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100 1 $aLuzzi, Joseph,$eauthor.
245 10$aIn a dark wood :$bwhat Dante taught me about grief, healing, and the mysteries of love /$cJoseph Luzzi.
250   $aFirst edition.
264  1$aNew York :$bHarperWave,$c[2015]
300   $a297 pages ;$c22 cm
336   $atext$2rdacontent
337   $aunmediated$2rdamedia
338   $avolume$2rdacarrier
504   $aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 00$gPrologue --$gI:$tThe Underworld:$tAn Hour with the Angels --$tConsider Your Seed --$tLove-40 --$gII:$tMount Purgatory:$tAstrid and Anja --$tThe Gears of Justice --$tRough Draft --$gIII:$tOne Thousand And One:$tPosthoc7 --$tFathers and Sons --$tOpen Hours --$gEpilogue.
520   $a"In the aftermath of a heartbreaking tragedy, a scholar and writer uses Dante's Divine Comedy to shepherd him through the dark wood of grief and mourning--a rich and emotionally resonant memoir of suffering, hope, love, and the power of literature to inspire and heal the most devastating loss.Where do we turn when we lose everything? Joseph Luzzi found the answer in the opening of The Divine Comedy: "In the middle of our life's journey, I found myself in a dark wood. "When Luzzi's pregnant wife was in a car accident--and died forty-five minutes after giving birth to their daughter, Isabel--he finds himself a widower and first-time father at the same moment. While he grieves and cares for his infant daughter, miraculously delivered by caesarean before his wife passed, he turns to Dante's Divine Comedy for solace.In a Dark Wood tells the story of how Dante helps the author rebuild his life. He follows the structure of The Divine Comedy, recounting the Inferno of his grief, the Purgatory of healing and raising Isabel on his own, and then Paradise of the rediscovery of love.A Dante scholar, Luzzi has devoted his life to teaching and writing about the poet. But until he turned to the epic poem to learn how to resurrect his life, he didn't realize how much the poet has given back to him. A meditation on the influence of great art and its power to give us strength in our darkest moments, In a Dark Wood opens the door into the mysteries of Dante's epic poem. Beautifully written and flawlessly balanced, Luzzi's book is a hybrid of heart-rending memoir and critical insight into one of the greatest pieces of literature in all of history. In a Dark Wood draws us into man's descent into hell and back: it is Dante's journey, Joseph Luzzi's, and our very own"--$cProvided by publisher.
600 00$aDante Alighieri,$d1265-1321.$tDivina commedia.
600 00$aDante Alighieri,$d1265-1321$xInfluence.
650  0$aBooks and reading$xPsychological aspects.
650  0$aMeaning (Philosophy) in literature.
600 10$aLuzzi, Joseph.
650  7$aBIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs.$2bisacsh
650  7$aBIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Literary.$2bisacsh
650  7$aLITERARY CRITICISM / Medieval.$2bisacsh
655  7$aBiographies.$2lcgft
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