Anthropologie Historique Des Hautes Terres De Tanzanie Orientale: Strategies De Peuplement Et Reproduction Sociale Chez Les Luguru Matrilineaires

ISBN: 2845863713, 9782845863712
Author/Editor(s): Jean-Luc Paul
Publisher: IFRA ( Nairobi )
Published/Copyright Year: 2003
Language: French
LCCN: 2003506511
Series: Collection "Hommes Et Societes"
Number of pages: 342
Luguru (African People) > Kinship
Luguru (African People) > Social Conditions
Luguru (African People) > Agriculture
Marriage > Tanzania > Morogoro District
Matrilineal Kinship > Tanzania > Morogoro District
Morogoro District (Tanzania) > Social Conditions

Poverty And Changing Livelihoods Of Migrant Maasai Pastoralists In Morogoro And Kilosa Districts, Tanzania

ISBN: 9987686672, 9789987686674
Author/Editor(s): C. G Mung'ong'o; Davis Mwamfupe; Research on Poverty Alleviation (Tanzania)
Publisher: Mkuki Na Nyota Publishers ( Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania )
Published/Copyright Year: 2003
Language: English
LCCN: 2004360117
Series: Research Report ( Volume 03.5 )
Research Report (Research Programme On Poverty Alleviation In Tanzania) ( Volume 03.5 )
Number of pages: 41
Maasai (African People) > Tanzania > Morogoro District > Social Conditions
Maasai (African People) > Tanzania > Morogoro District > Economic Conditions
Maasai (African People) > Tanzania > Kilosa District > Social Conditions
Maasai (African People) > Tanzania > Kilosa District > Economic Conditions
Morogoro District (Tanzania) > Social Conditions
Morogoro District (Tanzania) > Economic Conditions
Kilosa District (Tanzania) > Social Conditions
Kilosa District (Tanzania) > Economic Conditions

A Field Study Report Of The Base Line Project: The Case Of Morogoro Municipal Council

ISBN: 8271174290, 9788271174293
Author/Editor(s): Mathew N Chao; Madale M Mpamila; Børre Nylehn; Chuo cha Uongozi wa Maendeleo (Tanzania); Agder distriktshøgskole
Publisher: Agder University College ( Kristiansand, Norway )
Published/Copyright Year: 2001
Language: English
Series: Research Report ( Volume no. 25 )
Research Report (Chuo Cha Uongozi Wa Maendeleo (Tanzania)) ( Volume no. 25 )
Morogoro Municipal Council
Morogoro (Tanzania) > Economic Conditions
Morogoro (Tanzania) > Social Conditions