Murray & Nadel's Textbook Of Respiratory Medicine

ISBN: 1455733830, 9781455733835
Author/Editor(s): V. Courtney Broaddus; Robert J. Mason; Joel D. Ernst; Talmadge E. King; Stephen C. Lazarus; John F Murray (1927-); Jay A. Nadel (1929-); Arthur S Slutsky (1948-); Michael B. Gotway
Publisher: Elsevier Saunders ( Philadelphia PA )
Published/Copyright Year: 2016
Language: English
Respiratory Tract Diseases
Respiratory Organs > Diseases

Oxygen Transport To Tissue XXXVII

ISBN: 1493930230, 9781493930234
Author/Editor(s): Clare E Elwell; Terence S Leung; David K Harrison
Publisher: Springer
Published/Copyright Year:
Language: English
Series: Advances In Experimental Medicine And Biology ( Volume 876 )
Number of pages: 537
Human Physiology
Respiratory Organs > Diseases
Pneumology/Respiratory System