Proceeding Of International Conference On Intelligent Communication, Control And Devices edited By Rajesh Singh, Sushabhan Choudhury

Full Title: Proceeding Of International Conference On Intelligent Communication, Control And Devices: ICICCD 2016
Author/Editor(s): Rajesh Singh; Sushabhan Choudhury
ISBN: 9811017085, 9789811017087
Publisher: Springer
Published/Copyright Year: 2017
Language: English
Physical Description: online resource included,
Series: Advances In Intelligent Systems And Computing ( Volume 479 )
Number of pages: 1157 (XXVIII, 1157 pages 743 Illustrationsus., 551 Illustrationsus. in color)
Computational Intelligence
Control Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Communications Engineering, Networks
Signal, Image And Speech Processing


Chapter 1. Differential Voltage Current Conveyor Based One-Shot Pulse Generator Circuit Implementation

Chapter 2. Sign Language Interpretation Using Pseudo Glove

Chapter 3. Commercial Aviation: The Legal Travails of Automation, Future Shock and the Zen of Machine Take Over

Chapter 4. Prediction Models for Global Solar Radiations, Diffused Radiations & Direct Solar Radiations Using ANFIS

Chapter 5. Forensic Analysis of Residual Artifacts from Private Browsing Sessions in Linux

Chapter 6. Prediction of Voltage Collapse in Power System Using Voltage Stability Indices

Chapter 7. Adaptive Routing Mechanism for Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks based on Two-Hop Information

Chapter 8. Mitigation and Analysis of Very Fast Transient over Voltages (VFTOs) of Transformer in 1000kV Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) Using Wavelet Transform

Chapter 9. Application of PSO Technique in Multiarea Automatic Generation Control

Chapter 10. Towards EEG Spectral Analysis of Tomographic Neuro Feedback for Depression

Chapter 11. Comparison of Performance Metrics of ModAODV with DSDV and AODV

Chapter 12. Detection and Location of Faults in Three Phases 11kV Underground Power Cables by Discrete Wavelet Transform

Chapter 13. Comparative Study of the Methodologies Used in Low Power Master Slave Flip Flops

Chapter 14. Wrist Pulse Signal Features Extraction: Virtual Instrumentation

Chapter 15. Optimized Swarm Architectures in Airborne Internet

Chapter 16. Operational Amplifier Based Fractional Device of Order s±0.5

Chapter 17. A Novel Approach for Designing PID Controller for Set Point Tracking for a HVAC Process

Chapter 18. Performance Analysis of FSO Link Using CO-OFDM under the Effect of Atmospheric Turbulence

Chapter 19. Reliable & Fast Data Transmission Mechanism for Congested Wireless Sensor Network

Chapter 20. Performance Analysis of FSO System for Different Fog Conditions

Chapter 21. Performance Analysis of Multibeam WDM-FSO System in Clear and Hazy Weather Conditions

Chapter 22. Triangular Inset Fed C, X and Ku band Antenna for Satellite and Radar Applications

Chapter 23. In-service Pipeline Inspection Crawler

Chapter 24. FEM to Cell Based Load Balancing Using a Non-Cooperative Game

Chapter 25. Study of Conventional Control Algorithms for PV Based Grid Connected Microgrid

Chapter 26. Design of 10.24 Tb/s DWDM System Using NRZ Modulation Format with Narrow Channel Spacing

Chapter 27. Validation of ANN Based Model for Binary Distillation Column

Chapter 28. A VDVTA Based Novel Configuration for Realizing Grounded Inductance

Chapter 29. In-campus Generator-Substation Monitoring and Control Using LABVIEW

Chapter 30. Performance Analysis of Interleaved Coupled Inductor Boost Dc-Dc Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive

Chapter 31. RSSI Based Indoor Robot Localization System Using LABVIEW

Chapter 32. Performance Estimation of WDM Radio-over-Fiber Links Under the Influence of SRS Induced Crosstalk

Chapter 33. Design and FPGA Implementation of 32 Point FFT Processor

Chapter 34. Performance Enhancement in WDM-FSO System Using Optical Amplifiers Under Different Rain Conditions

Chapter 35. Fuzzy Based Multi Objective Optimization for Subjection and Diagnosis of Hybrid Energy Storage System of an Electric Vehicle

Chapter 36. MDS3C: Modified Digital Signature Scheme for Secure Communication

Chapter 37. Autonomous Operation of Wind-Battery Hybrid Power System with Intelligent Power Management Capability

Chapter 38. Performance Analysis of a Novel Text Watermarking Technique for Devanagari Text

Chapter 39. Evaluation of Entropy Based Segmentation Techniques for Automated Skin Disease Detection

Chapter 40. Futuristic Automobile Accident and Theft Notifier with Location Tracker

Chapter 41. Design and Comparative Analysis of Controllers for Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)

Chapter 42. Performance Analysis of Reactive, Proactive and Hybrid Routing Protocol used in Petroleum Tank Over Network Control Systems

Chapter 43. Dead Time Compensation in Sugar Crystallization Process

Chapter 44. Performance Analysis of AMC Based Bowtie Shaped Slotted Antenna for Terahertz (THz) Applications

Chapter 45. ANFIS Based Fault Diagnosis Tool for a Typical Small Aircraft Fuel System

Chapter 46. Control of Reactive Power of RES based Hybrid Isolated Power System using UPFC

Chapter 47. Intelligent Image Interpreter: A Semi-Automatic Detection of Ships by Image Analysis of Spaceborne SAR Image Using SVM

Chapter 48. Design and FPGA Implementation of DSSS for Near Far Effect in MANET

Chapter 49. Air Mouse: An Everyday Mouse for the Ease of Computing

Chapter 50. A Novel Approach for Continuous Pain Intensity Estimation

Chapter 51. A Design and Application of Forest Fire Detection and Surveillance System Based on GSM and RF Modules

Chapter 52. Generation of Electricity by Piezoelectric Crystal in Dance Floor

Chapter 53. Cylindrical Metallic Pin Structure Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wideband Application

Chapter 54. An In-memory Based Big Data Analytics with Two-Level Storage on Private Cloud

Chapter 55. Design of Quadratic Equations Multiplier (for upto 2-Bit Number) Using Vedic Technique

Chapter 56. Design Improvement and Assessment of Efficiency of Three Phase Induction Motor Operating under the Rated Voltage

Chapter 57. Finite Element Analysis of Wing Design

Chapter 58. A Minimal Realization Universal Filter Employing Third Generation Current Conveyor and Operational Transconductance Amplifier

Chapter 59. Design of 30 MHz CMOS Operational Amplifier

Chapter 60. Line Flow Indices for Placement of Distributed Energy Sources in Relieving Transmission Line Congestion

Chapter 61. Design & Development of Android Based BOT for Medicine & Food Distribution to Patients

Chapter 62. Integration of Renewable Energy Resources for Rural Electrification

Chapter 63. A Vision of IoT: Applications, Challenges and Opportunities with Dehradun Perspective

Chapter 64. LQR and PID Design Technique for an Electric Furnace Temperature Control System

Chapter 65. Design and Development of Low Cost Wireless Parameter Monitoring System for Nuclear Power Plant

Chapter 66. The Real Time Hardware Design and Simulation of Thermoelectric Refrigerator System Based on Peltier Effect

Chapter 67. Smart Geyser with Usage Profiling to reduce Electricity Consumption

Chapter 68. Stabilization of Underactuated Mechanical System Using LQR Technique

Chapter 69. A Particle Swarm Optimization Based Switching Scheme for Seven Level Cascaded Hybrid Bridge Inverter

Chapter 70. Analysis of Wavelet Transform and ANFIS Based Fault Detection and Classification

Chapter 71. Study of Power Spectrum Estimation of Steady State Visual Evoked Potential Based BCI System Using AR Model Approach

Chapter 72. Market Clearing Price Forecasting for Indian Electricity Markets

Chapter 73. Outage Capacity Performance Analysis of Dual-Hop Multiple-Relay Decode-and-Forward System for Generalized -µ Fading Channel

Chapter 74. Design for Structured Uncertainty of Mass Spring System Using Robust Control Technique

Chapter 75. Scalable Design and Synthesis of 3D Mesh Network on Chip

Chapter 76. Application of Remote Sensing in The Monitoring of Biogas Production

Chapter 77. Parallel Algorithm for LaGrange’s Interpolation on BSN-Mesh

Chapter 78. Design of Broadband Monopole Microstrip Antenna Using Rectangular Slot

Chapter 79. HAAR like Feature Based Car Key Detection Using Cascade Classifier

Chapter 80. Global Stability of Dynamic Model for Worm Propagation in Wireless Sensor Network

Chapter 81. WPAN Based Energy Efficient Automation System for Buildings

Chapter 82. An Intelligent GA-Optimized Fuzzy Controller for Automatic Generation Control for a Two Area Interconnected System

Chapter 83. Design and Verification of 16 Bit Vedic Multiplier Using 3:2 Compressors and 4-Bit Novel Adder

Chapter 84. Brain Tumor Segmentation in Glioma Images Using Multimodal MR Imagery

Chapter 85. Design and Sizing of Decentralized Grid Connected Solar Power Plant

Chapter 86. Effect of Faults on Power Electronic Devices for ZSI Fed Induction Motor Drive System

Chapter 87. Design of a Multiband Filter for Future Wireless Communication

Chapter 88. Gait - Based Human Recognition by Multiple Wavelet Coherence

Chapter 89. Automatic Segmentation of Brain MRI of Newborn & Premature Infants Using Neural Network

Chapter 90. An Efficient Handoff Using RFID Tags

Chapter 91. A Robust and Fast Technique to Detect Copy Move Forgery in Digital Images Using SLIC Segmentation and SURF Keypoints

Chapter 92. VPBC: A Varying Probability Based Clustering for Energy Enhancement in WSN

Chapter 93. Biosignal Acquisition of Stress Monitoring through Wearable Device

Chapter 94. Implementation of Heartbeat Sensing Using PSoC3

Chapter 95. Design and Implementation of Wearable Device for Water Management System for Household Usage

Chapter 96. High Speed-Low Power Divide-By-16/17 Dual Modulus Prescaler Using C2MOS

Chapter 97. Design and Optimization of Luggage Tracking System on Airport

Chapter 98. Contact Thickness Variation Effect on Performance of Novel Organic Thin Film Transistor

Chapter 99. Comparative Analysis of Various Adaptive Filter Structures Using Simulink

Chapter 100. Experimental Investigations on the Effects of Dust Fouling on PV Module

Chapter 101. Study of Parametric Effects on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Chapter 102. Performance Investigation of ANN Controller Assisted Small Hydro Power Generation System

Chapter 103. GA Tuned 2DOFPID Based Biomass Concentration Control of Bioreactor

Chapter 104. Microcontroller and FPGA Based Analysis of 8 x 48 LED Matrix Display with Keyboard Interface

Chapter 105. Software Reliability Prediction Based on Ensemble Models
The book presents high-quality research papers presented at the first international conference, ICICCD 2016, organised by the Department of Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun on 2nd and 3rd April, 2016. The book is broadly divided into three sections: Intelligent Communication, Intelligent Control and Intelligent Devices. The areas covered under these sections are wireless communication and radio technologies, optical communication, communication hardware evolution, machine-to-machine communication networks, routing techniques, network analytics, network applications and services, satellite and space communications, technologies for e-communication, wireless Ad-Hoc and sensor networks, communications and information security, signal processing for communications, communication software, microwave informatics, robotics and automation, optimization techniques and algorithms, intelligent transport, mechatronics system, guidance and navigation, algorithms, linear/non-linear control, home automation, sensors, smart cities, control systems, high performance computing, cognition control, adaptive control, distributed control, prediction models, hybrid control system, control applications, power system, manufacturing, agriculture cyber physical system, network control system, genetic control based, wearable devices, nano devices, MEMS, bio-inspired computing, embedded and real-time software, VLSI and embedded systems, FPGA, digital system and logic design, image and video processing, machine vision, medical imaging, and reconfigurable computing systems.

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