Microsoft Excel 2010 Programming By Example: With VBA, XML, And ASP

ISBN: 1936420031, 9781936420032
Author/Editor(s): Julitta Korol
Publisher: Mercury Learning And Information ( Dulles, VA )
Published/Copyright Year: 2011
Language: English
Number of pages: 1080
Active Server Pages
Microsoft Excel (Computer File)
Visual Basic For Applications (Computer Program Language)
Electronic Spreadsheets
XML (Document Markup Language)

Processing XML Documents With Oracle JDeveloper 11g: Creating, Validating, And Transforming XML Documents With Oracle's IDE

ISBN: 1847196667, 9781847196668
Author/Editor(s): Deepak Vohra (1966-)
Publisher: Packt Pub. ( Birmingham U.K. )
Published/Copyright Year: 2009
Language: English
Series: From Technologies To Solutions
Oracle JDeveloper
Oracle (Computer File)
Java (Computer Program Language)
XML (Document Markup Language)

Advanced Oracle SQL Programming: The Expert Guide To Writing Complex Queries

ISBN: 0977671585, 9780977671588
Author/Editor(s): Laurent Schneider
Publisher: Rampant TechPress ( Kittrell, N.C )
Published/Copyright Year: 2008
Language: English
LCCN: 2008937201
Series: Oracle In-focus Series ( Volume bk. #28 )
Number of pages: 303
Oracle (Computer File)
Oracle (Computer Software) > Sears
SQL (Computer Program Language)
XML (Document Markup Language)
Database Management
Relational Databases
SQL (Computer Language) > Sears
Database Management > Sears

Das Ajax Kompendium: Web 2.0-Anwendungen Mit JavaScript Und XML. - Title From Resource Description Page (viewed May 5, 2009). - Includes Index

ISBN: 3827244188, 9783827244185
Author/Editor(s): Tobias Hauser
Publisher: Markt Und Technik Verlag ( Munchen )
Published/Copyright Year: 2008
Language: German
Series: Safari Books Online
Number of pages: 896
Ajax (Web Site Development Technology) > Blmsh
JavaScript (Computer Program Language) > Blmsh
XML (Document Markup Language) > Blmsh
Web Sites / Authoring Programs > Blmsh
Web Site Development > Blmsh

Ajax: Creating Web Pages With Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

ISBN: 0132272679, 9780132272674
Author/Editor(s): Edmond Woychowsky
Publisher: Prentice Hall ( Upper Saddle River, NJ )
Published/Copyright Year: 2007
Language: English
LCCN: 2006017743
Series: Bruce Perens' Open Source Series
Number of pages: 384
Web Sites > Authoring Programs
Ajax (Web Site Development Technology)
JavaScript (Computer Program Language)
XML (Document Markup Language)