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245 04$aThe new public finance :$bresponding to global challenges /$cedited by Inge Kaul, Pedro Conceição.
260   $aNew York :$bOxford University Press,$c2006.
300   $axix, 664 p. :$bill. ;$c24 cm.
500   $a"Published for The United Nations Development Programme."
504   $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00$gThe new national public finance: taking the outside world into account --$tBlending external and domestic policy demands: the rise of the intermediary state /$rInge Kaul --$tMaking policy under efficiency pressures: globalization, public spending, and social welfare /$rVito Tanzi --$tInternalizing cross-border spillovers: policy options for addressing long-term fiscal challenges /$rPeter S. Heller --$tManaging risks to national economies: the role of macro markets /$rRobert J. Shiller --$tCombining fiscal sovereignty and coordination: national taxation in a globalizing world /$rPeggy B. Musgrave --$tRecognizing the limits to cooperation behind national borders: financing the control of transnational terrorism /$rTodd Sandler --$gThe new international public finance: relying on public-private cooperation and competition --$tExploring the policy space between markets and states: global public-private partnerships /$rInge Kaul --
505 8 $tAccomodating new actors and new purposes in international cooperation: the growing diversification of financing mechanisms /$rPedro Conceição --$tMaking the right money available at the right time for international cooperation: new financing technologies /$rPedro Conceição, Hari Rajan, and Rajiv Shah --$tTaking self-interest into account: a public choice analysis of international cooperation /$rPhilip Jones --$gThe new international public finance: investing in global public goods provision abroad --$tIdentifying high-return investments: a methodology for assessing when international cooperation pays- and for whom /$rPedro Conceição,$rRonald U. Mendoza --$tMaking international cooperation pay: financing as a strategic incentive /$rScott Barrett --$tCompensating countries for the provision of global public services: the tool of incremental costs /$rKenneth King --$tCreating new markets: the Chicago Climate Exchange /$rRichard L. Sandor --
505 8 $tUsing markets more effectively: developing country access to commodity futures markets /$rC. Wyn Morgan --$tAssessing contractual and statutory approaches: policy proposals for restructuring unsustainable sovereign debt /$rBarry Eichengreen --$tPlacing the emphasis on regulation: lessons from public finance in the European Union /$rBrigid Laffan --$gThe new international public finance: enhancing aid efficiency --$tUsing aid instruments more coherently: grants and loans /$rPaul Collier --$tRectifying capital market imperfections: the continuing rationales for multilateral lending /$rYilmaz Akyüz --$tPulling not pushing reforms: delivering aid through challenge grants /$rSteven Radelet --$tOvercoming coordination and attribution problems: meeting the challenge of underfunded regionalism /$rNancy Birdsall --$tReducing the costs of holding reserves: a new perspective on special drawing rights /$rJacques J. Polak and Peter B. Clark --
505 8 $tCreating incentives for private sector involvement in poverty reduction: purchase commitments for agricultural innovation /$rMichael Kremer and Alix Peterson Zwane --$tMitigating the risks of investing in developing countries: currency-related guarantee instruments for infrastructure projects /$rStephany Griffith-Jones and Ana Teresa Fuzzo de Lima.
650  0$aFinance, Public$xInternational cooperation.
650  0$aPublic-private sector cooperation.
700 1 $aKaul, Inge.
700 1 $aConceição, Pedro.
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