory
sKeywords, search for book series
tKeywords, search for book title
orderpublished – return results by published years, newest first
isbn – return results by isbn numbers, smaller number first
any – return results by isbn numbers, smaller number first
any – return results by relevance, most relevant results first
default is published
app_id*Application ID, required, you can get your application ID after login
app_key*Application Key, required, you can get your application key after login
* – required; At least one of q,a,c,s,t is required


The response is a XML file, the root element of the XML returns will be a element. The ‘status’ attibute indicates either ‘ok’ or ‘error’.

An example of sucessful returns:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response status="ok">
<page name="search">
International News In The Digital Age: East-West Perceptions Of A New World Order
<author>Judith Clarke; Michael Bromley</author>
<published_place>New York</published_place>
<series>Routledge research in journalism ( Volume 4 )</series>
Journalism > International Cooperation; Citizen Journalism > Political Aspects; Communication, International > Political Aspects; Online Journalism; Mass Media And International Relations; Foreign News > Political Aspects;

An example of error response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response status="error">
  <page name="search" message="Query failed, please check documentation."/>

More APIs are coming….

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