CILTEP Review – Is Ciltep still worth your time in 2021?

CILTEP is not a true nootropic. This article is about what we’ve found during our research session regarding this boring formula. Let’s learn more about CILTEP.

Is CILTEP still really competitive?

CILTEP is the product of the biggest players in the industry. The company is well known for providing the best quality supplements, in fact, in the nootropics supplements industry.

The company has excelled in providing and designing a wide and diverse range of products for the enhancement of brain functions, brain health, and fitness, as well as the overall performance of human beings.

CILTEP is the nootropic stack occurring naturally from the Natural Stacks.

The brain supplements for the first time were brought by this brand, Natural Stacks, into the real limelight. CILTEP is counted as the premium nootropic delivered for the first time in the markets for the bigger segment of an audience of the market.

Alpha Brain and Optimind had CILTEP as the favorite such supplement in the niches of nootropic, though, it remained nearly an underground phenomenon before.

So, what is the real claim of CILTEP, exactly?


CILTEP has a description of its bottle about the enhanced mental performance as the natural nootropic.

According to the claims presented on the website, Natural Stack website has the following claims:

It will enhance the focus and concentration of you for hours and a long time. Moreover, mental sharpness and clarity are promoted. Also, you may notice the clearance of brain fog.

The memory formation will be enhanced. The retention will be further improved. You can experience a better mood with its usage. Social anxiety can be reduced to a great extent.

Potentiation is promoted greatly in the long term. So it makes a great list of benefits that the users can reap. To be clear and precise, this natural supplement has been designed for providing complete cognitive enhancement.

CILTEP is the perfect and complete supplement for your brain sold widely in the market. This nootropic must be consumed once on a daily basis for perfect and overall cognitive enhancement.

You may found the potential claim to be very interesting, particularly.

According to the Natural Stacks, it is counted for perfection. The CILTEP is a good source to strengthen the synapses. The communication of intra-brain cells is promoted in a better manner.

No doubt, the final results are long term and long-lasting improvements in the functionality of your brain.

You must be amazed to hear about such a pretty amazing and unique nootropic.

But you must still be confused and thinking about the working of CILTEP as shown in advertisements? What part of the ad really supports its working? Is this nootropic safe for you? What are its side effects?

Have a look at the detailed review of CILTEP below.

CILTEP ingredients

The bottle of CILTEP shows the following ingredients contained in it:

 You must be amazed at the results of CILTEP that it promises for you, though it has limited and few ingredients.

The Performance Lab Mind comprises of three ingredients. You can review the quick breakdown regarding the ingredients working of CILTEP, the making of scientific data behind CILTEP and what to consider about the dosage.

1) Artichoke Extract that is 5% cyanins, is 900mg

This substance is a very interesting substance. The intracellular signaling is considerably improved in your brain through the PDE4’s inhibition. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down cyclic adenosine monophosphate (CAMP) molecules.

These molecules are essential because these messenger compounds are important in the brain. The availability of a cAMP molecule is raised with the reduction of PDE4 activity. Therefore, intracellular communication is improved greatly in the brain. Ultimately, the cognitive function will also enhance.

You will find it interesting that the CILTEP does not state the content of luteolin in the artichoke extract. They claim it to be 5% cyanins, but it is luteolin instead of cyanins present in the artichokes that inhibit PDE4. Cyanins and luteolin are kinds of flavonoids. But remember that they are not the same. Whatever it is, it is very interesting.

2) Acetyl-L-Carnitine is 750mg

Carnitine is the amino acid that is highly present in human diets, normally. Some Carnitine is present in everything ranging from avocados to beans to beef to milk. In order to enhance the energy levels in gyms, some people use it as a supplement.

Being such a normal and generally found ingredient, its supplements have no significant effects.

Cartinine cannot be termed as a nootropic. It may have mental or indirect function due to its significant role in the energy metabolism. It may not bring about significant changes to everyday cognitive performances. Shockingly, CILTEP has used it as the main ingredient.

3) Phenylalanine is present 500mg

It is even the common type of amino acid. Phenylalanine is found ubiquitously in human diets. Some of the Phenylalanine is contained in the foods enriched with proteins. It contains a lot of Phenylalanine. If it falls in the category of tofu, dairy, or meat. A one-ounce piece of tofu or parmesan contains 550 mg of Phenylalanine.

Phenylalanine has no clear function in the body. This amino acid is proteinogenic. Therefore, it contributed to the protein building. It has no other benefit beyond any other proteinogenic amino acid.

Nobody knows why it is included in the CILTEP. No reason can be known for any phenylalanine in the supplement. It is very obvious that it is not considered a potent nootropic. The webpage of this merchant says it is the building block of dopamine.

No clear evidence is present that dopamine synthesis is limited with the phenylalanine availability.

4) Coleus Forskohlii 20% forskolin that is present 20mg

Some evidence is provided to show the effectiveness in the promotion of brain health in the long run as well as mental performance.

It has shown some reduction in brain inflammation in a study of rodents done in high dosage. Plaque deposits are also reduced in the hippocampus as well as improving the ability of nest construction. Also, the mood ability is improved too.

However, it is important to consider that mice had amyloidosis induced in this study. The protein amyloid is build up abnormally in the tissues.

Only, the forskolin supplementation had shown significant effects in the studies of rodents only.

It is hard to be convinced with its effects until long term effects are seen in the human trials. It is hard to completely write it off as significant changes can be seen in the mice in its studies. But definitely, one needs to see clinical pieces of evidence in regard to humans for making their minds.

Customer Views about Ciltep formulas

Honestly, Ciltep has a formula that cannot be considered as the nootropic. To be straight forward, it has one of the boring formulae.

However, it can be effective enough in the boosting of availability of cAMP that, in turn, promotes the efficient signaling of brain cells. But no clinical backup is provided for it. Nor is there any evidence supporting the fact that the consumption of artichokes will boost cognitive performance.

Even if the extracts of artichokes enhance the cognitive function of the brain. The effects are, though limited.

You will not notice the same kind of sharpness, increase in energy levels, noticeable changes in concentration, and the mental clarity you may notice from the Alpha GPC, Citicoline, and Huperzine A.

Whereas, for the rest of the formula of CILTEP, there is not much to say. Carnitine is the amino acid readily available in large quantities in many of the foods. It cannot be counted for nootropic properties.

It is consumed regularly in the form of supplements for enhancing physical energy levels. No reports have been presented regularly for showing the massive spikes in the power of the brain.

Phenylalanine is like Carnitine. Neither can it be accounted for a nootropic, nor anybody can speak about its effects.

Nor has it shown any significant effects on focus, memory, mood, or learning. Brain cell growth is not promoted in any meaningful manner. Understanding its job in the body is not easy.

It just seems to build proteins like all of the amino acids.

As far forskolin is concerned, it has limitations to the studies conducted on the mice. The results were showing no human trials, so human effects cannot be studied. It is potentially promising as the studies of mice suggested, yet it is an unproven nootropic.

Wrap UP

On the whole, one cannot say that CILTEP is good enough to impress a lot. It does not show a lot of benefits. When it is compared with other nootropics present in the contemporary markets, it doesn’t seem to be a brain supplement even.

If you are searching for a nootropic to boost your brain performance and focus, then this nootropic cannot prove to be a good choice.

It is far off from the ideal choice as many of its ingredients are ordinary and readily present in large quantities in every food.

Therefore, be wise enough in your selection! This nootropic might sound good enough, but it may work like ordinary brain supplements.

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