SYNAGEN IQ Nootropic Booster – Truth Finally Revealed in 2021!

Synagen IQ Review. Nootropics are trendy for a reason and that is brain boosting abilities. Learn what SYNAGEN IQ Nootropic Booster supplement has to offer!

Read Synagen IQ Review to learn everything that is your consumer right to know.

The world today we get to live in is a complete package. I am saying this because our scientists and intellectuals have come up with solutions to every problem.

We have got everything in the most upgraded form. Be it transportation, living, technology, and even food. Everything is available in the smartest way possible.

It seems quite decorative that the world has got everything to live in. But among the genuine solutions, dupes and fakes have also sneaked in.

Food supplements that we take today might not be as effective as they claim. Sometimes they contain harmful constituents, and in some cases, when the ingredients are useful, their concentrations are not safe to use.

Nootropics, which are revolutionary substances to improve memory and cognitive skills of human beings, have unfortunately suffered the same.

We can call it piracy or whatever, but it has seriously damaged the reputation of all other genuine products out there.

There is this product Synagen IQ which got immense attention during that amazing advertising campaign turned out to be a disappointment for many.

I feel it necessary to educate about the product, so whatever decision you make while buying a brain supplement, you make it with full information.

Synagen IQ Review

What is Synagen IQ?

Synagen IQ is a famous dietary supplement which claims to have the world’s best Nootropics and brain boosters.

These brain boosters enhance one’s ability to focus at a better rate and learn new skills faster.

It also claims to improve the memory of a person. Sounds attractive, right?

It looks like if we take a capsule of Synagen IQ, it will miraculously increase our brain size and nerves.

It can make us think like a hulk. Hmm well not like a hulk because he has an oversized and enormously strong body.

Okay, let’s imagine a mini hulk in your skull? My imagination might seem funny, but let’s admit it we all expect almost the same while taking these Nootropics, right?

What are the reviews of Synagen IQ?

While talking about any brain-boosting supplement, I find it like a burden because no one can completely recommend or forbid you from taking them.

So, presenting a review with facts, figures, and research is the language that most of the wise audience wishes to see.

This is the right direction, which helps in taking the accurate choice according to one’s preferences.

We did a little research about the product itself and the ingredients of the products. We closely observed the effects of the supplements based upon both long term and short term use.

Also, we went through a couple of published research and reviews that helped us know a lot more about this Synagen IQ.

I am going to present the same as it is.

We went through the entire reviews on Amazon, and it amazed us to the core to see what the real-time customers had to say about it.

The product earned very bad ratings, and the reviews were so embarrassing.

It got so much hate to the point Amazon had to take it down from the website.

Some of the users claimed that Synagen IQ does not have any ingredients at all. They were so angry with the company to waste their hard-earned money for this useless product.

People thought the company is a scam in the first place, which aimed just to rob off some bucks from people.

This is an absolute waste of time, as well.

If we closely look at the backside of the jar, we will see the ingredients of Synagen IQ.

It claimed to have a vitamin B complex and other useful brain-boosting substances. It seems okay until we glanced at caffeine.

Caffeine is no doubts a good thing for keeping the brain and body awake only in limited concentrations.

According to some unclear studies, 300 milligrams of caffeine in a day is safe for adults. If we exceed the amount, we may face some mild to serious side effects.

In the case of Synagen IQ manufacturers didn’t even find it necessary to at least mention the ratio of caffeine content in a single serving.

I mean, what is this, after all? We want brain boosters, and we are possibly taking brain blasters by taking it.

Ingredients in Synagen IQ

The company was wise enough to paste a beautiful sticker with all the ingredients in it.

Let’s what those ingredients are and what they are going to do with us when we take Synagen IQ.

1. Vitamin B3 and B6

Vitamin B3 or niacin is nothing but an essential nutrient for the human body. Brain boosting ability is one of the many functions of niacin.

We use it widely for the treatment of pellagra and use it with the lipid-lowering drugs.

But if the user takes it in too much quantity, it can cause problems like inflammation of the skin, ears, tongue, dyslipidemias, and macular edema.

The low dose of niacin 30mg is present in Synagen IQ, but we don’t know the actual concentration because Synagen IQ has lost its credibility over time. 

Vitamin B6 is another important nutrient which helps in the production of neurotransmitters, hemoglobin, and synthesis of histamine.

If we take too much vitamin B6, it can cause us serious issues. Damage to dorsal root ganglia in the spinal cord is one of the many side effects.

Some of the neurological symptoms, as a result, become irreversible.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is a favorite substance and extremely popular because people believe it keeps our mind awake and let us stay through the long hours of studies, meetings, and strenuous work.

It is a methylxanthine and directly acts upon the central nervous system.

This white crystalline material with a slightly bitter taste has to offer many benefits, including treatment of orthostatic hypotension, apnea, and headache. But overdoses are also associated with hypertension, constipation, epigastric discomfort, and anxiety disorders.

250 to 300 mg of caffeine in a day is too high, and chronic use can result in depression and suicidal thoughts as well.

3. L-Tyrosine, Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzine A and others

These and some other substances in a capsule of Synagen IQ look decent, and anyone might fall into the trap. But the fact is that concentration present in a capsule of Synagen IQ is not known.

No effect or side effects are the most common reviews by the users.

Moreover, there are no proper studies and no data which can prove the efficacy of this supplement.

The ingredients look good, but we are not sure if they are present in it at all.

L-Tyrosine is a precursor to many important substances in the body, which includes neurotransmitters.

Bacopa Monnieri extract needs no introduction or description, and Huperzine is a well-known brain enhancer. But everything is useful when we take it in limits.

Concerns and Side effects of Synagen IQ

Synagen IQ is a combination of brain boosters with no information. We don’t know at all what’s inside the capsules.

We don’t know about the amount of caffeine, vitamin B complex, and others to let us make an opinion.

So, it is very much capable of following side effects;

  1. Irritation of the stomach and Intestine
  2. inflammation of skin
  3. Allergic reaction
  4. Inflammation of the ears and eyes
  5. Confusion and irritability
  6. Resistance of insulin
  7. deranged levels of lipids
  8. Birth defects in pregnancy
  9. sensory neuropathies
  10. Bone loss
  11. increased urinary output
  12. Dependence and withdrawal effects
  13. Risk of Alzheimer’s
  14. nausea vomiting and diarrhea
  15. Depression
  16. Suicidal thoughts

Final verdict

Synagen IQ is a composition of multiple useful nutrients that are potentially beneficial for the brain.

They are also useful for the rest of our bodies. We might want to buy this product the right way because we all want to get that amazing mind and body.

Feeling energetic as a whole gives us a positive feeling, and this cycle eventually gives us a healthy mind.

We stay motivated to achieve maximum health status and improve the quality of life. All this begins with the mind.

But wait for a second and think. If your mind is getting the wrong food and is possibly in danger, you are not even near to the healthy body.

The controlling system of your entire body and life is now not functioning the way it has to.

This is a serious concern, trust me. And you don’t want to risk your most precious asset.

While buying any brain-boosting supplement, we must keep in mind that the brain deserves the best.

We must do our research and attain a thorough insight so that we exactly what we are going to feed our brains. This is essential because one wrong decision can cost you your mind and body.

I would like to add here that mindful purchase is the right purchase.

Never go for the supplements which have attractive packaging but are empty of the dangers inside.

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