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Sleisenger And Fordtran's Gastrointestinal And Liver Disease: Pathophysiologydiagnosismanagement

ISBN: 1455749893, 9781455749898
Author/Editor(s): Mark Feldman (1947-); Lawrence S Friedman (1953-); Lawrence J. Brandt
Publisher: Elsevier Saunders ( Philadelphia PA )
Published/Copyright Year: 2016
Language: English
Gastrointestinal Diseases
Liver Diseases
Gastrointestinal System > Diseases

Odze And Goldblum Surgical Pathology Of The GI Tract, Liver, Biliary Tract, And Pancreas

ISBN: 1455707473, 9781455707478
Author/Editor(s): Robert D. Odze; John R. Goldblum
Publisher: Saunders Elsevier ( Philadelphia PA )
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: English
Gastrointestinal System > Diseases
Pathology, Surgical
Digestive System Surgical Procedures
Pathology, Surgical > Methods
Digestive System > Physiopathology

Metabonomics And Gut Microbiota In Nutrition And Disease

ISBN: 144716539X, 9781447165392
Author/Editor(s): Sunil Kochhar; Francois-Pierre Martin; Inc ebrary; Class of 1891 Department of Arts Fund
Publisher: Humana Press ( New York )
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: English
Series: Molecular And Integrative Toxicology
Gastrointestinal System > Microbiology
Microbial Metabolites
Physiology, Pathological > Nutritional Aspects
Physiology, Pathological > Microbiology
Systems Biology
Gastrointestinal Tract > Microbiology

Enteric Glia

ISBN: 1615046615, 9781615046614
Author/Editor(s): Brian D. Gulbransen
Publisher: Morgan Claypool ( San Rafael California 1537 Fourth Street San Rafael CA 94901 USA )
Published/Copyright Year: 2014
Language: English
Series: Colloquium Series On Neuroglia In Biology And Medicine ( Volume # 2 )
Colloquium Digital Library Of Life Sciences
Gastrointestinal System > Innervation
Enteric Nervous System

Gastrointestinal Imaging: A Teaching File

ISBN: 1451173377, 9781451173376
Author/Editor(s): Courtney Coursey Moreno; Pardeep Kumar Mittal
Publisher: Lippincott Williams Wilkins ( Philadelphia PA )
Published/Copyright Year: 2014
Language: English
LCCN: 2014003469
Series: A Teaching File
Number of pages: 192
Gastrointestinal System > Diseases > Diagnosis > Case Studies
Gastrointestinal System > Imaging > Case Studies
Digestive System Diseases > Diagnosis > Case Reports
Diagnosis, Differential > Case Reports
Diagnostic Imaging > Methods > Case Reports