Guidance For Optimizing Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Programmes: Report Prepared Within The Framework Of The Technical Working Group On Life Management Of Nuclear Power Plants

ISBN: 9201127030, 9789201127037
Author/Editor(s): International Atomic Energy Agency
Publisher: International Atomic Energy Agency ( Vienna )
Published/Copyright Year: 20053
Language: English
Series: IAEA-TECDOC ( Volume 1383 )
Number of pages: 141
Nuclear Power Plants > Maintainability

Sensors, Cameras, And Systems For Scientificindustrial Applications VII: 17-19 January, 2006, San Jose, California, USA

ISBN: 0819461083, 9780819461087
Author/Editor(s): Morley M Blouke; Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers; IS & T--the Society for Imaging Science and Technology
Publisher: SPIE ( Bellingham, Wash. )
Published/Copyright Year: 12006
Language: English
LCCN: 2006286991
Series: SPIE ( v. 6068 )
Proceedings Of Electronic Imaging Science And Technology
Proceedings Of SPIE--the International Society For Optical Engineering ( v. 6068 )
Charge Coupled Devices > Congresses
Metal Oxide Semiconductors, Complementary > Congresses
Detectors > Scientific Applications > Congresses
Detectors > Industrial Applications > Congresses

Ropru Prachakhom Setthakit Asian: ASEAN Economic Community AEC

ISBN: 6167722188, 9786167722184
Author/Editor(s): Thailand
Publisher: Krom ( Nonthaburi )
Published/Copyright Year: 2557
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2014314539
Number of pages: 96
ASEAN Economic Community
Southeast Asia > Economic Integration
ASEAN Economic Community > Fast > (OCoLC)fst01911352
International Economic Integration > Fast > (OCoLC)fst00976879
Southeast Asia > Fast > (OCoLC)fst01240499

Khtdn Saym Pratht Thai Kap Lo Læ Kamphch: Boundaries Of SiamThailand With Laos And Cambodia

ISBN: 6167202419, 9786167202419
Author/Editor(s): Thailand) Mnnithi Khrngkn Tamr Sangkhommast læ Manutsayast (Bangkok; Charnvit Kasetsiri
Publisher: M Nnithi Khr Ngk N Tamr Sangkhommas T Lae Manutsayas T ( Krung Th P )
Published/Copyright Year: 2556
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2013308504
Series: Khtdn Khng Rao-phanbn San Khng Rao ( Volume 6 )
Prasat Prah Vihéar (Cambodia)
Thailand > Foreign Relations > Cambodia
Thailand > Boundaries > Cambodia
Thailand > Foreign Relations > Laos

Kotmi Stthakit Rawng Pratht GATT Læ WTO: Bot Thapai

ISBN: 6162690431, 9786162690433
Author/Editor(s): Thatchamai Rœksasut Thongurai
Publisher: Samnakphim Winy Chon ( Krung Th P )
Published/Copyright Year: 2556
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2013309328
Number of pages: 520
Thailand > Economic Policy
Foreign Trade Regulation > Thailand
World Trade Organization > Thailand
General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade (Organization)