Social Media For Government: Theory And Practice

ISBN: 1498704565, 9781498704564
Author/Editor(s): Staci M. Zavattaro (1983-); Thomas A. Bryer (1978-)
Publisher: Routledge ( New York NY )
Published/Copyright Year: 2016
Language: English
LCCN: 2015030887
Number of pages: 229
Public Administration > Technological Innovations > United States
Administrative Agencies > Information Technology > United States
Administrative Agencies > Management > Technological Innovations > United States
Electronic Government Information > United States > Management
Social Media > Political Aspects

The Nations Of Wales 1890-1914: Writing Wales In English

ISBN: 1783168374, 9781783168378
Author/Editor(s): M. Wynn Thomas
Publisher: University Of Wales Press ( Cardiff )
Published/Copyright Year: 2016
Language: English
Series: CREW Series Of Critical And Scholarly Studies
Number of pages: 323
English Literature > History And Criticism
National Characteristics, Welsh, In Literature

Jurgen Habermas And The European Economic Crisis: Cosmopolitanism Reconsidered

ISBN: 1138185833, 9781138185838
Author/Editor(s): Gaspare M. Genna; Thomas O. Haakenson (1972-); Ian Waller Wilson
Publisher: Routledge ( New York NY )
Published/Copyright Year: 2016
Language: English
LCCN: 2015047623
Series: Routledge Studies In Social And Political Thought ( Volume 112 )
Number of pages: 224
Habermas, Jurgen
European Union
Cosmopolitanism > Europe
European Federation
Democracy > Europe
Europe > Politics And Government > 21st Century
Habermas, Jurgen > Fast > (OCoLC)fst00028860
European Union > Fast > (OCoLC)fst00916630

Splendor, Myth, And Vision: Nudes From The Prado

ISBN: 1935998269, 9781935998266
Author/Editor(s): Museo del Prado; Thomas J. Loughman; Kathleen M. Morris (1959-); Lara Yeager-Crasselt
Publisher: Clark Art Institute In Collaboration With Museo Nacional Del Prado Madrid ( Williamstown Massachusetts )
Published/Copyright Year: 2016
Language: English
LCCN: 2016010386
Number of pages: 207
Nude In Art > Catalogs
Painting, European > 16th Century > Themes, Motives > Catalogs
Painting, European > 17th Century > Themes, Motives > Catalogs
Painting, Renaissance > Europe > Themes, Motives > Catalogs
Spain > Kings And Rulers > Art Collections > Catalogs
Painting > Spain > Madrid > Catalogs
Museo Del Prado > Catalogs
Museo Del Prado > Fast > (OCoLC)fst00533693

Climate Change In Wildlands: Pioneering Approaches To Science And Management

ISBN: 1610917138, 9781610917131
Author/Editor(s): Andrew J Hansen; William B Monahan; S. Thomas Olliff; David M Theobald
Publisher: Springer
Published/Copyright Year:
Language: English
Number of pages: 391
Geotechnical Engineering
Conservation Biology
Nature Conservation
Conservation Biology/Ecology

Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories From Social Justice Movements

ISBN: 1849352097, 9781849352093
Author/Editor(s): Walidah Imarisha; Adrienne M. Brown; Sheree R. Thomas; Institute for Anarchist Studies
Publisher: Institute For Anarchist Studies ( Albany NY )
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: English
LCCN: 2014958844
Number of pages: 296
Social Justice > Fiction
Social Change > Fiction
Science Fiction
Speculative Fiction
Butler, Octavia E > Criticism And Interpretation

Advances In Intervertebral Disc Disease In Dogs And Cats

ISBN: 1118940369, 9781118940365
Author/Editor(s): James M. Fingeroth; William B. Thomas (1959-); Wiley InterScience (Online service)
Publisher: John Wiley Sons Inc ( Ames Iowa )
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: English
LCCN: 2014030303
Series: Advances In Veterinary Surgery
Intervertebral Disk > Diseases
Dogs > Diseases
Cats > Diseases
Musculoskeletal System > Diseases
Intervertebral Disc Degeneration > Veterinary
Cat Diseases > Physiopathology
Dog Diseases > Physiopathology
Intervertebral Disc > Physiology

Cummings Otolaryngology--head & Neck Surgery

ISBN: 1455746967, 9781455746965
Author/Editor(s): Paul W. Flint; Bruce H. Haughey; Valerie J. Lund; John K. Niparko; K. Thomas Robbins; J. Regan Thomas; Marci M. Lesperance
Publisher: Elsevier Saunders ( Philadelphia PA )
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: English
Otolaryngology, Operative
Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedures
Face > Surgery
Head And Neck Neoplasms > Surgery
Neck > Surgery
Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases

Medical Complications In Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

ISBN: 1617050822, 9781617050824
Author/Editor(s): Diana D Cardenas; Thomas M Hooton
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing ( New York )
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: English
Pathologic Processes > Complications
Wounds And Injuries > Complications
Pathologic Processes > Rehabilitation
Physical And Rehabilitation Medicine > Methods
Wounds And Injuries > Rehabilitation
Medical Rehabilitation