Cognium Review – What You Really Need To Know About it in 2024

In search of a better cognitive functionality enhancer? You may have heard Cognium, a stimulant-free supplement but is Natrol Cognium worth your money!

Cognium is one of the brain boosters that are readily available on the market. This product review is going to reveal things that are part of this brain ability boosting supplement.

Let’s dive in to learn what you don’t know yet about this brain supplement!

Statista. Inc. conducted a study in 2018, 69% of the adults in the age gap of 18-34 years old utilize the dietary supplements whereas, 77% of the 35-54 year old have usage of dietary supplements.

Also, 78% of people of the age group 55 years and above use the supplements.

You will be surprised to know that people who are acquiring more education and acknowledges the importance of these supplements, they are more likely to use these supplements in the approximately $36 billion industry.

Besides the overall health and wellness generally, one of the primary reasons people opt for the usage of supplements in their daily consumption because of healthy ageing.

Nootropics have been counted as one of the segments that is the biggest and fastest-growing in the supplementations.

It is ideal for good brain health as well as improved memory and cognition.

As these products are explicitly expected to target the elderly people who had their cognitive skills decline. Still, there is an increasing trend of the usage of nootropics seen in healthy people too, in contemporary times.

The product has been used with the primary motive of gaining competitive advantage in the classrooms and workplaces. Even, it is a preferable option for improving the performances of athletics.

Natrol has presented a product same as discussed above, named Cognium.

The company positioned the supplements in the market, particularly for the adults who are looking forward to the options to improve their recalling power and memory.

Cognium Review

Natrol quoted in its official website that Cognium is a perfect product that has been a breakthrough in the health and wellness of the brain.

This product is significantly powered by a single unique ingredient. Researches and human clinical studies have backed the presence of this product for use in the markets.

Statistically, there are significant improvements promised by the product to be shown in memory building and recalling skills in healthy adults.

The results can be witnessed overnight, so hold your breath and have patience till the product start showing its effects in four months at least.

In the polluted environment where every essential thing is impure and mixed with different impurities, there is a strong preference for the products, nutritional products and supplements.

There is a reason behind its preference and selection as its transparency is apparent. Its transparency is evident because it shows what these ingredients really are, and the proprietary blends are shunned.

Cognium is a liked choice because it satisfies both of the reasons for its selection. The product features a single ingredient only that is CERA-Q powder, also known as Silk protein Hydrolysate.

Natrol claims about this patented ingredient that it is the most widely studied ingredient among the prominent and leading supplements for brain health.

The product can be a further good option because the product has got no stimulants added in it.

How Does Cognium work?

Usually, people tend to have trust n well documented and scientific studies done clinically for appropriate dosages.

You may come across more positive reviews instead of negative reviews while looking for testimonials on web pages.

In all of the candour, the negative reviews given were slightly concealed advertorials from the third party blogs spreading bit negativity.

Many counts represented the misinformation in such places.

Still, there is a debate between the usefulness of the product or not.

Still, the question arises about the validity of the product or not? So have a clear picture of its working. The silk protein hydro slate powered the Cognium.

The silk protein hydrolysate is found in the silkworm cocoons’ threads. It was indicated by a brain imaging study that the brain is energized by it by enhancing the blood flow as well as glucose uptake in the centers of brains  for good memory and learning.

The results are based on the dosage of 200 mg consumed twice a day.

Suggested by the in vitro study that Cognium, in addition, acts as the antioxidants for your brain. Shielding is provided by it from oxidative stress and free radicals that contribute to the ageing of the brain.

Cognium Ingredients

The supplement contains various ingredients which are responsible for performing different functions.

The ingredients are not just some random selection but actually, they have tendency to perform brilliantly when it comes to cognitive abilities and human brain performance. So overall effects from the capsules can be achieved and maximized.

Here are the individual descriptions of each ingredients so you can have a better look at them and learn about them.

  • Cera Q powder is manufactured from the proteins that are the products of silkworms’ cocoons. This powder helps in the prevention of building of amyloid plaques’ stores. A vital role is played by these amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s disease. These memory capsules have CERA Q powder as its essential ingredient. It is excellent for Concentration, focus, learning and memory.
  • Dicalcium Phosphate: is responsible for making the substances dilute that makes the swallowing more comfortable.
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose: It plays a significant role in the binding of formulations.
  • Maltodextrin: It is used as the coating agent.Various supplements got their calories increased by it. An important role is played by Maltodextrin for maintaining and providing a viscosity of these supplements.
  • Stearic Acid: This ingredient helps in the prevention of water loss.
  • Magnesium Stearate: This ingredient has a close link to the manufacturing process. The tablets are lubricating with it, so they don’t stick up during the manufacturing machines in the various machines.
  • Glycerin: prevention of water loss can be done with this ingredient.

Pros and Cons


  • Concentration and memory are improved. Natrol Cognium is. Excellent product to keep the sharpness of your mind and strengthen your memory too.
  • The capsules provide proven results. The product claims to provide effective results and significant improvements in Concentration and memory through the statistics presented by various human clinical researches and studies.
  • The product claims to be the top most highly clinically studied products. The active ingredient that is present in Cognium is derived from the protein found in silkworm Cocoons’ threads. This ingredient is the widest researches ingredient for the leading and prominent supplements for brain health.
  • It is stimulant-free, natural and safe. Eastern medicines have been using silk proteins similar to Cognium.
  • The product gives a warranty for enhancing the satisfaction of its customers.


  • The product offers a money-back guarantee within 60 days.
  • The refund form needs to be filled provided by the company only according to a proper format. If the format is not followed, the claim is not provided.
  • Customers complain about the form to be cumbersome.
  • The results seen practically are visible after five weeks that contradicts the claims and reputation of the company, Natrol.
  • The only main ingredient of the capsule is not researched well.
  • Natrol supplied the academic papers that were written by the same group of researchers. Then made the results as they retracted the single paper. So, it is quite evident that reliable information is not present regarding the people reaction to the only ingredient of Cognium.
  • Some stated to avoid such nootropics due to safety concerns.

Side effects

The company claims that the usage of product imposes no side effects on its users, though the reality is much different from the claims.

The product has been highly penalized. The internet reveals few of the potential issues like nausea, excitability, thirst and stomach ache.

Where to buy

The company Natrol does not sell its own product Cognium on its site.

It prefers to support its brick and mortar and online retailers. The product can be purchased from online sites like Amazon.

It is also available online or in-store at Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Walmart etc.

The Natrol Company has been operating as business since 35 years and has made virtually presence of Cognium in every Speciality, Food, Mass merchandiser and Drug store in the U.S.

Is Cognium available on eBay or Amazon?

Yes, fortunately, the capsules are present on sites like Amazon.

The company being 35 years old know and realizes the importance of virtual distribution.

However, the product is not present on the official website itself. The company has the idea of supporting its distribution channels.


The company, Natrol, claims its product Cognium to provide effective results within four weeks.

The product, however, shows effective and considerable results after 6 weeks. Cognium has one active ingredient that is completely safe and free from additives.

The product has a lot of controversies for and against its usage.

This nootropic has retracted information research through scientific academic researched product is far better in the eyes of customers when it is concerned about their health, particularly the cognitive skills for brain health.

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