Hotspots Of New Species Discovery: New Mite Species Described During 2007 To 2012

ISBN: 1775571807, 9781775571803
Author/Editor(s): Dong Liu; Tian-Ci Yi; Yun Xu; Zhi-Qiang Zhang (1963-)
Publisher: Magnolia Press ( Auckland New Zealand )
Published/Copyright Year: 2013
Language: English
Series: Zootaxa ( Volume 3663 )
Number of pages: 101
Mites > Classification
Mites > Geographical Distribution

Our Nutrient World: The Challenge To Produce More Food And Energy With Less Pollution

ISBN: 1906698406, 9781906698409
Author/Editor(s): M.A. (Mark) Sutton; A Bleeker; C.M. (Clare) Howard; J.W Erisman; Y.P Abrol; M Bekunda; A Datta; W de Vries; O Oenema; F.S Zhang; S. (Stefan) Reis; D Fowler; B Grizzetti; H.J.M van Grinsven; T.K Adhya; G Billen; E.A Davidson; R Diaz; X.J Liu; C Palm; N Raghuram; R.W Scholz; T Sims; H Westhoek; International Nitrogen Initiative; Global Partnership on Nutrient Management
Publisher: Centre For Ecology & Hydrology On Behalf Of The Global Partnership On Nutrient Management (GPNM) And The International Nitrogen Initiative (INI) ( Edinburgh )
Published/Copyright Year: 2013
Language: Undetermined
Number of pages: 114
Nutrient Cycles
CEH Staff Publication
Nitrogen Compounds > Environmental Aspects
Nitrogen Cycle
Nitrogen Fertilizers > Government Policy

The Design Of Cloud Workflow Systems

ISBN: 1461419336, 9781461419334
Author/Editor(s): Xiao Liu; Dong Yuan; Gaofeng Zhang; Wenhao Li; Dahai Cao; Qiang He; Jinjun Chen; Yun Yang
Publisher: The Author(s) ( New York, NY )
Published/Copyright Year: 2012
Language: English
Series: SpringerBriefs In Computer Science
Software Engineering/Programming And Operating Systems
Computer Communication Networks
Computer Science
Software Engineering

Annual Report On International Politics And Security 2012

ISBN: 1844641546, 9781844641543
Author/Editor(s): Shenming Li; Yuyan Zhang; Shaojun Li; Yanni Liu; Leila Kandret; Rachel Frattarola
Publisher: Social Sciences Academic Press ( China )
Published/Copyright Year: 2012
Language: English
Series: China International Analysis And Evaluation Reports
Number of pages: 224
Security, International
World Politics
National Security > China
Security, International > China

Complexity, Analysis And Control Of Singular Biological Systems

ISBN: 1447123026, 9781447123026
Author/Editor(s): Qingling Zhang; Chao Liu; Xue Zhang
Publisher: Springer ( London )
Published/Copyright Year: 2011
Language: English
Series: Lecture Notes In Control And Information Sciences ( Volume 421 )
Number of pages: 232
Biological Control Systems
Biological Control Systems > Mathematical Models

China's Three Decades Of Economic Reforms

ISBN: 0415496004, 9780415496001
Author/Editor(s): Xiaohui Liu (1962-); Wei Zhang
Publisher: Routledge ( New York )
Published/Copyright Year: 2010
Language: English
LCCN: 2009003471
Series: Routledge Studies On The Chinese Economy ( Volume 37 )
Routledge Studies In The Chinese Economy ( Volume 37 )
Number of pages: 301
China > Economic Conditions > 1976-2000
China > Economic Conditions > 2000-
China > Economic Policy > 1976-2000
China > Economic Policy > 2000-

Multi-field Coupling Theory Of Rock And Soil Media And Its Applications: Proceedings Of The International Symposium, Chengdu City, China

ISBN: 0980768721, 9780980768725
Author/Editor(s): International Symposium on multi-field coupling theory of rock and soil media and its applications ((2010); Jianjun Liu; Henry Zhang; Ruimei Zhao
Publisher: Orient Academic Forum ( Marrickville, N.S.W. )
Published/Copyright Year: 2010
Language: English
LCCN: 2011379968
Number of pages: 852
Rock Mechanics > Congresses
Soil Mechanics > Congresses
Rocks > Permeability > Congresses
Fluid Dynamics > Congresses