Wiwatthankn Sangkhom Thai Kap Hatsaniyi Chut Phon Nikon Kimngan Khong Po. Inthraplit

ISBN: 9747344157, 9789747344158
Author/Editor(s): Vichitvong Na Pombhejara
Publisher: Sngdo ( Krung Thp )
Published/Copyright Year: 2544
Language: Thai
Number of pages: 22
Po. Inthraplit > (Prch Inthraplit), > 1910-1968 > Phon Nikon Kimngan
Thai Literature > 20th Century > History And Criticism
History In Literature
Civilization In Literature
Thailand > History > 20th Century
Thailand > Social Conditions > 1945-1986

Khonsing Sn: Rngki Kmrom Attalak Læ Sang Sathon Khong Khonthuk Nai Molam Sing = Mawlum Cing Isan Bodies And Voices In A Modernized Performing Art From Northeast Thailand

ISBN: 9749028635, 9789749028636
Author/Editor(s): Suriy Samutthakhup; Mahwitthaylai Thknly Suranr
Publisher: Hong Thaisks Nithat, Samnak Wich Thknly Sangkhom, Mahwitthaylai Thknly Suranr ( Nakhon Rtchasm )
Published/Copyright Year: 2544
Language: Thai
Number of pages: 582
Performing Arts > Thailand, Northeastern > History > 20th Century
Folk Music > Thailand, Northeastern > History And Criticism
Kaen Music
Thailand, Northeastern > Social Conditions