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245 10$aLiquidity Risk, Efficiency and New Bank Business Models$h[electronic resource] /$cedited by Santiago Carbó Valverde, Pedro Jesús Cuadros Solas, Francisco Rodríguez Fernández.
264  1$aCham :$bSpringer International Publishing :$bImprint: Palgrave Macmillan,$c2016.
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490 1 $aPalgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions
505 0 $a1) A Note on Regulatory Arbitrage: Bank Risk, Capital Risk, Interest Rate Risk and ALM in European Banking; Magnus Willesson -- 2) Basel III, Liquidity Risk and Regulatory Arbitrage -- 3) OTC Derivatives and Counterparty Credit Risk Mitigation: The OIS Discounting Framework; Paola Leona, Massimo Proietti, Pasqualina Porretta and Gianfranco Vento -- 4) Diversification and Connections in Banking: First Findings; Claudio Zara and Luca Cerrato -- 5) Banking System and Financial Exclusion: Towards a More Comprehensive Approach; Marta de la Cuesta González, Cristina Ruza y Paz-Curbera and Beatriz Fernández Olit -- 6) Small and Medium-Sized Banks in Central and Eastern European Countries; Katarzyna Miko?ajczyk -- 7) Stock Returns and Bank Ratings in the PIIGS; Carlos Salvador Muñoz -- 8) Value Creation Drivers in European Banks: Does the Capital Structure Matter?; Josanco Floreani, Maurizio Polato, Andrea Paltrinieri and Flavio Pichler -- 9) Liquidity Mismatch, Bank Borrowing Decision and Distress: Empirical Evidence From the Italian Credit Co-Operative Banks; Gianfranco Vento, Andrea Pezzotta and Stefano Di Colli.
520   $aThis book provides insight into current research topics in finance and banking in the aftermath of the financial crisis. In this volume, authors present empirical research on liquidity risk discussed in the context of Basel III and its implications. Chapters also investigate topics such as bank efficiency and new bank business models from a business diversification perspective, the effects on financial exclusion and how liquidity mismatches are related with the bank business model. This book will be of value to those with an interest in how Basel III has had a tangible impact upon banking processes, particularly with regard to maintaining liquidity, and the latest research in financial business models.
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700 1 $aCarbó Valverde, Santiago.$eeditor.
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830  0$aPalgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions
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