Needs, Participation, And Local Development: Proceedings Of The EADI Basic Needs Workshop, Helsinki, December 13-15, 1979

ISBN: 9514652967, 9789514652967
Author/Editor(s): EADI Basic Needs Workshop ((1979); Jeremy Gould (1952-)
Publisher: University Of Helsinki, Institute Of Development Studies ( Helsinki )
Published/Copyright Year: 1981
Language: English
LCCN: 83156455
Series: Publications / Finnish National Commission For Unesco ( Volume no. 19 )
Interkont Books / Institute Of Development Studies, University Of Helsinki ( Volume 5 )
Number of pages: 114
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Small Entrepreneurs In Changing Europe: Towards A Research Agenda

ISBN: 9065490043, 9789065490049
Author/Editor(s): Jeremy Boissevain; European Centre for Work and Society
Publisher: European Centre For Work And Society ( Maastricht, Netherlands )
Published/Copyright Year: 1981
Language: English
Series: Work And Social Change ( Volume 4 )
Number of pages: 55
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Waste Management: European Conference On Waste Management Europèaische Konferenz Fèur Abfallbehandlung Confâerence Europâeene Sur La Gestion Des Dâechets Wembley, 17-19 JuneJunijuin 1980

ISBN: 9027713383, 9789027713384
Author/Editor(s): European Conference on Waste Management ((1980); Jeremy Woolfe; Commission of the European Communities
Publisher: Kluwer Boston [distributor] ( Hingham, MA )
Published/Copyright Year: 1981
Language: English
Number of pages: 277
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