Logic by Martin Heidegger ; Translated By Thomas Sheehan

Full Title: Logic: The Question Of Truth
Author/Editor(s): Martin Heidegger (1889-1976); Thomas Sheehan
ISBN: 0253354668, 9780253354662
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Published Place: Bloomington
Published/Copyright Year: 2010
Language: English
Physical Description: 25 cm
LCCN: 2009039679
Series: Studies In Continental Thought
Edition: English Edition [View All Editions]
Number of pages: 356 (xi, 356 pages)

The first, most literal meaning of the word "logic"
A first indication of the concept of the subject matter of "logic"
A philosophizing logic and traditional scholastic logic
The possibility and the being of truth in general ; Skepticism
Outline of the course ; Bibliography
Psychologism : the name and the concept
Husserl's critique of psychologism
The presuppositions of Husserl's critique : a specific concept of truth as the guiding idea
The roots of these presuppositions
Anti-critical questions ; The need to take the question of the essence of truth back to Aristotle
The place of truth, and logos (proposition)
The basic structure of logos and the phenomenon of making sense
The conditions of the possibility of logos being false ; The question of truth
The presupposition for Aristotle's interpretation of truth as the authentic determination of being
The idea of a phenomenological chronology
The conditions of the possibility of falsehood within the horizon of the analysis of existence
Care as the being of existence ; Concern-for and concern-about, authenticity and inauthenticity
The ur-temporality of care
Preparatory considerations toward attaining an original understanding of time ; A return to the history of the philosophical interpretation of the concept of time
Hegel's interpretation of time in the Encylopaedia
The influence of Aristotle on Hegel's and Bergson's interpretation of time
A preliminary look at the meaning of time in Kant's Critique of pure reason
The interpretation of time in the Transcendental Analytic
The function of time in the Transcendental Logic ; A characterization of the problematic ; The question of the unity of nature ; The original a priori of all combining
the transcendental unity of apperception
Time as the universal a priori form of all appearances
Time as original pure self-affection
The question about the connection between time as original self-affection and the "I think"
Interpretation of the First Analogy of Experience in the light of our interpretation of time
The schematism of the pure concepts of the understanding
Number as the schema of quantity
Sensation as the schema of reality
Persistence as the schema of substance
The now-structure that we have attained : its character of referral and of making present ; The phenomenal demonstrability and limits of Kant's interpretation of time
Time as an existential of human existence
temporality and the structure of care ; The statement as a making-present.

Fifty- three lectures delivered Nov. 5, 1925-Feb. 26, 1926 at Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany.
Includes bibliographical references.

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Released Date: 20100806

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