The Phenomenology Of Religious Life by Martin Heidegger ; Translated By Matthias Fritsch And Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei

Full Title: The Phenomenology Of Religious Life
Author/Editor(s): Martin Heidegger (1889-1976)
ISBN: 0253342481, 9780253342485
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Published Place: Bloomington, IN
Published/Copyright Year: 2010
Language: English
Physical Description: 25 cm
LCCN: 2010294106
Series: Studies In Continental Thought
Edition: 1st paperback Edition [View All Editions]
Number of pages: 266 (xv, 266 pages)
Religion > Philosophy
Religion > Philosophie
Godsdienstfilosofie > Gtt
Fenomenologie > Gtt
Religionsphanomenologie > Swd

Introduction to the phenomenology of religion. Methodological introduction : philosophy, factical life experience, and the phenomenology of religion. The formation of philosophical concepts and factical life experience
Current tendencies of the philosophy of religion
The phenomenon of the historical
Formalization and formal indication
Phenomenological explication of concrete religious phenomena in connection with the Letters of Paul. Phenomenological interpretation of the Letters to the Galatians
Task and object of the philosophy of religion
Phenomenological explication of The first letter to the Thessalonians
The second letter to the Thessalonians
Characteristics of early Christian life experience
Appendix: Notes and sketches on the lecture
Augustine and neo-Platonism. Introductory part : interpretations of Augustine
Main part : phenomenological interpretation of confessions; Book X
Appendix I: Notes and sketches for the lecture course
Appendix II: Supplements from the notes of Oskar Becker
The philosophical foundations of medieval mysticism.
Publisher's description: The Phenomenology of Religious Life presents the text of Heidegger's important 192021 lectures on religion. First published in 1995 as volume 60 of the Gesamtausgabe, the work reveals a young Heidegger searching for the striking language that eventually formed the mature expression of his thought. The volume consists of the famous lecture course "Introduction to the Phenomenology of Religion," a course on "Augustine and Neoplatonism," and notes for a course on "The Philosophical Foundations of Medieval Mysticism" that was never delivered. Heidegger's engagements with Aristotle, St. Paul, Augustine, and Luther give readers a sense of what phenomenology would come to mean in his later works. Here, Heidegger reveals an impressive display of theological knowledge, protecting Christian life experience from Greek philosophy and defending Paul against Nietzsche. The appearance of this first English translation marks a significant event in Heidegger scholarship and affords a unique look into his phenomenology.

Includes bibliographical references.

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Form: Nonfiction
All Languages: English; German
LC Call No: B3279 .H46 2010
Released Date: 20110516

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