Concept, Context, Contestation: Art And The Collective In Southeast Asia, 13 December 2013-16 March 2014, 8th Floor, Bangkok Art And Culture Centre

ISBN: 6169110864, 9786169110866
Author/Editor(s): Iola Lenzi; Agung Hujatnikajennong (1976-); Wipht Phrichnon; Bangkok Art and Culture Centre; Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Foundation
Publisher: M Nnithi H Sinlapa Watthanatham H Ng Krung Th P Mah Nakh N ( Bangkok )
Published/Copyright Year: 2557
Language: English
Number of pages: 239
Art, Southeast Asian > 21st Century > Exhibitions
Art, Modern > 21st Century > Exhibitions
Art And Society > Southeast Asia > Exhibitions
Artists > Southeast Asia > Biography

Watthanatham Totn

ISBN: 6167154198, 9786167154190
Author/Editor(s): Yukti Mukdwihit
Publisher: S N Manutsayawitthay Sirintho N Ongk N Mah Chon ( Krung Th P )
Published/Copyright Year: 2556
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2013309510
Series: Kkasn Wichkn ( Volume lamdap Th 97 )
kkasn Wichkn (Sn Manutsayawitthay Sirinthn (Thailand)) ( Volume lamdap Th 97 )
Thailand > Social Conditions
Social Movements > Thailand
Social Change > Thailand
Thailand > In Popular Culture

Fn Phalang Khwmlkli Thng Watthanatham Nai Sangkhom Saym

ISBN: 6169155949, 9786169155942
Author/Editor(s): Wilailak Songsiri; Mnnithi Lek-Praphai Wiriyaphan
Publisher: M Nnithi Lek Praphai Wiriyaphan ( Krung Th P )
Published/Copyright Year: 2556
Language: Thai
LCCN: 2013309082
Series: Nangs Chut Phophang Pha Phndin Kœt
Number of pages: 272
Ethnology > Thailand
Minorities > Thailand
Thailand > Social Life And Customs
Thailand > Social Conditions
Manners And Customs > Fast
Social History > Fast
Thailand > Fast