Huperzine A – Its Uses, Side Effects, Benefits & Much More!

The question that can come to mind is what Huperzine A is…

We will be telling you everything in detail. Huperzine A is an alkaloid compound. It is a derivation of a plant known as the Chinese Club Moss. It was a discovery of the 1980s era.

The supplement became successful within no time. The main objective of the Huperzine A supplement is to preserve and protect the neurons of the consumer’s brain.

Huperzine A is also available by the name of selagine. It helps to enhance the cognitive skills and increase the memory capacity of the user. [1]

Patients of Alzheimer’s can also use this supplement. Go through the article, and you will come to know everything about it.

Short intro: What is Huperzine A ?

Huperzine A is an extract of a Chinese plant. It is one of the fastest-selling and most popular nootropic supplements available in the marketplace.

Students and office employees often use these supplements to relax the brain and enhance their mental skills.

There are a lot of benefits to this supplement. The supplement has some side effects too. Everyone can’t use Huperzine A supplement because it can worsen the conditions of some patients.

Thus, do not use it without consulting your doctor.

How Does Huperzine A Works?

You might be familiar with the fact that Huperzine A is one of the most effective neuroprotectants.

Huperzine Formula

Neuroprotectants offer features that can protect your neurons from any sort of harm or damage. These harms usually occur due to Beta-Amyloids, Glutamate, and Peroxides.

Huperzine A does not only make your brain healthy and lively, but it also supports neurogenesis. It helps the brain to function properly.

Moreover, Huperzine A activates the stem cells of your brain to produce new neurons.

The brains of adults are capable of generating more neurons at a faster speed in particular areas. Thus, these supplements will help your stem cells to produce hard-working and new neurons. [2]

Alzheimer’s patients mostly use Huperzine A to develop new memories.

Their mind requires acetylcholine for better functioning. It makes it possible for the neurotransmitters to transmit the information to the consumer’s cortex.

Ingredients of Huperzine A

You need to know all of the ingredients that make up a supplement.

The same goes for a capsule that is useful for enhancing your memory. We will be discussing the ingredients of Huperzine A in detail because it is necessary for your health.

Many of the customers believe that consuming Huperzine A in its original form is better than the processed form.

Huperzine A ingredients

We will be explaining to you this point with an example of a lavender plant. You might be familiar with the term essential oil.

These essential oils are an output of the distillation process.

They are the good portions of a plant. If you are using the lavender plant in its original form for your mind enhancement, then it will still provide you the benefits. Lavender maintains its aromatherapy properties in every state.

Now coming towards the Huperzine A, Huperzine A and Chinese Club Moss maintains its properties in every state, whether it be original or processed.

If you want to obtain 100 percent benefits of Huperzine A, then you can use this element in its original form. [3]

Purified Huperzine A will provide you more benefits than the processed form of the lab. Companies and pharmacies use the processed form to make pills that are easier to use.

One interesting fact that you should be aware of is that whenever you use Huperzine A, the consumer is using the Chinese Club Moss part only.

This portion is helpful for the consumer’s mind, and it is highly concentrated in the original form.

Huperzine A is a 100 percent pure supplement. Other memory enhancers are not pure because they are usually a mixture of several ingredients.

Benefits of Huperzine A

The reasons for which Huperzine A is present in the nootropic stack are the maximum benefits it provides.

It is quite beneficial for acetylcholine signaling and memory.

1) Improves Your Memory

People who wish to support and improve their memory can take nootropics.

Huperzine A is one of those nootropics that will help you a lot with this objective. According to some researches, Huperzine A has helped university students in memorizing and learning their courses.

Using this ingredient twice in 4 weeks will help you to enhance your memory.

It plays a vital role in improving the cognitive skills and memory of the consumer even if they are getting old. You can use it to boost your mental abilities.

These skills, in turn, will help you to make and investigate new things.

It increases the capacity of your memory that makes it easy for the user to comprehend difficult questions.

2) Improve Acetylcholine Signaling

A question might arise in your mind that what is acetylcholine?

It is a neuromodulator and neurotransmitter. These transmitters and modulators are messenger molecules that the nerve cells release so that they can provide signals to the other nerve cells.

They regulate other cells. Huperzine A also plays a vital role in your cognitive skills, or you can say it controls the neural connections of your memory.

Acetylcholine is also useful for supporting the concentration and attention abilities of the consumer. It helps in learning and providing alerts to the brain.

3) Neuroprotection

Huperzine A is an alkaloid compound. It is a derivation of Chinese Club Moss that helps to develop a strong and powerful neural network in the consumer’s brain.

This compound also supports the stem cells so that they can produce a large number of neurons. It operates as a neuroprotection guard.

The compound produces a shield around the neurons and prevents the damaging of substances like peroxides, beta-amyloids, and glutamate.

4) Alzheimer’s

Supplement of Huperzine A aims to provide high-quality treatment for Alzheimer’s patients. [4]

A few recent studies show that the results of this supplement are satisfactory and pleasing. Patients of Alzheimer’s can continue their daily routine and activities after using these supplements.

Huperzine A supports these patients to improve their mental skills and cognitive properties.

Scientists are trying to find out whether Huperzine A can slow down the process of Alzheimer’s. Patients with dementia can also use this supplement to treat their disorder.

Side Effects of Huperzine A

Like every other supplement, you should take Huperzine A according to the prescription or the recommended dosage.

If you are taking Huperzine A for the first time, then you should be aware of the fact that it can lead to several side effects. [5]

Consistent use of Huperzine A supplement can make it tolerable for the body. It will make your immune system strong enough to bear the supplement.

This point proves that using this alkaloid compound is better only if there is any need for it. The results will be effective only if you are using it due to some issues.

Do not increase the dosage by yourself because it can lead you to several side effects that can harm your health as well. We will be highlighting some of the most reported side effects of this compound.

Let’s have a look at them.

  • People face difficulty in speaking.
  • In some extreme cases, people have faced drooling, twitching, and muscle spasms.
  • You can also suffer mild digestive issues.
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Slowing down the heart rate is a harmful side effect.
  • Upset stomach, dry mouth, and diarrhea
  • Sensitive people can suffer issues with vomiting and nausea.
  • Constipation and swelling
  • You might feel a reduction in your appetite.
  • Blurred vision and sweating
  • Restlessness, cramping, sleep disorders, and an increase in saliva
  • Unable to control urination
  • Harmful side effects include kidney and liver disorders, epilepsy, vertigo, asthma, and heart diseases.

Who Should Avoid Huperzine A?

Not everyone can take the supplements of Huperzine A.

There are some terms and conditions that everyone needs to follow before taking any supplement.

We will be telling you who should try to avoid this alkaloid compound.

1) Children and Pregnant Ladies

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid these supplements. However, until now, there is no reliable research that can prove the harmful side effects on mothers.

But as we know, prevention is better than cure. Children should also take these supplements by mouth but only for a short time (less than thirty days).

2) Heart diseases

We have already told you that Huperzine A slows down the heart rate. This effect can lead to several problems.

Patients with heart disease can face critical issues due to these situations. So if you are a heart patient, then do not use it without consulting your cardiologist.

3) Epilepsy

One side effect of Huperzine A is that it affects your brain chemicals. It can make epilepsy critical for you. Thus, do not use it if you are a patient with a seizure disorder.

4) Patients with Gastrointestinal Issues and Peptic Ulcers

Huperzine A can make the gastrointestinal blockage extremely bad for you.

Huperzine A can increase the fluid secretions and mucus in the consumer’s intestine and stomach, which can cause him congestion, peptic ulcers, and GI blockage.

5) Lungs Problems

If you are a patient of lungs, then Huperzine A can make it worse for you. It can cause severe asthma and emphysema.

It increases the level of mucous and fluid secretion in the user’s lungs. Later on, it turns into congestion.

6) Can Block the Reproductive System and Urinary Tract of the Consumer

If you have a blockage in the urinary tract of your body, then it is better that you avoid these supplements.

Ladies who have a blockage in their reproductive system should also not consume Huperzine A. It’s consumption can make these blockages worse.

Dosage of Huperzine A

You should never take any medicine without consulting a doctor.

Make it a rule of your life that whenever you are facing any issue, go to the doctor first and then follow his prescription. The same goes for the people who are consuming Huperzine A in their daily routines.

They should consume it according to the doctor’s recommendation. The reason for which you are going to this supplement depicts the required dosage.

If a university student is going to use this supplement, then he should take a 100mcg capsule twice a day.

It means that; he should consume 200 mcg a day. Huperzine A will increase their mental and memory capacity.

It will make learning and memorizing easy for them. This supplement will also enhance their cognitive skills. [6]

However, keep in mind that using this supplement daily can make you addicted to the alkaloid compound. Thus, you should stop using it after 21 days. Take a break of 1 week, and then you can start using it again.

Recent studies suggest that people who are patients of Alzheimer’s disease should consume this supplement twice a day.

The right dosage for them is from 50 mcg to 200 mcg. But do consult your doctor before starting the dosage of Huperzine A.

Where Can You Buy Huperzine A From?

You should not buy any type of supplement from anywhere. Students should take care of this point a lot.

They should not buy and consume these supplements from any unauthorized medical store.

Coming towards Huperzine A helps the students to increase their cognitive skills, and it directly affects their brains.

Thus, they should avoid buying it from any campus or faculty market. It is not the right way.

The safest place from where you can buy Huperzine A is the medical store nearest to a hospital.

Moreover, the ideal choice is to buy Huperzine A through Amazon!

If you are ordering Source Naturals Huperzine A, then you will receive 120 tablets. Each of the bottles contains Huperzine A of 200 mcg.

Stacking of Huperzine A

Now we will be telling you about the stacks of Huperzine A. You should know with which supplement Huperzine A goes the best.

Some of them are:

You can make a combination of these supplements with Huperzine A after deciding the need for which you are going to use this stack.

Each stack increases and enhances the advantages of Huperzine A. you will notice several positive improvements and changes in your brain.


Summing it up, Huperzine A is quite beneficial if you are using it according to the prescription and dosage.

Students and employees have a tough and stressful life. They need to submit work within the time limit and complete difficult tasks all alone.

So they can use Huperzine A to enhance their mental capabilities and improve cognitive skills.

There are a lot of benefits to this alkaloid compound. But do not take these medicines without consulting your doctor.

Thus, be careful before buying and consuming these supplements.

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