How Do We Deal With Conflicts Between Different World Views If They Are Based On The Same Evidence: The Philosophical Problem Of Underdetermination In The Thought Of W.V. Quine And Donald Davidson

ISBN: 0773413537, 9780773413535
Author/Editor(s): M. Ashraf Adeel
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press ( Lewiston, N.Y. )
Published/Copyright Year: 2010
Language: English
LCCN: 2010031054
Number of pages: 136
Quine, W. V > (Willard Van Orman)
Davidson, Donald, > 1917-2003
Underdetermination (Theory Of Knowledge)
Semantics (Philosophy)

The Young Carnap's Unknown Master: Husserl's Influence On Der Raum And Der Logische Aufbau Der Welt

ISBN: 075466158X, 9780754661580
Author/Editor(s): Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock (1945-)
Publisher: Ashgate ( Burlington, VT )
Published/Copyright Year: 2008
Language: English
LCCN: 2007033294
Number of pages: 138
Carnap, Rudolf, > 1891-1970 > Logische Aufbau Der Welt
Carnap, Rudolf, > 1891-1970 > Raum
Husserl, Edmund, > 1859-1938 > Influence
Quine, W. V > (Willard Van Orman)
Knowledge, Theory Of
Logical Positivism
Analysis (Philosophy)
Space And Time

Quine: A Guide For The Perplexed

ISBN: 0826484867, 9780826484864
Author/Editor(s): Gary Kemp (1960 Oct. 15-)
Publisher: Continuum International Pub. Group ( New York )
Published/Copyright Year: 2006
Language: English
LCCN: 2005037798
Series: The Guides For The Perplexed Series
Number of pages: 179
Quine, W. V > (Willard Van Orman) > Criticism And Interpretation > Handbooks, Manuals, Etc