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RB, a global producer of consumer health, hygiene products, introduced a new supplement in the market, Neuriva. It is a product of a company called Schiff’s vitamin.

Moreover, this company does not only makes supplements but also products for home and hygiene.

Furthermore, Neuriva is a dietary supplement to support brain health. With natural ingredients, it boosts brain performance and the focus.

As the brain is the complex organ of our body and needs to get integrated health. Neuriva ingredients have clinical evidence that will help keep the mind in good health.

There are a lot of benefits to Neuriva and is an excellent full-spectrum brain supplement.

Neuriva helps to improve brain performance as it helps to develop and maintain neurons, which play a vital role in brain functioning and performance.

Proper brain function can lead to a good memory, brain energy, which leads to good focus and sharpens attention plus more concentration at times of stress and multitasking.

Neuriva Review

Neuriva helps to support brain performance.

This helps to lead to significant benefits. And there is a standard collection of benefits when using Neuriva.

Those benefits include:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Better learning
  • Improved memory
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increase in concentration

Neuriva also helps in offering mood support, brain cell protection, and also long term brain support.

Neuriva’s ingredients are natural and have a clinical backup. Its ingredients studies show that coffee cherry (neuro factors) and plant-sourced PS (phosphatidylserine) enhances brain performance.

Neuriva’s ingredients are all vegetarian and decaffeinated. Neuriva also has NEURIVA BRAIN GYM application, which is a project of brain fitness routine.

The manufacturer-Schiff’s vitamin makes some high-quality products, and they are successful supplement brands.

Therefore, Neuriva is one of them. It helps in all the benefits which make a person fresh and healthy, both physically and mentally.


The ingredients of Neuriva support 5 main essential brain performances:

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Accuracy
  • Concentration

It has clinical proof to aid neuron health, fuel memory, and learning abilities.

Neuro factor, the main ingredient of neuriva, is a natural extract from coffee Arabica, which proves to increase Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). BDNF is popular to support the survival of neurons and encourage the growth of new neurons.

Our brain has 86 million neurons, and in order to transmit information correctly throughout the body, they must have better connections.

For making these neurons work together, our brains must have all the nutrients to work correctly.

We need proper nutrients and supplements to make them function in a better way.

Supplements provide all the incomplete nutrients and give energy to our body and mind. As the brain is the main organ of our body, we need to provide it with nutrients to make it work better.

Only majors (above 18 years of age) can use one capsule daily at bedtime for better results.


Like other supplements, Neuriva has only 2 main ingredients which help in brain functioning:

  • Coffee Arabica (coffee fruit extract)
  • Phosphatidylserine

Other ingredients include rice bran, microcrystalline cellulose, soy lecithin, silicon dioxide.

1) Coffee Arabica

Coffee Arabica is a new ingredient in the market for a supplement. It exists in Mexico and India.

Its manufacturers claim that coffee fruit extract promotes the release in Brain-Derived neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which helps in the growth, maturation, and proliferation of brain cells.

A higher level of BDNF makes our neurons growth faster, reduced neuron degeneration, and the production of new neurons.

This will automatically increase cognitive performance and brainpower. Neuro factor, which is made from nutrient-rich fruit of coffee cherry, also supports BDNF.

This fruit is an extract that comes from the coffee cherry. The extract is GMO-free and decaffeinated, as has shown incredible brain supporting properties.

It also elevates the body’s level with neuroprotein BDNF.

2) Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is present in substantial quantities in the human brain. It is phospholipids, which is a compound for a healthy brain function. Using a healthy supply of phosphatidylserine is vital to support healthy brain cell generation.

Another function of phosphatidylserine is that it helps cells to send signals. When the life of a brain cell ends, phosphatidylserine moves from inside to outside of the cell membrane. It signals the immune cells, and thus, immune cells kill the damaged cell in the brain.

Apoptosis (cell death) is significant for cognitive performance, and it is a natural process.

Levels of phosphatidylserine decrease as we age. Supplementation is a good idea to promote healthy brain functions as long as we can. Not only in old age but also young people also use this to increase their brain functions.

We do consume it in our daily diet, but it is not enough for our brain function.

Neuriva has enough to rectify any deficiencies as it contains 100 mg of phosphatidylserine.


  • Ingredients of neuriva are tested and high-quality studies and are clinically proven. After research, it has shown that coffee extract shows improved cognitive improvement. Even after testing, all ingredients show a promising result in developing and enhancing cognitive performance.
  • Neuriva also has a neuriva brain gym app which offers a customized brain training experience, to identify cognitive improvement areas. There are games and training programs that track cognitive fitness.
  • One of the things in neuriva is that it does not state the amount of coffee fruit extract is used in this supplement. The level of caffeine is not mentioned in the coffee fruit extract. The extra vitamins in neuriva may be problematic because if somebody is getting these nutrients from other supplements, getting more of these nutrients might cause toxicity.
  • This product contains soy lecithin and rice bran, which may be a cause of allergy for someone who is allergic to these ingredients.
  • Neuriva does not come up with providing the same power as other nootropic supplements do. There is no way of knowing whether coffee fruit extract in Neuriva contains the same substances as found in whole coffee fruit.

There are no severe side effects after using neuriva. But people might get affected by rice bran and soy lecithin if they are allergic to it.

Some minor side effects might occur, such as headaches, rashes, and psychedelic sleep.


  • Neuriva can be bought from the Schiff vitamins official website. If you buy from its original site, you can earn points for future purchases and even get membership from Schiff’s vitamin membership program.
  • It is better to buy from its official website as the product will be original.
  • Other websites also sell the product, but the price is low and cannot guarantee the originality of the product.


  • Neuriva is undoubtedly a great supplement. It is consumption by adults as well as old age. It is suitable for everyone and can be available quickly.
  • For those who want it at home can quickly get if online from Amazon and eBay.
  • For those who want to check it before buying can buy it from Wal-Mart or Walgreens.
  • It is available and can be purchasable with ease.

However, the quality will depend on the credibility of the seller/ vendor. Thus, the best option would still be the original website.

This way, you can be sure that you are getting the quality that you are paying for.


Some nootropic supplements are reported to be a scam, but neural has ingredients that show a positive result in improved brain functioning.

It may indicate that some of the ingredients might be able to protect brain cells from damage, but some ingredients are not 100% proven.

For checking the side effects, it is better to buy a small package, and once you are satisfied, then later, you can buy the full size.

Schiff’s vitamin has a good reputation in the market.

It not only has excellent product quality but also tells everything that is in their product.

Neiva has soy lecithin and rice bran, for those who are allergic to them might not steer their way towards neural. Other than that, all the ingredients in neural are vegan-friendly and can be consumed by those who have no allergic reactions and are vegetarian.

As said by Gregory Chabidon, General Manager of the vitamins, minerals, and supplements Business Unit at RB:

“With brain health being on top of mind for so many, it is nothing less than pride to offer a beyond-the-pill approach. It is a breakthrough supplement with clinically tested ingredients and an app that helps assess, train, and monitor brain performance.

It is the primary mission of the company to help consumers achieve more brain victories, more often, and with Neuriva is nothing less than an innovative solution.”

On the other hand, the majority of the products that support long term cognitive functions and brain energy with a comprehensive stack of ingredients that work in multiple different ways.

Unlike Neuriva, it only has 2 ingredients, from which still needs some backup from research work and the other one is relatively standard.

Neuriva does not promise for long term proper brain functioning.

So if you are looking for something which promotes long term brain development and performance, there are much better products other than Neuriva.

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