Julia De Burgos Y La Tradicion De Poesia Erotica Femenina En Puerto Rico

ISBN: 161505166X, 9781615051663
Author/Editor(s): Nannette Portalatin Rivera
Publisher: Ediciones Callejo N ( San Juan P R )
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: Spanish
Series: Coleccion En Fuga - Ensayos
Number of pages: 283
Burgos, Julia De, > 1914-1953 > Critica E Interpretacion
Burgos, Julia De, > 1914-1953 > Criticism And Interpretation
Poesia Erotica Puertorriquena > Historia Y Critica
Erotic Poetry, Puerto Rican > History And Criticism
Poetas Puertoriquenos
Poets, Puerto Rican
Burgos, Julia De, > 1914-1953 > Fast > (OCoLC)fst01727681
Erotic Poetry, Puerto Rican > Fast > (OCoLC)fst00914920
Poets, Puerto Rican > Fast > (OCoLC)fst01068020

Repensar La Politica Macroeconomica II: Ir A Los Detalles

ISBN: 1484372301, 9781484372302
Author/Editor(s): Olivier J Blanchard; Giovanni Dell'Ariccia; Paolo Mauro
Publisher: International Monetary Fund ( Washington, D.C. )
Published/Copyright Year: 2014
Language: Spanish
Series: IMF Staff Discussion Notes ( Volume Staff Discussion Notes No. 13/003 )
IMF ELibrary
Aggregate Demand
Capital Flows
Central Banks
Central Banks And Their Policies
Cost Of Credit
Fall In Inflation
Financial Markets And The Macroeconomy
Financial Stability
Fiscal Consolidation
Fiscal Multipliers
Fiscal Policy
Foreign Currency
Foreign Exchange
Government Policy And Regulation
High Interest Rates
Inflation Rate
Inflation Rates
Inflation Targeting
Inflation Targeting Framework
Inflation Targets
Interest Rates
Macroeconomic Stability
Macroprudential Policy
Monetary Authority
Monetary Base
Monetary Expansion
Monetary Fund
Monetary Policies
Monetary Policy
Monetary Policy (Targets, Instruments, And Effects)
Monetary Policy Strategy
Monetary Stability
Monetary Stance
Money Supply
Nominal Interest Rates
Open Market Operations
Percent Inflation
Price Level
Public Debt
Rate Of Inflation
Real Interest Rates
Real Rates
Real Value
Stabilization Measures
Treasury Bonds
Zero Lower Bound
United States

Artistic Expressions In Maya Architecture: Analysis And Documentation Techniques = Expresiones Artisticas En La Arquitectura Maya Tecnicas De Analisis Y Documentacion

ISBN: 1407313401, 9781407313405
Author/Editor(s): Cristina Vidal Lorenzo; Gaspar Munoz Cosme
Publisher: Archaeopress ( Oxford )
Published/Copyright Year: 2014
Language: English
LCCN: 2014495885
Series: BAR International Series ( Volume 2693 )
Number of pages: 190
Maya Architecture
Maya Art
Indian Architecture > North America
Indian Art > North America

Centroamerica, Panama Y La Republica Dominicana: Desafios Tras La Crisis Mundial De 2008-09

ISBN: 1475513135, 9781475513134
Author/Editor(s): Marco Pinon; Fernando L Delgado; M. (Mario) Garza; Alejandro Lopez Mejia
Publisher: International Monetary Fund ( Washington, D.C. )
Published/Copyright Year: 2012
Language: Spanish
Series: IMF ELibrary
Basel Core Principles
Economic Growth
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

Crossing Cultures: Hispanic Authors And The Challenges They Overcame In The United States = Cruzando Culturas Autores Hispanos Y Sus Desafios Superados En Los Estados Unidos

ISBN: 1433112531, 9781433112539
Author/Editor(s): Rhina Toruno
Publisher: Peter Lang ( New YorK )
Published/Copyright Year: 2011
Language: English
LCCN: 2010033278
Series: Currents In Comparative Romance Languages And Literatures ( v. 183 )
Number of pages: 197
Hispanic American Authors > Biography
Authors, American > 20th Century > Biography
American Literature > Hispanic American Authors > Bio-bibliography
Hispanic Americans In Literature > Bio-bibliography
Hispanic American Authors > Interviews

Perspectivas Economicas, Octubre 2011: Las Americas Vientos Cambiantes, Nuevos Desafios De Politica

ISBN: 1616351314, 9781616351311
Author/Editor(s): International Monetary Fund
Publisher: International Monetary Fund ( Washington, D.C. )
Published/Copyright Year: 2011
Language: Spanish
Series: Regional Economic Outlook
IMF ELibrary
Access To Market
Account Deficits
Aggregate Demand
Agricultural Exports
Annual Budget
Average Inflation
Balance Of Payments
Balancing Act
Barriers To Entry
Budget Deficits
Budget Rigidities
Budgetary Institutions
Capital Expenditure
Capital Expenditures
Central Bank
Changes In Trade
Commodity Exporters
Commodity Prices
Current Account Balance
Debt Service
Debt Service Burdens
Domestic Consumption
Domestic Demand
Domestic Investment
Dynamic Effects
Exchange Rate Regime
Exchange Rate Regimes
Expenditure Cuts
Expenditure Growth
Export Diversification
Export Prices
Export Structure
Exporting Countries
External Credit
External Finance
External Financing
External Position
External Shocks
External Trade
Financial Stability
Fiscal Accounts
Fiscal Adjustment
Fiscal Balance
Fiscal Consolidation
Fiscal Consolidation Efforts
Fiscal Consolidations
Fiscal Contraction
Fiscal Data
Fiscal Drag
Fiscal Expansion
Fiscal Expenditures
Fiscal Forecasts
Fiscal Framework
Fiscal Frameworks
Fiscal Gap
Fiscal Imbalances
Fiscal Incentives
Fiscal Indicators
Fiscal Management
Fiscal Objectives
Fiscal Outcomes
Fiscal Outlook
Fiscal Performance
Fiscal Policies
Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Position
Fiscal Positions
Fiscal Pressures
Fiscal Profligacy
Fiscal Reporting
Fiscal Resources
Fiscal Response
Fiscal Responsibility
Fiscal Responsibility Law
Fiscal Responsibility Laws
Fiscal Risks
Fiscal Rule
Fiscal Rules
Fiscal Savings
Fiscal Side
Fiscal Stance
Fiscal Stimulus
Fiscal Surpluses
Fiscal Sustainability
Fiscal Targets
Fiscal Tightening
Fiscal Variables
Foreign Currency
Formal Sector
Global Growth Prospects
Global Shocks
Global Supply
Government Expenditures
Idiosyncratic Shocks
Impact Of Trade
Import Duties
Import Duty
Import Price
Import Prices
Importing Countries
Independent Monetary Policy
Inflation Rates
International Standards
Investment Goods
Loose Fiscal Policy
Macroeconomic Performance
Marginal Reserve Requirements
Medium-term Fiscal Framework
Medium-term Fiscal Sustainability
Monetary Aggregates
Monetary Conditions
Monetary Frameworks
Monetary Policies
Monetary Policy
Multiple Sources
Mutual Funds
Negative Spillovers
Net Commodity Importers
Net Exporter
Net Exports
Oil Prices
Open Economies
Output Growth
Preference Erosion
Primary Deficit
Primary Expenditure
Primary Fiscal Balance
Protection Measures
Prudent Fiscal Management
Public Debt
Public Expenditure
Public Expenditures
Public Finances
Real Exchange Rates
Real Interest Rate
Regulatory Framework
Reserve Holdings
Reserve Requirement
Reserve Requirements
Short-term Debt
Spending Cuts
Structural Fiscal
Tax Administration
Tax Burden
Tax Collections
Tax Concessions
Tax Credits
Tax Incentives
Tax Rates
Tax Reductions
Tax Reform
Tax Revenues
Tax System
Terms Of Trade
Terms Of Trade Shock
Terms Of Trade Shocks
Terms-of-trade Shocks
Tradable Goods
Trade Changes
Trade Openness
Trade Preferences
Trade Protection
Trade Shock
Trade Shocks
Trade Structure
Unemployment Rate
Vulnerability To Shocks
Wholesale Price
World Economy
Antigua And Barbuda
Latin America
United States

Perspectivas De La Economia Mundial, Abril De 2008: La Vivienda Y El Ciclo Economico

ISBN: 1589067428, 9781589067424
Author/Editor(s): International Monetary Fund
Publisher: International Monetary Fund ( Washington, D.C. )
Published/Copyright Year: 2008
Language: Spanish
Series: World Economic Outlook ( Volume World Economic Outlook )
IMF ELibrary
Abatement Cost
Abatement Costs
Abatement Policies
Access To Funds
Access To Mortgage
Accession Countries
Affected Industries
Aggregate Demand
Agricultural Trade
Agricultural Trade Liberalization
Agricultural Trade Reform
Allowance Trading
Annual Emission
Antidumping Measures
Atmospheric Concentrations
Average Tariff
Average Tariff Rate
Average Tariff Rates
Balance Of Payments
Balancing Act
Barriers To Entry
Baseline Emission
Baseline Emissions
Bear Markets
Bilateral Trade
Bond Issuance
Bond Issues
Bond Yields
Border Mergers
Budget Balance
Budget Balances
Budget Law
Budget Surplus
Capital Account Crises
Capital Account Liberalization
Capital Account Transactions
Capital Accounts
Capital Accumulation
Capital Adequacy
Capital Controls
Capital Flow Reversal
Capital Flows
Capital Formation
Capital Gains
Capital Goods
Capital Inflows
Capital Market
Capital Market Financing
Capital Markets
Capital Movements
Capital Outflows
Capital Spending
Capital Stock
Capital Structure
Carbon Abatement
Carbon Content
Carbon Cycle
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Concentration
Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Carbon Dioxide Equivalent
Carbon Dioxide Equivalents
Carbon Emission
Carbon Emissions
Carbon Fuels
Carbon Intensity
Carbon Market
Carbon Markets
Carbon Policies
Carbon Price
Carbon Prices
Carbon Pricing
Carbon Revenues
Carbon Sequestration
Carbon Sinks
Carbon Tax
Carbon Taxes
Central Bank
Clean Development
Clean Development Mechanism
Clean Energy
Clean Technologies
Clean Technology
Climate Change Analysis
Climate Change Literature
Climate Change Model
Climate Change Policy
Climate Policy
Climate Protection
Climate System
Climate Warming
Clothing Exports
Collateralized Bond Obligations
Commodity Export
Commodity Exporters
Commodity Exports
Commodity Markets
Commodity Prices
Commodity Trade
Competitive Pressures
Consumer Price Index
Convention On Climate Change
Cost Abatement Opportunities
Cost Of Capital
Credit Expansion
Credit Market
Credit Market Imperfections
Credit Rating
Credit Rating Agencies
Cross-border Financial Flows
Crude Oil
Currency Depreciation
Current Account
Current Account Balance
Current Account Deficit
Current Account Deficits
Current Account Surplus
Debt Burdens
Debt Data
Debt Reduction
Debt Service
Debt Servicing
Debt-service Obligations
Debtor Countries
Dioxide Emissions
Discount Rates
Discretionary Fiscal Policy
Domestic Banks
Domestic Capital
Domestic Capital Markets
Domestic Consumption
Domestic Credit
Domestic Demand
Domestic Economy
Domestic Firms
Domestic Goods
Domestic Investment
Domestic Prices
Domestic Reforms
Domestic Savings
Domestic Shocks
Dynamic Gains
Economic Cooperation
Economic Integration
Efficiency Improvements
Efficient Cars
Elasticity Of Substitution
Emission Abatement
Emission Cap
Emission Coefficients
Emission Control
Emission Goals
Emission Intensity
Emission Projections
Emission Reduction
Emission Reductions
Emission Rights
Emission Sources
Emission Target
Emission Tax
Emission Trading
Emissions Growth
Emissions Increases
Emissions Prediction
Emissions Reductions
Emissions Scenarios
Emissions Trading
Employment Growth
Energy Efficiency
Energy Policy
Energy Production
Equilibrium Model
Equity Finance
Equity Prices
Equivalent Emissions
Exchange Rate Mechanism
Exchange Rate Movements
Exchange Rate Policy
Exchange Rate Regime
Exchange Rate Regimes
Exchange Rates
Export Commodities
Export Earnings
Export Growth
Export Marketing
Export Other
Export Performance
Export Prices
Export Repatriation
Export Revenues
Export Sectors
Export Shares
Export Taxes
Export Value
Export Values
Export Volume
Export Volumes
Exporting Countries
Exports To Developing Economies
External Debt
External Debt Burdens
External Debt Servicing
External Finance
External Financing
External Financing Flows
External Liberalization
External Openness
External Position
External Shocks
Factor Markets
Financial Crises
Financial Stability
Fiscal Adjustment
Fiscal Consolidation
Fiscal Deficits
Fiscal Expansion
Fiscal Loosening
Fiscal Measures
Fiscal Multipliers
Fiscal Policies
Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Shocks
Fiscal Spending
Fiscal Stability
Fiscal Stabilizers
Fiscal Stimulus
Fiscal Sustainability
Fixed Capital Formation
Flexible Mortgage
Foreign Capital
Foreign Capital Inflows
Foreign Trade
Fossil Fuel
Fossil Fuel Supply
Fossil Fuel Use
Fossil Fuels
Framework Convention On Climate Change
Free Capital Flows
Free Flow
Free Trade
Free Trade Agreements
Fuel Exporters
Fuel Exports
Fuel Supply
Fuel Supply Chain
Futures Markets
Gas Emissions
Global Climate Change
Global Current Account
Global Emission
Global Emissions
Global Equity Markets
Global Growth Prospects
Global Market
Global Marketplace
Global Markets
Global Production
Global Stocks
Global Trade
Global Trade Analysis
Government Bonds
Government Deficit
Government Securities
Government Spending
Greenhouse Gas
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Growing Trade
Heavy Industry
Hedge Funds
Home Equity
Housing Construction
Housing Finance
Housing Finance Systems
Housing Markets
Impact Of Trade
Impact Of Trade Liberalization
Import Prices
Import- Competing Sectors
Importing Countries
Increased Trade
Increasing Integration
Increasing Trade
Indexed Bonds
Indirect Tax
Inflation Concerns
Inflation Rate
Inflation Target
Inflation Targeting
Inflationary Pressures
Interest Rates
International Capital
International Capital Flows
International Markets
International Trade
Investment Flows
Labor Markets
London Metal Exchange
Long-term Interest Rates
Loss Of Confidence
Marginal Abatement
Market Bond
Market Integration
Market Liberalization
Market Segment
Measures Of Volatility
Merchandise Exports
Merchandise Trade
Mitigating Climate Change
Monetary Authorities
Monetary Conditions
Monetary Fund
Monetary Policy
Monetary Policy Decisions
Monetary Policy Implementation
Monetary Policy Rule
Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism
Monetary Transmission
Monetary Transmission Mechanism
Monetary Union
Moral Hazard
Mortgage Credit
Mortgage Debt
Mortgage Lending
Mortgage Loans
Mortgage Market
Mortgage Markets
Multilateral Agreements
Multilateral Approach
Multilateral Initiatives
Multilateral Trade Liberalization
Multiplier Effects
National Accounts
National Environment
Neighboring Countries
Net Capital
Net Capital Flows
Net Debt
Net Debtor
Net Exports
Nitrous Oxide
Nominal Interest Rate
Nominal Interest Rates
Nontariff Barriers
Official Flows
Oil Exporters
Oil Importers
Oil Prices
Oil Revenues
Oil-importing Countries
Oil-producing Countries
Open Economies
Open Economy
Optimum Currency Areas
Options Markets
Output Growth
Output Volatility
Pattern Of Trade
Per Capita Income
Policy Barriers
Political Economy
Portfolio Equity Flows
Price Discovery
Price Fluctuations
Price Of Imports
Price Stability
Primary Commodity Exporters
Private Capital
Private Capital Flows
Private Capital Inflows
Private Equity
Protectionist Policies
Protectionist Pressures
Protectionist Sentiment
Public Debt
Public Spending
Real Appreciation
Real Effective Exchange Rate
Real Effective Exchange Rates
Real Export
Real Export Growth
Regional Trade
Regional Trade Agreements
Regulatory Policies
Reserve Holdings
Residential Emissions
Return On Capital
Rising Inflation
Risk Aversion
Securities Companies
Securities Markets
Share Of Exports
Short-term Capital
Short-term Capital Inflows
Short-term Debt
Social Safety Nets
Solar Power
Structural Fiscal
Supply Chain
Tariff Rate
Tariff Rates
Tariff Reduction
Tariff Reductions
Tariff Revenues
Tax Cuts
Tax Incentives
Tax Rebates
Tax System
Terms Of Trade
Terms-of-trade Shocks
Total Emissions
Total Energy
Total Energy Use
Total Export
Total Exports
Total External Debt
Tradable Emission
Trade Agreement
Trade Agreements
Trade Barriers
Trade Classification
Trade Data
Trade Deficit
Trade Effects
Trade Flows
Trade Gains
Trade Growth
Trade In Services
Trade Integration
Trade Levels
Trade Liberalisation
Trade Liberalization
Trade Liberalizations
Trade Openness
Trade Patterns
Trade Performance
Trade Policies
Trade Reform
Trade Restrictions
Trade Round
Trade Shock
Trade Shocks
Trade Theory
Trade Volumes
Trading Partners
Trading System
Transition Economies
Transmission Of Monetary Policy
Transnational Corporations
Transport Costs
Transport Equipment
Treasury Securities
Tree Species
Tropical Regions
Unemployment Rate
Value Of Exports
Vertical Specialization
Volcanic Eruptions
Volume Of Trade
Voluntary Agreements
Weather Conditions
Weather Patterns
Wind Speed
Wood Products
World Economy
World Exports
World Growth
World Investment
World Market
World Output
World Trade
World Trading System
Saint Lucia
United States

FMI Boletin Vol.37, No.5 Mayo 2008

ISBN: 145194358X, 9781451943580
Author/Editor(s): International Monetary Fund
Publisher: International Monetary Fund ( Washington, D.C. )
Published/Copyright Year: 2008
Language: Spanish
Series: IMF Survey ( Volume IMF Survey, Volume 37 No. 05 )
IMF ELibrary
Food Import
Food Price
Food Prices
Food Production
Food Products
Food Riots
World Food Program
Saint Lucia

Brazilian Perspectives On The United States: Advancing U.S. Studies In Brazil = Perspectivas Brasileiras Sobre Os Estados Unidos Promover Os Estudos Dos EUA No Brasil

ISBN: 1933549130, 9781933549132
Author/Editor(s): Paulo Sotero; Daniel Budny
Publisher: Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars ( Washington, DC )
Published/Copyright Year: 2007
Language: English
Number of pages: 98
United States > Study And Teaching > Brazil
United States > Relations > Brazil
Brazil > Relations > United States