Citicoline Benefits and Effects – Is The Best Natural Nootropic, Really?

Citicoline, you may know by name but you may not know other relevant details about this natural nootropic. If you want to learn more, check out this!

Citicoline, widely known as cytidine diphosphate- choline is a naturally made nootropic supplement used across the world. Citicoline has emerged as one of the top supplements for brain enhancement.

There are a lot of satisfied people who can’t thank citicoline enough for saving their lives and living like never lived before. You cannot find anyone who has not benefited from using it.

As a boosting supplement, there are numerous benefits you can get with its use as your power of focusing increases; confusion in your brain decreases, and you are more clear about things around you, and your ability to memorize things increases. And for sure, there are numerous fans of citicoline.

Well after benefiting from it, who wouldn’t want to be one.

Learn More about Citicoline in this article. With the advancement in technology and sciences, medical science successfully discovered some natural supplements that were seen to improve a lot of bodily functions.

Since the diet we consume these days does not meet every nutrition our body needs, the natural supplements, also known as nootropic supplements, are widely being used.

What is citicoline?

Citicoline was developed in Japan to cure stroke. It was later introduced in many European countries as a prescription drug for brain-related problems.

Nowadays, it has become quite common in almost every country to fight various diseases and neurological disorders. [1]

A number of growing supplement manufacturers have started using citicoline as the main ingredient in their brain supplements.

So much so a number of people have started building their own stacks around citicoline. And their number is increasing day by day who use citicoline as a stand-alone supplement.

We had no clue what citicoline was, a decade ago, but because of the benefits it is giving to the people using it, citicoline has become quite popular.

Citicoline Benefits and Effects

To get more reliable information regarding citicoline, even today, you might have to struggle a bit more to find out different functions like what it actually is, what it does in your body, how it works and how to use it properly.

Every detail of citicoline is given below for maximum knowledge that you can easily benefit from.

Even though nootropics blogs will find good to tell you how good citicoline is, but only a few of them could tell you how this substance works and produces the benefits for you.

And this is what we are going to share with you all here together with what it does for cognitive function and how it works. And will explain through published studies on citicoline as to what can be or can’t be told.

Health and safety issues that are relatable to citicoline use will also be discussed for any quarries, making sure each and everything associated with citicoline is crystal clear to you all.

Several names have been giving to citicoline, creating a bit of confusion. Like it is written as cytidine –diphosphate choline, CDP-choline, or cognizing in its purest branded form.

About are the different names for citicoline. Basically, it is a choline donor, meaning it, in a way, donates choline to your body that is very difficult to receive through normal everyday diet and what it does in the human body, can be discussed.

What does choline do?

Choline is a water-soluble, naturally occurring essential nutrient. It means it is vital for normal body functions. [2]

Even though your liver makes choline natural in small amounts, but the majority of it should be consumed from the diet or supplements. Choline is an organic compound.

Choline improves over functions, nervous system, and even increases metabolism. It is therefore needed in optimal amounts for a healthy life.

A wide variety of food, contain this commonly consumed by the human diet. It is constituent of lecithin.

  • Whole eggs
  • Beef liver
  • Soybeans
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Peanuts
  • Cod
  • Cornflower etc.

Choline is an essential nutrient in many of the few things mentioned above. Choline is something we cannot make our own selves.

To stay healthy, we regularly have to consume it, making sure our body has the right amount of it in order to function properly. Choline is necessary for optimal health and especially for brain function.

It is a base raw material for the construction of cells. Various phospholipids are created by choline, which is then used to create cell membranes. Choline’s importance in the brain is evident as it is used to build new neurons, neuron dendrites, and other critical structures.

Choline plays an important part in the synthesis of acetylcholine. Choline is also needed to make fats in the body that is responsible for a normal cell structure.

Acetylcholine is the brains primary operational neurotransmitter which is used for all the executive. Brain functions like information processing, speech, muscle contraction memory recall, etc.

The availability of acetylcholine in the brain is largely dictated by choline and, in return, dictates your executive cognitive function to a great degree.

So what does citicoline do?

Citicoline is a choline donor. It delivers choline to the brain, which is is in use to create Phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is in use to generate new neurons and related structures.

Acetylcholine, on the other hand, is used to pass signals between neurons, which is the executive function of the brain.

Basically, citicoline provides materials to the brain needed to create new cell structures, and the other one for overall mental performance.

This is the reason most popular use citicoline and is present in so many premade nootropic stack, a time brain booster.


Have you ever wondered if choline is already present in our diet, why do the majority like taking extra citicoline?

Well, of course, who would want to take an extra stack of medicines when your body is already getting everything?

Sometimes we are so sure of the diet we take, thinking our bodily requirements are to the mark. However, that is in no way how you think it is. [3]

To some, symptoms start appearing in the mid ages, but the most severe symptoms appear in old age when things start slipping from your hands.

So it is, therefore, must have citicoline, making sure our body is getting just the right amount of choline, making our brain health stronger and healthier.

Firstly, it is very difficult to eat the desired amount of choline from our everyday diet. You are definitely getting enough choline from your diet only if you are eating enough sunflower seeds, beef, eggs, and liver.

In order for the acetylcholine and Phosphatidylcholine levels to increase in the body, it is important to have a rise in the choline levels.

To do that, you need to consume a relatively huge amount of food, meaning consuming more calories and eventually high levels of cholesterol.

Since the choline you get from the diet does not fully get absorbed, therefore finding it difficult to go to the brain. Citicoline is, therefore, preferable to get the right amount of choline your brain needs.

Citicoline is definitely far better in increasing the choline levels than the normal choline you get from the diet. It is easily absorbed by the body, most part of the citicoline you consume finds its way easier to the brain directly. Unlike normal choline, citicoline easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Other than choline, citicoline is also essential because it provides cytosine to the brain too.

Cytidine is a strong nootropic agent, responsible for matured brain cells and neuronal connectivity. This is the reason why citicoline is quite popular than many other choline agents.

Reasons why citicoline should be consumed and not directly choline is because:

  • Citicoline easily crosses the blood and reaches the brain. It does not serve as a barrier between the blood and the brain. Therefore it instantly improves the effected part without any delay.
  • It is easily absorbed in the gut.
  • Containing both cytidine and choline makes it an excellent nootropic. An all-rounder supplement that improves brain functions without harming other parts of the body, unlike many other medicines available in the market.
  • Getting the right amount of choline from the diet is very difficult.
  • Other than any other choline sources, citicoline is recognized to raise the choline levels way quicker

Since every nootropic has to have a good source of choline, there is no better nootropic than citicoline.


It is very important to know how citicoline improves your cognitive performance, and here you will learn how and why?

In the clinical trials conducted worldwide, the participants that were affected with it would easily make you understand why citicoline is vital for a person. [4]

A study found that supplements containing a higher quantity of citicoline resulted in shocking improvements in memory function in aged people. 48 male and 47 female volunteers aged between 50 to 85 were given 1000mg of citicoline for 3 months.

Citicoline therapy greatly improved their memory along with improved verbal functioning too. It was proved in treating cognitive decline that may have resulted in dementia.

Other than older people, citicoline was also seen to produce excellent results in regard to memory and focus in adults too.

A study published in 2008 in biomedicine revealed how citicoline raises energy levels in the brain that is responsible for cognitive function such as speech, thinking, etc.

Citicoline supplements increase energy reserves and therefore lower the cognitive decline that results as you age.

From all the trials and studies, it is clear how citicoline is an efficient and effective nootropic agent.


  • Citicoline is an amazing nootropic supplement. It directly affects your brain by working on the parts needed. It, therefore, enhances your cognitive performance.
  • Citicoline is an excellent option for you if you have age-related memory problems aging between 50 to 85 years.
  • Taking citicoline even lowers the risk of stroke by keeping the flow of blood circulation to the brain just as needed.
  • Citicoline is also suggested to people who have vision problems, especially after glaucoma.
  • If you went through a trauma that damaged your muscles, injecting citicoline by IV has seen to improve muscle strength.
  • Citicoline is even suitable for the elderly to recover from the surgery, reducing the symptoms of delirium.
  • Consuming citicoline means raised levels of acetylcholine, resulting in improved focus, fluent verbal communication and learning. Increased acetylcholine even results in more stronger and boosted neurons connectivity. It is also widely used for Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Citicoline even increases Uridine levels, an essential substance for healthy RNA synthesis.
  • With amazing results and it’s effectiveness, citicoline being used as a major ingredient in the majority of the nootropic stacks should not be surprising.
  • If your aim in life is to optimize your brain overall, citicoline is definitely an excellent choice in your stack list. It is, in short, an ideal nootropic, powerful and safe to use.


Citicoline comes as medicine taken orally by mouth or also available as a shot given through. It is preferable to use 150 mg of citicoline, to begin with per day, and then slowly increasing to 250 mg only if needed. Who thought improving brain performance would be so easy.

Taking citicoline above 200mg per day will result in significant changes in memory and focus. Lack of attention you face in your daily life will be improved, and it will enhance focus.

You will experience pretty improved clarity and focus at 250 mg of citicoline per day.

It is recommended to use 1000 to 2000 mg of citicoline per day if you have deteriorating thinking skills. For blood vessels related disease, 600 mg of citicoline is recommended per day.

For stroke occurring due to a clot in the brain, 500 to 2000 mg of citicoline is given within 24 hours of a stroke, depending on the severity.


Citicoline is not found in foods. Citicoline is made up of different natural substances.

  • PERFORMANCE OF CITICOLINE: citicoline is, without a doubt, one of the most popular nootropic supplements today. It is not only simple but absolutely safe and reliable to use. Large doses contain a high amount of citicoline, resulting in excellent results for the brain.
  • SIDE EFFECTS OF CITICOLINE: majority of people using citicoline did not experience any side effects. However, some people faced a few minor side effects such as nausea, blurred vision, and headache.
  • SAFETY CONCERNS REGARDING CITICOLINE:citicoline, like most of the medicines, is safest when taken by mouth and not exceeding above 90 days of using it. Consuming higher levels of citicoline has some harmful side effects, such as lowered blood pressure, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.
  • SPECIAL WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS: it is better to avoid using it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding since there is not much information regarding the safe use of citicoline.

Citicoline is undoubtedly one of the top trendy supplements in the market for a long time and is gaining popularity with every passing day.

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