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The Impact Of Speech Under "stress" On Military Speech Technology: L'impact De La Parole En Condition De "stress" Sur Les Technologies Vocales Militaires

ISBN: 2000040721, 9782000040729
Author/Editor(s): North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Publisher: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Research And Technology Organization ( Neuilly-sur-Seine )
Published/Copyright Year: 2000
Language: English
Series: RTO Technical Report ( Volume 10 )
Automatic Speech Recognition
Voice > Psychological Stress Analysis
Stress (Physiology)
Communications, Military

Iconography Of The Jain Images In The Government Museum, Chennai, Madras

ISBN: 2001417276, 9782001417278
Author/Editor(s): India) Government Museum (Chennai; R. Kannan (1955-); K. Lakshminarayanan
Publisher: Commissioner Of Museums, Govt. Museum, On Behalf Of The Museum Publication Fund ( Chennai )
Published/Copyright Year: 2001
Language: English
Series: General Section, New Series ( vol. 16, No. 1 )
Bulletin Of The Madras Government Museum ( v. 16, No. 1 )
Number of pages: 126
Jaina Art > Catalogs
Jaina Sculpture > India > Chennai > Catalogs

ISBN: 2003024387, 9782003024382
Published/Copyright Year:
Number of pages: 152

Nile Opportunities: Avenues Toward A Win-win Deal

ISBN: 2003120718, 9782003120718
Author/Editor(s): Kinfe Abraham
Publisher: Ethiopian International Institute For Peace And Development & Horn Of Africa Democracy And Development International Lobby ( Addis Ababa, Ethiopia )
Published/Copyright Year: 2004
Language: English
LCCN: 2006306691
Number of pages: 420
Water Resources Development > Political Aspects > Nile River Watershed
Water-supply > Political Aspects > Nile River Watershed
Agriculture > Ethiopia
Nile River > Water Rights