NOOCUBE GNC – Brain Boosters at GNC | How Legit Are They?

Noocube GNC – Does GNC stores really sells Brain boosters and Nootropic supplements online?

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NOOCUBE GNC can be your search today but what we really need to understand is that Noocube is such a popular product that once has to look very carefully from where they are buying it as a lot of counterfeited products are present on the market to exploit the popularity of Noocube for their benefit.

Noocube Supplements are one of the amazing and worth buying dietary supplements. It mimics the properties or effects of a nootropic supplement.

This supplement is fulfilling certain factors that are quite important for a nootropic supplement. These factors include affordability, safety, and quality. Thus, the company won’t disappoint you with its performance forever. 

The supplement contains some natural and effective cognitive enhancers. They promise the customers to provide optimum health and better working of the brain. Thus, you will improve your memory, learning abilities, and focus automatically.

This article will give you more information about this amazing supplement. 

Ingredients in NooCube

How can you even think about purchasing a supplement without knowing what ingredients the manufacturers are using in the supplement?

Yes, you have to think about it. In simple words, the person who is going to use a dietary supplement should be aware of the compounds (ingredients) that the company is including in that particular supplement.

This information will help them in recognizing the ingredients that are not suitable for their health.

Thus, in order to prevent any sort of allergic reaction and further issues, we will be discussing the composition and details of some main ingredients in detail.

Composition of the NooCube Ingredients
Noocube Ingredients

The formula for NooCube supplements contains a total of nine beneficial ingredients. The ratio or quantity of each stack (ingredient) is present in the composition table.

Name of the ingredientsRatio (quantity of each stack)
L-Theanine100 mg
Pterostilbene140 mg
Alpha GPC50 mg
Resveratrol14.3 mg
Extract from Oat Straw150 mg
Cat’s Claw (UncariaTomesntosa)175 mg
0.5% Huperzine-A (HuperziaSerrata)20 mg
Extract from BacopaMonnieri250 mg
L – Tyrosine250 mg
A quick look at the interesting facts about the ingredients

This dietary supplement contains some extremely powerful brain boosters that are proven by high research. Rather than going to other details, let us directly start discussing the ingredients briefly and easily.  

You will notice one thing in these explanations that NooCube capsules do not include caffeine in its composition.

It is a non-GMO supplement. Also, do keep in mind that NooCube is not at all a gluten-free or vegan-friendly product.

Alpha GPC

There is a long and interesting history behind this particular ingredient known as Alpha GPC. This compound is well-known for its efficient ability to boost alertness. People are also considering it as one of the most effective smart drugs.

Alpha GPC also helps in adding the concentration to one of the imperative neurotransmitters into your brain, which is also known as acetylcholine. Do you want to know some more facts about acetylcholine?

Acetylcholine is a good and strong agent that aims to provide support for speeding up the transfer process of data. It helps in transferring information from one of your nerve cells to the other nerve cell. These nerve cells lead to creating positive effects on your cognitive performance.

Some of the cognitive functions include focusing capability, memory enhancement, and increasing the learning capacity.

Some of the recent investigations are revealing that a choline compound (completely natural) such as Alpha GPC helps in treating patients with Alzheimer’s issues. It will protect the cells of the brain from any kind of damage and helps in enhancing the power of the brain.

Huperzine A

The main purpose of this compound is to protect the acetylcholine. This acetylcholine is prone to several damages that occur due to acetylcholinesterase.

One more fascinating fact about Huperzine A is that it helps in slowing down the process that involves the formation of this particular enzyme known as acetylcholinesterase. As a result, it will increase the healthy growth of neurotransmitters in a large number. It also favors and improves the overall mental performance of the consumer.

Like Alpha GPC, Huperzine A is one of those compounds that helps in the betterment (treatment) of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Cat’s Claw or Uncaria Tomesntosa

It might be something new for you to know that cat’s claw is a high and very rich source of powerful antioxidants. It prevents all of the possible harms and effects that are happening due to free radicals to your brain cells.

If this particular thread does not eliminate, it can even weaken your cognitive functions. It can cause some serious problems like failure to pay attention, poor memory, and inability to learn. In addition to this property, these antioxidants are quite helpful for your mental performance.

You cannot even ignore the importance of this ingredient when it comes to the increase in concentration, betterment in memory, and elevating the sharpness in a person.

Oat Straw

There are loads of benefits of oat straw that one can get through this supplement. Moreover, the researchers are suggesting that oat straw has a special power that aims to enhance and improve the consumer’s mental performance. In order to fulfill this enhancement task, it encourages the brain of that person to generate (produce) Berger’s waves.

In simple words, Berger’s waves are responsible for supporting and regulating a healthier oxygen supply to the consumer’s brain. It increases the circulation of blood, which will, as a result, provide better vigilance, focusing abilities, and concentrating power.

Extract from Bacopa Monnieri

This agent also contains a history revolving around itself. This history proves that Bacopa Monnieri is also popular for its ability to increase and improve mental power, energy, and, most importantly, mental health. It completes these tasks by contributing to the process of producing neuron dendrite.

Moreover, it also serves as a wonderful aid for your nerves that are destroying due to any reason.

Researchers claim that extracts from Bacopa Monnieri are powerful and a great help for improving your memory along with strengthening your nervous system.


As some of the ingredients, L-Theanine is also another excellent source that helps to increase neurotransmitters. We have already told you the significance (importance) of these neurotransmitters in the explanation of previous ingredients.

Amino acids will help the consumer to get a better concentrating ability, clarity of thoughts (mental clarity), and reduces the stress intake with the help of the elevation in the endogenous chemicals. Thus, he will get a good life (improvement in the quality of his life).


If you want to heighten up (increase) the synthesis or creation of some neurotransmitters, L-Tyrosine will, for sure, help you in this task. These neurotransmitters hold the authority to enhance alertness and increase concentration.

But wait, that’s not all about L-Tyrosine. This amino acid will also help in suppressing your stress levels along with lowering fatigue. Therefore, you will get a proper level of energy that is necessary for your brain to offer optimum performance.  


Pterostilbene is also a type of strong antioxidant. It is famous for counteracting or responding to the effects that are a result of stress (oxidative stress). Higher levels of this ingredient (Pterostilbene) helps in promoting attentiveness and alertness, along with increasing the supply of blood to the consumer’s brain.


Resveratrol also performs the tasks of an antioxidant. It diminishes stress that activates due to the oxidative process. Moreover, Resveratrol removes free radicals. Many supplements use only this ingredient in its formulation.

According to some studies, Resveratrol helps in preventing the consumer’s hippocampus from weakening or deteriorating. Hippocampus is a section (part) of your brain that is responsible for your memory.

Benefits of NooCube

After going through the ingredients, the second most important thing you must be eager to know are the benefits this dietary supplement will provide you.

This section will clearly and briefly tell you all the possible advantages a person can get by using NooCube dietary supplements.

Noocube nootropic supplements

Some of the most prominent benefits are:

  • Natural ingredients: Noocube dietary capsules are an amalgamation of 100 percent natural compounds. The brain boosters are natural, which means it won’t cause any danger to your health or body. These ingredients contain medical or clinical proof in assisting and aiding positive effects on cognitive functions. 
  • Side effects: Keep it short and easy because we will be discussing the side effects on NooCube in detail in the later section. In simple words, you won’t face any problem due to the consumption of NooCube dietary supplements. However, if you are noticing any mild or minor side effects, do not panic yourself. These side effects will automatically disappear once your body accepts these changes. The company produces these supplements under the standard settings of GMP and FDA (Foods and Drug Administration). 
  • Increases neurotransmitters: NooCube is famous for its ability to elevate neurotransmitters. As a result, these neurotransmitters will regulate your brain chemistry. Moreover, it will also improve your mental skills and memory, which means you can learn more and more things within no time. It even improves the focus communication and alertness levels along with the learning capacity. 
  • Refund policy: The company is providing shipments worldwide. But do you know that this shipment is free of cost, which means you don’t have to pay a single penny for the delivery cost? Moreover, the company is also offering a full money return guarantee within sixty days if the customer does not like the results. 

People think that a dietary supplement can only provide them with pros. However, they are wrong with their assumptions.

People don’t know that the supplement has some cons too. A few of the NooCube’s cons are:

  • The ratio of Alpha GPC in this formula of NooCube is quite low.
  • Due to the presence of Huperzine-A in NooCube’s formula, you have to cycle for a few hours.
  • The consumer should be punctual, which means he should not skip the dosage at all. In other words, skipping a single dosage won’t let him get the high-quality or the results which he is expecting. 
Side effects of NooCube

NooCube is one of those dietary supplements that does not contain any side effects. It does not bear any type of danger.

Yes, you should give all the credits to the clinically tested and natural ingredients that are the central part of this dietary supplement.

The producers are further testifying that the makers of NooCube are not at all using any harmful ingredient. In fact, they make sure that NooCube dietary supplements contain the safest and harmless brain boosters.

These brain boosters are quite common, and most people know about them.

Moreover, you won’t come across any negative comments or complaints that are indicating any sort of complication due to NooCube. In simple words, these supplements won’t trigger any complications. However, you have to follow the appropriate dosage.

Until and unless you are following the right guidelines, you won’t face any problem.

What are the right instructions to consume Noocube Dietary supplements?

If you are going to purchase a bottle of NooCube, you will be getting sixty capsules within the bottle. It means this bottle is enough to supply you with capsules for one complete month.

In other words, the right dosage of NooCube for one day is only two pills. You should take it along with your breakfast.

According to the producers of NooCube dietary supplements, this specific limit of two capsules is for the people who are just starting to consume these supplements. However, you can even increase the dosage with a passage of time from three to four capsules. This increase in dosage totally depends upon the necessity of sharpening your mental skills.

But yes, you should not increase the number of capsules over four. Do not ever consume more than four pills within a single day (24 hours of time). The company strictly prohibits exceeding this limit.

Moreover, if anyone of you is already facing any type of mental illness and consuming some strong medicines for any health issue, do visit your doctor to seek his medical advice. After getting his approval, you can peacefully consume this supplement.

Even though NooCube won’t take you towards any side effects, still remember that prevention is better than cure.

How to buy NooCube supplements?

After reading so many sections, you must be waiting to see the right place to buy this supplement from. First of all, you cannot get this supplement from sites such as Amazon, GNC, Walmart, or Walgreens. So who will sell you these supplements?

Order Noocube in stores near me

The right place to buy Noocube blindly is its official webpage. is the trustworthy, authentic, and reliable page that sells NooCube supplements. In other words, it is the official, authentic, and authorized site of NooCube.

Packages and Price

This part is quite interesting. Don’t you think so? The word packages automatically grab your attention towards itself.

Thus, let us directly go towards the details of each package the company is offering to its customers.

One bottle of NooCube:

  • $39.99
  • Free delivery
  • Fast shipment
  • Sixty capsules

Two bottles of NooCube:

  • $79.99
  • Free delivery
  • Fast shipment
  • One-eighty capsules
  • One free bottle

Three bottles of NooCube:

  • $119.99
  • Free delivery
  • Fast shipment
  • Three sixty capsules
  • Three free bottles

Noocube Customer Reviews

Are you still not sure about your decision about whether you should buy NooCube supplements or not?

Noocube reviews and results

If not, some of these customer reviews might help you with your decision.

John Jack

I was really tired of my mental skills. I was unable to focus on my office work, learn my presentations, and concentrate on what my boss was saying to me. Thus, I decided to go for some brain boosters. What helped me was these supplements of NooCube.

Believe me, I am not buttering or lying. These supplements are a magical potion. The package of three bottles is just amazing.

William Smith

There is no need to feel sad because of your inability to memorize. There is a solution to every problem. All you need to do is search, use, and wait for the results. The same goes for improving your memorizing skills. It’s my personal experience that NooCube is a really helpful supplement.

It has a lot of benefits. Thus, trying these supplements will, for sure, help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions regarding this supplement, this section might help you in getting an answer for them.

We are highlighting some of the frequently asked questions in order to remove all sorts of confusion from your mind.

Q1: When will the results start to appear according to my expectations?

Most people are saying that they can see or observe some of the benefits of this supplement just 30 to 45 minutes after consumption.

Q2: How will I pay for the supplement?

The company accepts all types of credit cards (major cards) that include American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa card. However, you can also use PayPal. Checkouts for the NooCubecompany use standard encryption for 256 bits of the industry.

This method will protect the details of the buyer as well. Thus, you don’t need to stress about the leakage of your details.


For ending this article in a few words, NooCube supplements are one of the fastest-selling and popular brain dietary supplements available on the marketplace. You can purchase the offers to get more and more benefits from this supplement.

Moreover, it won’t make you upset with its result. Instead, it will make you more confident, sharp, and intelligent. 

BUY IT ONLY from Official site to avoid any scams! Not buy it even from GNC if you locate it there.

The best place is official website only.

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