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245 00$aBridging the divide :$bindigenous communities and archaeology into the 21st century /$cCaroline Phillips, Harry Allen, editors.
260   $aWalnut Creek, Calif. :$bLeft Coast Press,$cc2010.
300   $a290 p. :$bill., maps ;$c24 cm
490 1 $aOne world archaeology series ;$v60
500   $aPapers from the 2nd Indigenous WAC Inter-Congress, held Nov. 8-12, 2005, at Waipapa Marae, University of Auckland in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand.
504   $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00$tMaintaining the dialogue : archaeology, cultural heritage and indigenous communities /$rHarry Allen,$rCaroline Phillips --$t"Wake up! Repatriation is not the only indigenous issue in archaeology!" /$rJoe Watkins --$tAgency and archaeological material culture : willing a suspension of disbelief? /$rBridget Mosley --$tPart of the conversation : archaeology and locality /$rAlejandro Haber,$rWilhelm London?o,$rErnestina Mamani?,$rLaura Roda --$tTai?no as a romantic term : notes on the representation of the indigenous in Puerto Rican archaeology and ethnohistory /$rGabriel de la Luz-Rodri?guez --$tDefining cultural heritage at Gummingurru, Queensland, Australia /$rAnne Ross --$tWorking together? Maori and archaeologists in Aotearoa/New Zealand today /$rCaroline Phillips --$gThe$tcrisis in 21st century archaeological heritage management /$rHarry Allen --$gThe$tindigenous peoples' views of archaeology in Solomon Islands /$rLawrence A. Foana'ota --$tArchaeology and indigeneity in Aotearoa/New Zealand : why do Maori not engage with archaeology? /$rMargaret Rika-Heke --$tIndigenous archaeology : a Moriori case study /$rMaui Solomon,$rSusan Forbes --$tSeeking the end of indigenous archaeology /$rGeorge P. Nicholas --$gAppendix 1 :$tWorld Archaeological Congress, first code of ethics --$gAppendix 2 :$tWorld Archaeological Congress, the Vermillion Accord on human remains --$gAppendix 3 :$tWorld Archaeological Congress, the Tamaki Makau-rau Accord on the display of human remains and sacred objects --$gAppendix 4 : The$tMataatua Declaration on cultural and intellectual property rights of indigenous peoples --$gAppendix 5 :$tWhat are the relationships between archaeologists, teaching institutions, heritage organisations and Maori?
650  0$aArchaeology$xSocial aspects$vCongresses.
650  0$aArchaeology$xPolitical aspects$vCongresses.
650  0$aEthnoarchaeology$vCongresses.
650  0$aCultural property$xProtection$vCongresses.
650  0$aIndigenous peoples$xSocial conditions$vCongresses.
650  0$aIndigenous peoples$xPolitics and government$vCongresses.
650  0$aIntercultural communication$vCongresses.
650  0$aArchaeologists$vCongresses.
700 1 $aPhillips, Caroline.
700 1 $aAllen, Harry,$d1944-
710 2 $aWorld Archaeological Congress (Organization).$bIndigenous Inter-Congress$n(2nd :$d2005 :$cUniversity of Auckland)
830  0$aOne world archaeology ;$v60.
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