Mind Lab Pro Vs Performance Lab Mind Reviews

Mind Lab Pro Vs Performance Lab Mind Comparison Review – Which is The Best Nootropic On The Market?

Performance Lab Mind Vs Mind Lab Pro
Effective Brain Supplement?

What is the best nootropics on the market? Checkout Quantifying Potency, Safety, and Nootropic Results!

Cognitive boosters or nootropic supplements use are in the trend.

More people are seeking out the solution for poor brain performance and for the lack of confidence in their life.

Nootropic supplements are a gateway to productivity, creativity, communication power, and many critical thinking aspects. 

Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind shares a nootropic formula that is 100% natural.

But some factors that only experts could elaborate on are under our scrutiny. 

Mind Lab PRO Vs Performance Lab Mind Review

Mind Lab PRO nootropic reviews

Introduction to Formula Design

Both Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind are the two best nootropics in 2024 but which one is the best?

This is something only the formula design can tell us about the most powerful supplement. 

The main aspect of formula design is the list of ingredients which in the case of Mind Lab Pro are impressive and according to the studies

  • Cognizin– 250mg
  • Sharp-PS Green– 100mg
  • Bacopa– 150mg
  • Lion’s mane mushroom– 500mg
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine– 175mg
  • Suntheanine– 100mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 2.5mg
  • Rhodiola– 50mg
  • Vitamin B9– 100mcg
  • Maritime pine bark– 75mg
  • Vitamin B12– 7.5 mcg

Mind Lab Pro is becoming the universal brain boosting supplements with precise and 100% natural formula that goes beyond the expectations of some users.

According to some users, Mind Lab Pro approaches the pressure point of cognition which after getting hit stimulates some remarkable brain performance.

Performance Lab Mind Vs Mind Lab Pro - Best Brain Booster [2020]

You don’t need a stacked supplement for an overall approach to cognition.

There are stimulants in Mind Lab Pro with cognitive boosters, attention boosters, and those ingredients which makes you a mentally agile person at the workplace, school, and any ground of life. 

Here is how Mind Lab Pro ingredients do their jobs. 

  • Providing an increased amount of Brain Energy
  • Secrete beneficial Brain Chemicals
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Produce Brain Waves
  • Provide Neuroprotection
  • Neurogeneration

As you can expect, the results from taking Mind Lab Pro is a well-nourished and chemically charged brain with improved mental clarity, concentration, and energy.

You are not going to experience jittery effects as you get from caffeine, it’s a cognitive booster with antioxidants and plant extracts to grow your brain cells. 

Performance Lab Mind Ingredients

Performance Lab Mind on the other hand only has 4 ingredients of Mind Lab Pro or you can say it’s a mini version of Mind Lab Pro.

Here we could count on the 4 main ingredients in PLM which are:

  1. Citicoline- Available in Mind Lab Pro, for improving the activity of Acetylcholine. 
  2. Phosphatidylserine improves the structure of the cell membrane of the brain cells. 
  3. L-Tyrosine retains the levels of catecholamine in the brain to helps with focus and mood.
  4. Maritime Pine Bark Extract is the source of antioxidant in Performance Lab Mind that promotes blood circulation. 

These 4 ingredients are the best-chosen one to provide vivid nootropic results.

You get both short term and long term mental boost and cognitive protection. But when you think about it, Mind Lab Pro has more ingredients than Performance Lab Mind.

So it’s more beneficial in short term and long term mental results. 

Mind Lab Pro doesn’t need any stacking with other nootropic supplements whereas Performance Lab Mind usually taken with stacks by the users to improve the effects further. 

Mind Lab Pro Vs Performance Lab Mind Comparison

Unique Features

Adding more ingredients means adding more unique features to the formula. Mind Lab Pro use is applicable by adults or older people because of the potency of its formula never wears off.

Whereas, Performance Lab Mind is usually taken by the students who find it hard to attain focus in a long run. 

Here are the unique features of Mind Lab Pro:

Contains a full-spectrum extract of Bacopa Monnieri which is one of the best herbal nootropic supplement in the history of science. The ingredient is given to Alzheimer patients to improve memory, learning, and calmer thinking like processes. You can search more for this plant online. 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is another feature of Mind Lab Pro which works for the NGF-Promoting process. The NGF produced by the Lion’s Mane Mushroom full spectrum extract actually increase the generation of new neurons and repair the older ones. 

L-Theanine is the major part and vital amino acid present in Mind Lab Pro which in clinical testing is termed as “Anxiolytic Compound”. This means it is used to suppress the anxiety and reduce side effects like jitteriness.

Performance Mind Lab shares limited ingredients which you can also find in Mind Lab Pro.

With these ingredients, the foundation of stacking becomes feasible with most nootropic supplements available online.

Although, Performance Lab Mind shares only 4 ingredients that are clean and green that can be customizable with any nootropic stacks. 

As far as the benefits concerned, Performance Lab Mind only deals with improving brain health and performance including sleep cycle and mental energy.

mind lab pro review

Quality Comparison

Those who days Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind are equals in potency and quality are wrong. To make it short, we listed some pinpoints about both of these supplements. 

Both supplements deal with the nature-identical forms, this is basically a patented NutriGenesis where the fermentation process delivers vitamin and minerals in their nature identical forms, they don’t work like cheap mental boosters or like a drug. (Mind Lab Pro wins at this because of the high number of ingredients per capsule). 

Bio-active extracts are the ones with high concentration, Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind are capsulated supplements with a high concentration of herbal extract to improve the brain health and overall performance. 

Both supplements are available in NutriCaps forms which are not overloaded with poor quality ingredients or fillers, additives, etc. Both PLM and MLP come in a clean and vegan capsule with no colorants added. 


Mind Lab Pro dosage ranges 2 capsules in the morning of the afternoon with meals. This can be increased to 4 capsules per day dosage if your BMI is higher and the regular dose isn’t effective. It’s not allowed to exceed 4 capsules of Mind Lab Pro. 

Performance Lab Mind regular dosage is 2 capsules per day with a meal. You can combine it with coconut oil just to enhance the absorption process of the nutrients. 

Users claim that both Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind are easy to take and work rapidly. 

Customer Reviews

Despite poor customer reviews, the rating of Performance Lab Mind strikes a surprise emotion to the experts. There are also satisfied customers who found the supplement works great for improving the sleep cycle and to have the furious mental energy, but that’s it! 

The goal here is to achieve an overall cognition where not only mental energy and focus are involved, Mind Lab pro customer reviews are blooming because of how they found the supplement for their benefits. 

The overall rating of Mind Lab Pro is much higher than the rating of Performance Lab Mind. 


The best nootropic supplements in 2024 are easy to find, the same case goes with Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind. 

Consumers who want the best cognitive booster in the year of COVID breakdown, they can simply visit the online site of Mind Lab pro and place an order with a certain ease. 

Performance Lab Mind also has a dedicated channel from where they ship to many states inside the US. 

In terms of availability and ease of purchase, users chose Mind Lab Pro for its clear and clean official website and information everyone once in a while needs to know about the supplement. 

Final Verdict- Which Nootropic to Choose?

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Winner: Mind Lab Pro

Between Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind, there is the main difference which is of the INGREDIENTS

Its true Performance Lab Mind is potent to meet the standards of an effective nootropic, but some aspects change the whole side of the story.

For example, Mind Lab Pro manufacturer is more legit than Performance Lab Minds. They hold years of experience of studying brain science and emerge the best nootropics in natural form. 

Teenagers, adults, even old aged people closer to getting a brain degradation condition can use Mind Lab Pro without any side effects.

The nootropic enhances cognition power which involves learning, speaking, creativity, memory retention, and many other aspects that make a man competitive in today’s world. 

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