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Prevagen Reviews
Jellyfish Memory Supplement

In the US, Prevagen is becoming the highly sold brain supplement, the reason for that is “APOAEQUORIN”.

Best memory and brain supplements online would sometime make you a completely different person. It’s about the selection of Nootropic with the most advanced ingredients.

Apoaequorin is the latest memory booster and useful against mental decline in men and women. It is not a prescription compound but available anywhere without the RX paper.

Prevagen may be a newly introduced mind booster but its hype is reaching to the top because of the clinical findings, benefits, price, and customer reviews which supported its legitimacy. 

While Modafinil and Armodafinil are ruling the world with their synthetic version of chemical used to stimulate awakens and mental dexterity in users, natural nootropics are considered as much safer replacement of them. 

About Prevagen – What Is It?

Prevagen is the nootropic supplement which aims to polish memory skills and brain health. 

Prevagen manufacturers are called “Quincy Bioscience” who very first time introduced Apoaequorin as a brain booster.

The company claim that it can improve memory with its protein nature and serves as a neuroprotective agent that hones brainpower and supports creative thinking.

These things usually go to the decline upon aging, in case of short-term memory loss and extra calcium levels in the brain, Apoaequorin reduces them both. 

How Prevagen Works?

The formula of Prevagen helps with the cellular degradation in the brain by aiding the calcium ions binding.

According to the studies, the human brain protects the cells by producing a special type of protein which in case of exceeding its limit could damage the cells.

Prevagen supplies an adequate amount of special protein to the brain that helps in ion exchange and protects the cellular functions. 

Not just protecting the cells in the brain but also improve their functions. 

What Are Prevagen Ingredients?

Every capsule of the Prevagen brain booster contains 10mg of Apoaequorin

Prevagen Ingredients

Coming to the briefing of Apoaequorin, it was discovered and obtained in a special type of jellyfish.

This jellyfish glows naturally because of the exposure of the protein to calcium, this the blue light is created when the special type of protein and calcium binds.

Until 2007, the main role of Apoaequorin was suggested which is to be used as a dietary supplement for improving brain health.

Some studies suggest the benefits of Apoaequorin are as follows:

  1. Memory: Several studies show that 10 mg of Apoaequorin intake for 90 days diminish the signs of forgetfulness and improves recalling ability. Considering the source of Apoaequorin would be Prevagen by Quincy Bioscience. 
  2. Brain Function: Taking 10 mg of Apoaequorin daily can improve some parts of mental functions in old aged people. 
  3. Sleep Quality: This has been observed in many nootropic studies, a 10 mg dose of Apoaequorin for 90 days improves sleep quality and time by 40 minutes per night. It also avoids the nighttime awakenings by 50% and improves the quality of sleep by 90%. 
  4. Lou Gehrig’s Disease: Commonly known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, studies suggest taking 20 mg of Apoaequorin after 2 hours of waking up and taking 20-40 mg before going to bed can slow the progression of ALS. 

Prevagen Brain Booster formula also contains ingredients that are:

  • DL-a-Tocopherol- a form of Vitamin E
  • Peptones
  • Tricalcium Phosphate
  • Water

Does Prevagen Work?

To prove this notion, the company Quincy Bioscience sponsored a study called “Madison Memory Study – A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Apoaequorin in Community-Dwelling, Older Adults. 

Safety studies were performed on Apoaequorin on lab rats, the results were

  • Safety assessment of Apoaequorin, a protein preparation: subchronic toxicity study in rats.
  • The Safety assessment of the calcium-binding protein, apoaequorin, expressed by Escherichia coli.
  • Subchronic toxicity of lyophilized apoaequorin protein powder in Sprague-Dawley rats.

Prevagen Benefits to the Users

It has been stated by the company and the users that Prevagen is capable of:

  • Improving memory and learning skills
  • Supports healthy brain functions
  • Avoid brain fog
  • Stops neuro-degradation
  • Look after memory problems and forgetfulness comes with age
Prevagen Side Effects

According to the official website of Prevagen, the ideal dosage has been used in the formula which has no side effects and is very well-tolerated.

You can use it alongside other medications as there are no contraindications with any medications or supplements. 

There is not a single clinical data available proving Apoaequorin as “Lethal” or “Dangerous”.

Some part of Prevagen contains other ingredients which in high dose could lead to:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety

Is It a Scam?

One should beware of the nootropics with no clinical evidence or data. Prevagen has a compilation of data available stating the effectiveness of Apoaequorin.

However, the FDA confirmed that the main source for the company to obtain Apoaequorin is not a jellyfish anymore. 

Prevagen Warnings

What do you need to know before taking Prevagen? Every dietary supplement comes with a bunch of warnings so does the Prevagen. 

  • Children under 18 years of age should not use
  • Never exceed the recommended dosage
  • If you have any medical condition, seek a doctor’s consultation before using it
  • Whenever you notice any side effects, stop taking the supplement immediately
  • Never use it if the seal is broken
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Do not give it to pregnant or nursing women
How to Use Prevagen Memory Booster?

There is no need for taking a bunch of capsules at once, Prevagen manufacturer advises users to consume only a single pill every day in the morning. This can be taken with or without food. 

The morning dosage of Prevagen is more for productiveness and creativity to start your day with. 

Prevagen Customer Sayings

Prevagen customer reviews

A lot of customers gave their remarks about how their experience with Prevagen was.

Some users who never used Nootropic took a month or so for the supplement to deliver the results. 

We were feeling so ashamed and bad after failing the exams, both me and my sister. Passing a medical exam has never been so easy unless we got some help from Prevagen.

While we sat and watch people using memory booster to uplift their grades, we only ordered Prevagen for once and we could say this really works. 


Took it on the 2nd day of my job, no I am not getting a promotion but it really does help to make you mentally agile throughout the day. 

Aly Dubman

After 2 weeks I could feel the sensory neurons are working with their full energy. Speaking of sex, some part of Prevagen diet turns you on which is good.

I have noticed many improvements in myself, mental improvement is the first on the list. 


Order Prevagen in Different Dose

As a dietary supplement, Prevagen is available in different varieties. 

  • Prevagen Regular Strength: 30 Capsules, each contains 10 mg Apoaequorin
  • The Regular Strength: 30 Chewables, each contains 10 mg Apoaequorin
  • Prevagen Extra Strength: 30 Capsules, each contains 20 mg Apoaequorin
  • The Extra Strength: 30 Chewables each of which contain 20 mg Apoaequorin
  • Prevagen Regular Strength: 60 Capsules with 10 mg of Apoaequorin each
  • Professional Strength: 30 Capsules, each capsule contains 40 mg Apoaequorin
Prevagen Pricing and Where to Buy

The price of Prevagen depends on the source you buy it from, the official site provides the best rates of Prevagen online. 

  • For a regular strength bottle, the price is $39.95
  • Extra strength bottle will cost $59.95
  • Professional strength bottle is at $89.95

You can buy it from Amazon but there will be no added benefits, free shipping, or money-back guarantee provided. 

The best way to buy Prevagen Nootropic and brain booster is not from Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Walgreens, CVS, or GNC but the OFFICIAL WEBSITE made by the company.

Final Verdict

Leading brain supplements like Prevagen is being advertised at many platforms where people are searching for natural remedies for memory issues.

One of the main factors for Prevagen success is the active ingredient “Apoaequorin” which has both animals and humans’ data available, stating it can be useful to help brain functions and improve memory skills.

Online nootropics in their active forms might be effective but they have a bunch of brain-boosting ingredients that can be quite an adversary at times.

Prevagen contains only 1 active ingredient which can differ in dosages if you buy their professional or extra strength bottle. 

Male and female both can take mental advantages from Prevagen mind booster, the real shop to buy it from is the Official Quincy Bioscience web page which has over hundreds of satisfied customers review available. 

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