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245 00$aContinental intraplate earthquakes :$bscience, hazard, and policy issues /$cedited by Seth Stein, Ste?phane Mazzotti.
260   $aBoulder, Colo. :$bGeological Society of America,$c2007.
300   $avi, 402 p. :$bill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ;$c28 cm.
490 1 $aSpecial paper ;$vno. 425
504   $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00$tApproaches to continental intraplate earthquake issues /$rS. Stein --$tGeodynamic models for earthquake studies in intraplate North America /$rS. Mazzotti --$tDoes seismicity delineate zones where future large earthquakes are likely to occur in intraplate environments? /$rA. L. Kafka --$tLimitations of the short earthquake record for seismicity and seismic hazard studies /$rL. Swafford and S. Stein --$tFrequency-size distributions for intraplate earthquakes /$rE. A. Okal and J. R. Sweet --$tRemotely triggered earthquakes following moderate main shocks /$rS. E. Hough --$tTwo-dimensional numerical modeling suggests preferred geometry of intersecting seismogenic faults /$rA. Gangopadhyay and P. Talwani --$tIntegrated geologic and geophysical studies of North American continental intraplate seismicity /$rX. van Lanen and W. D. Mooney --$tEffects of a lithospheric weak zone on postglacial seismotectonics in eastern Canada and the northeastern United States /$rP. Wu and S. Mazzotti --$tPopup field in Lake Ontario south of Toronto, Canada : indicators of late glacial and postglacial strain /$rR. D. Jacobi ... [et al.] --$tStress evolution and seismicity in the central-eastern United States : insights from geodynamic modeling /$rQingsong Li ... [et al.] --$tIs the New Madrid seismic zone hotter and weaker than its surroundings? /$rJ. McKenna, S. Stein, and C. A. Stein --$tUpland Complex of the central Mississippi River valley : its origin, denudation, and possible role in reactivation of the New Madrid seismic zone /$rR. Van Arsdale ... [et al.] --$tRelevance of active faulting and seismicity studies to assessments of long-term earthquake activity and maximum magnitude in intraplate northwest Europe, between the Lower Rhine Embayment and the North Sea /$rT. Camelbeeck ... [et al.] --$tSeismicity, seismotectonics, and seismic hazard in the northern Rhine area /$rK.-G. Hinzen and S. K. Reamer --$tMotion of Adria and ongoing inversion of the Pannonian Basin : seismicity, GPS velocities, and stress transfer /$rG. Bada ... [et al.] --$tToward a better model of earthquake hazard in Australia /$rM. Leonard ... [et al.] --$tSeismicity of the antarctic plate /$rA. M. Reading --$tActive tectonics and intracontinental earthquakes in China : the kinematics and geodynamics /$rMian Liu ... [et al.] --$tSeismic-reflection images of the crust beneath the 2001 M = 7.7 Kutch (Bhuj) epicentral region, western India /$rD. Sarkar ... [et al.] --$tChallenges in seismic hazard analysis for continental interiors /$rG. M. Atkinson --$tHorizontal-to-vertical ground motion relations at short distances for four hard-rock sites in eastern Canada and implications for seismic hazard assessment /$rA. L. Bent and E. J. Delahaye -- Does it make sense from engineering and economic perspectives to design for a 2475-year earthquake? /$rG. R. Searer, S. A. Freeman, and T. F. Paret --$tSeismic hazard and risk assessment in the intraplate environment : the New Madrid seismic zone of the central United States /$rZ. Wang --$tPolicy development and uncertainty in earthquake risk in the New Madrid seismic zone /$rJ. H. Crandell --$tDisasters and maximum entropy production /$rC. Lomnitz and H. Castan?os.
650  0$aPlate tectonics.
650  0$aSeismology.
650  0$aEarthquake prediction.
650  0$aGeology, Structural.
700 1 $aStein, Seth.
700 1 $aMazzotti, Ste?phane,$d1972-
830  0$aSpecial papers (Geological Society of America) ;$v425.
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