Qualia Mind vs Optimind – Clean and Honest Review about Two Best Nootropics

Qualia Mind vs Optimind

Mind science is focusing these days on a peculiar and special type of ingredient called Nootropics.

In combination with more than 5 nootropics, we get the Nootropic supplement which works for many reasons.

Both Qualia Mind and Optimind are claimed to be the best in what they do, besides the company claims and all but which one of them works best?

In this Qualia Mind vs Optimind review, we will compare the two most discussed aspects of nootropics and what makes them best for the customers. 

Are Nootropics Safe?

Best nootropics are naturally extracted! If you think about the best nootropics in the 2024 market, look no further as we found the best ones in the market. 

Unlike the pharmaceutical nootropics in the line, the natural cognitive boosters are available with clinical trials that prove they are safe. 

There are things you should about pharmaceutical nootropic drugs is they are unsafe and in many clinical trials, they pointed out some dangerous outcomes. 

Whereas nootropic supplements obtained from natural sources are sold over the counter and mentioned to be mildly effective. 

Latest Nootropics in 2024

For a nootropic, ingredients in high-quality forms are necessary to improve the efficacy of the formula. Some examples of advanced nootropics are:

Branded nootropics with the registered trademark have maximum potency with reduced side effects. Most of these nootropics have gone through the clinical trials. 

Standardized Nootropics are the safe nootropics that classify their active ingredients as herbal.

Some cases where a nootropic herb’s standardization equals to the clinical research studies that have confirmed safety.

The later type of nootropics is used these days and their quality has improved over the years. 

Introduction to Nootropics- Qualia Mind vs Optimind

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is a highly researched nootropic which claims to increase focus and attentiveness in everyone who uses it.

The nootropic formula is famous for its maximum ingredients assembly that provides the desired effects.

Qualia Mind is a product by Neurohacker Collective and the company has a vast data about the effectiveness of Qualia Mind as a nootropic.

For studies, Qualia Mind has been given as a dietary supplement to individuals with an impaired mental activity where it is proven to reform the defects.

Optimind is a nootropic created by AlternaScript LLC which aims to clear out the brain fog in people and boost mental health.

The design purpose for Optimind is to unleash the power of your brain, leading it to perform with maximum capabilities.

Introduction to the Ingredients- Qualia Mind vs Optimind

Qualia Mind Ingredients

Qualia Mind divided 40 whopping ingredients into 2 separate stacks available at their official website.

Whereas, Optimind contains less number of ingredients in comparison with Qualia Mind.

The most stand out ingredients in the Qualia Mind formula are:

  • Noopept

Noopept is a mild acting racetam like a drug which have psych stimulation effects on the cognition. Noopept may develop tolerance if taken in a larger dose continuously, whereas Qualia Mind only puts a small portion of this nootropic. 

  • DHEA

DHEA is a prohormone acting as a performance enhancer in Qualia Mind. 

  • PQQ

Quality PQQ brand is used as a brain energizer and has various antioxidant properties. It affects cognitive health and provides benefits related to staying sharp and alert. 

  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

The main difference between in Qualia Mind and Optimind ingredient is of N-Acetyl. Optimind contains L-Tyrosine whereas Qualia Mind has the upgraded version N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine which boosts the energy and focus by increasing catecholamine levels. 

  • Citicoline

One of the highly studied nootropics, Citicoline is a mixture of Choline and Cytidine which in the human body converts into Uridine.

This compound has positive impacts on building blocks of the brain which defines its true potentials. 

The Two-Step Stack of Qualia Mind contains the list of various nootropic ingredients that are not found together with the first step stack, the reason is to reduce the competitive absorption between the ingredients simultaneously.

Optimind Ingredients are short, precise but enough to get the job done

Optimind Ingredients

Instead of Phosphatidylserine like the one used by Qualia Mind, Optimind has Serinaid which works like Phosphatidylserine. 

  • BacopaMonnieri (50% potent extract)

Qualia Mind contains 45% extract of BacopaMonnieri whereas Optimind has 50%. The cognitive enhancement with this compound is outrageous which is proven in many clinical trials.

  • GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)

GABA is not so efficient in oral form and that’s the reason why Qualia Mind rejected this ingredient in the first place. Optimind still thrives to add GABA as a primary ingredient though. 

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Called as a universal antioxidant which prevents the free radicals damage and protects the brain from stressful damage. 

  • Sulbutiamine

This is what Optimind is proud of, the addition of synthetic nootropic Sulbutiamine.

This is where many Optimind customers were deviated by the quality of the product. 

Qualia Mind vs Optimind Quality Comparison


Looking at the best nootropics proprietary blend quality, we have Qualia Mind working more than a nootropic.

It is essentially used by students or college goers around the world who find it hard to concentrate on studies. 

Optimind ingredients quality is undeniably okay which contains most of the propriety ingredients that are not too weak.

Average quality ingredients are put to Optimind so it can work at a medium pace. 

Qualia Mind has two hands full of ingredients displaying how far nootropics could go in quality.

This goes even to a more impressive path when we find the double stack of Qualia Mind has additional ingredients that include vitamins, nootropics, stimulants, mood elevators which are rapidly absorbed. 

Value Comparison

The price value for Optimind for 16 servings is $60 whereas Qualia Mind is selling 22 servings at $149 value. 

Both nootropics are sold at a discount if purchased from the official site. Value-wise, Optimind has more advantages but if you consider the number of servings, you are getting them very less. 

Click Here To Buy Qualia Mind From Their Official Website

Customer Reviews Comparison

Optimind customer reviews are negative online and some users found it shady that they disclose some of their ingredients.

Whereas, Qualia Mind has no issue with customer reviews bad experience, or auto subscription orders which has been a problem with Optimind lately.

Qualia Mind vs Optimind Benefits

Qualia Mind Benefits

While nootropics are aiming to increase focus and concentration with only one way.

Qualia Mind is one step ahead in terms of supporting all the brain pathways.

The great thing about Qualia Mind and Optimind is the absence of chemical compounds that affect the brain functions other than the natural ones.

In a gradual process, the intake of cognitive-enhancing chemicals could harm the memory and cause many negative side effects. 

Qualia Mind and Optimind arouse the utmost brain performance but do they have similar benefits?

Qualia Mind effects on the brain include mood stabilization, increased confidence, focus, memory retention, and indulgence of calming vibes.

Optimind does not provide too many benefits but it mainly erases the lack of focus and disturbed or stressed feelings. 

Speaking of mental performance, Qualia Mind nourishes other aspects of brain health besides the focus.

Optimind users’ complaints about having a brain fog after using the supplement for over 6 months. 

Best nootropic stacks offered by Qualia Mind emerges the power of more than 40 ingredients to treat various mental issues. 

Qualia Mind is a positive solution for anger management, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Optimind gets you only halfway which is improved sleep and focus. 

Conclusion- Qualia Mind or OptiMind?

Optimind has a powerful ingredient called Sulbutiamine and that’s it! There are plenty of nootropics fish in the sea and all Optimind manufacturer caught was Sulbutiamine which is not even classified as a natural nootropic.

The purpose was to compare the two best nootropics in the market and we feel strongly for Qualia Mind. 

Qualia Mind not just has more ingredients but these ingredients are best at what they were added for.

In 6 weeks, Qualia Mind brings a sense of sensibility in a person by supplying a major chain reaction to the brain which enables creativity, excellent speaking, and listening power with unique features in your personality. 

The serving count present in Qualia Mind is more than what Optimind is providing and that’s why it has a lower price value.

In the search of best nootropic in 2024, choosing between Qualia Mind vs Optimind has been made clear. 

Visit the official site of Qualia Mind to choose between the products since they have multiple product varieties. 

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