Strategic Innovative Marketing edited By Androniki Kavoura, Damianos P. Sakas, Petros Tomaras

Full Title: Strategic Innovative Marketing: 4th IC-SIM, Mykonos, Greece 2015
Author/Editor(s): Androniki Kavoura; Damianos P Sakas; Petros Tomaras
ISBN: 331933865X, 9783319338651
Publisher: Springer
Published/Copyright Year: 2017
Language: English
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Series: Springer Proceedings In Business And Economics
Number of pages: 764 (XXXVI, 764 pages 100 Illustrationsus., 60 Illustrationsus. in color)
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Preface: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing (IC-SIM 2015)
Part I: 2nd Symposium on Transportation Marketing: Trends and Future Directions
Ambient Media in the View of the General Public and Their Relation to This Communication Form
Generation Y Marketing – The Path to Achievement of Successful Marketing Results Among the Young Generation
Blueprinting an Event & Tourist Service Marketing Strategy: The Case of the SMF Greek Tourism Small Scale Sport Event
The Role of Gender in the Construction of Self Through Fashion Brands
Bologna Tools to Promote Skills and Competences in Higher Education: The Greek Context
Core Skills as Marketing and Management Tools: Evidence from the Tourism Sector
Part II: 5th Symposium on Management Challenges (IANOS): Crisis Kills or Links
Knowledge Management and Employee General Competencies in Accounting Firms
Personal Characteristics and Job Satisfaction of Greek Banking Employees
Social Networking Sites’ Usage in a Period of Crisis: A Segmentation Analysis of Greek College Students
Personal Characteristics and Organizational Culture of Greek Banking Employees
Sustainability, Social Marketing & Host Attitudes About Tourism in the City of Larissa
Led to Change or Change to Lead
Part III: 3rd Destination and Cultural Marketing Symposium: Trends and Future Outlook
An Innovative Promotional Tactic to Enhance TV Viewership Using Social Media
Branding in the New Museum Era.-E-marketing in the Hotel Industry: Marketing Mix Strategies
IMC Strategies of Festivals in Destination Branding
Tourism Innovation: Theoretical and Empirical Review
The Communication Role of the ‘Imagined Communities’ in the Promotion of International Events
E-Services Development in the Collaborative World
Business Transformation Through Service Science: A Path for Business Continuity
The Concept of Corporate Reputation Assessment Model – the Stock Market Investors Perspective
How Nonprofit Organizations in Greece Are Using Facebook as a Public Relations Tool
Specifics of Marketing in the Process of Reintegration of Slovak Researchers
Eye Tracking Measuring of Visual Perception of Erotic Appeals in the Content of Printed Advertising Communicates and Analysis of Their Impact on Consumers
Perceived Behavioural Control in the Theory of Planned Behaviour: Variability of Conceptualization and Operationalization and Implications for Measurement
The Cultural Organizations' Revival Lies in the Use of Business Management Strategy: The Case Study of Greek Local Cultural Organizations
Priming Effects On Cross Cultural Business Ethical Perceptions
Part IV: 2nd Marketing Communication in SMEs
Understanding Journalists on Twitter: The Czech Case
The Relation of Knowledge Management and Marketing Communication of Small and Medium-Sized Producers in the Segment of Outdoor Clothing in the Czech Republic
Reverse Logistics in Marketing Campaigns
Part V: 2nd Marketing in Entrepreneurship
Competitive Strategies and Managers’ Perceptions in Greek Food Manufacturing Firms
The Perception of Warning Signs at Different Cultures
Humor - The Strongest Emotional Appeal in Advertising
The Links Among Quality, Service Recovery, Value, Loyalty on the Internet
Part VI: Business Modelling
Water Footprint Mitigation Strategies for Agrifood Products: The Application of System Dynamics in Green Marketing
The Role of Perceived Risk in Online Information Search and Pre-purchase Alternative Evaluation of Products with Significant Experiential Attributes
Electricity Pricing Mechanism in a Sustainable Environment: A Review and a System Dynamics Modelling Approach
Strategic Communication Process for Sustainable Entrepreneurial Environment in Nonprofit Organizations
Corporate Competitiveness based on Sustainability and CSR values: Case studies of Spanish MNCs
Motivations for Participation and E-Wom Among Supporters of Crowdfunding Campaigns
Changes in the Legal System of the Nongovernmental Organizations in the Czech Republic and the Possibilities for Innovation of Communication Policy in the Non-Profit Sector
Environmental Reporting as a Part of a Marketing Communication
Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance within the Business Sector in Greece
Part VII: Healthcare Services: Special Aspects and Challenges in an Evolving Environment
Management of Medical Crisis Events Using ICT Tools
Long-Term Cancer Patient Care: “New Insight on Training Needs for Health Professionals in Today’s Greece”
Leadership Capabilities and Their Effect on Job Performance, an Approach in Health Care Sector
Medical Brain Drain in Debt-Stricken Greece: Is There a Way to Address it
The Importance of Family Planning and the Development of a Robust Network of Relative Centers in the Greek National Health System
Assessment of Inhabitants’ Health Care Needs in Local Community
Innovation and Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship
The Role of Marketing Interventions in Fostering the Diffusion of Green Energy Technologies
Analysis of the Characteristics of Knowledge-Intensive Firms in Greece
A Comparative Analysis of Knowledge-Based Firms In High-Tech Sectors and Knowledge Intensive Business Services
Reporting of Human Capital as One of the Corporate Social Responsibility Areas
Part IX: Strategic Marketing of Heritage, Cultural and Architectural Tourism
Food Experiences: The Oldest Social Network…
Tourism Events: the SATA Rallye Azores in Facebook and Twitter
Cultural Festivals on Sites of Cultural Heritage as a Means of Development of Alternative Forms of Tourism
Regional Museums as Centers of Strengthening the Local Cultural Identity and as Tourist Attraction: The Case Study of the Display and the Educational Pro-Gram of the Archaeological Collection of Thespies (Biotia, Greece)
Cultural Policy and Marketing Management: The case study of New Museum of Acropolis
Part X: Symposium on Business Informatics and Modelling
Information Systems Engineering and Knowledge-Based Enterprise Modelling: Towards Foundations of Theory
Modeling the Promotion Process of Academic Conferences Through Social Media
Merchandising IT Products via Social Networks: Modeling and Simulation of the Procedures
The Contribution of Social Media in the Management of Social Relations with Customers: Modelling and Simulation of the Problem
Modeling of Market Segmentation in Social Networks and Media
Modeling of B2C Communication Strategies in Electronic Commerce
Robots in the Hospital Setting: A Case Study
A Case Study on the Use of 3d Printing Technologies in an Educational Institution
Information Systems Phases and Firm Performance: A Conceptual Framework
Complex Dynamics of Single Agent Choice Governed by Dual-Channel Multi-Mode Reinforcement Learning
Blended Learning and Business Modeling in Technical Translation Studies
Creation Technologies for Smart Hypertextual Tutorials in Intercultural Educational Space
The Use of Individual Learning Styles in E-Learning
On Communicative and Didactic Aspects of Mapping An Individual Study Pathway in Electronic Educational Environment
The Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the Open and Distance Learning (ODL): A Tool with Potentials in the Field of Education; The Case Study of Greek Educational Institutes
Instrument of Coordination of Social Groups for Effectiveness Increase in Smart Education’ Paradigm
Legal Aspects Use of Educational and Scientific Information Has Posted on the Internet for Organizing E-Learning on the Example of Russia
Protection of Confidential Information in Educational Information Environments
Best Practices for a Scientific Seminar in Business Process Management for Master Students at Russian University
Part XI: Symposium on Integrated Information
The Communication Role for the Applying of Anchoring Pricing in the Information Sector
An Analytical Framework for the Analysis of an Information Economy
The Use of Social Media for Private Concerns in Organizations: An Interview Study
Toward an Integrated Approach to Information Management: A Literature Review
Assessing Library Anxiety in Undergraduate Students Using the Greek Library Anxiety Scale (G-Las)
Retrieval and Dissemination of Information in Distributed and Wireless Environments
The Design of a Knowledge Base for the Prevention of Bullying in Elementary School
Information Technology Literacy for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Higher Education
A Framework for Communities of Practice in Radiotherapy
Integration of Descriptive and Spatial Data to Rank Public Buildings According to Their Exposure to Landslide Hazard
Integration of Descriptive and Spatial Data to Rank Public Buildings According to Their Exposure to Landslide Hazard: A Case Study
Hypatia Digital Library: A Text Classification Approach Based on Abstracts
Reading Clubs: Current Trends and the Case of Greece. .
This book presents the latest on the theoretical approach of the contemporary issues evolved in strategic marketing and the integration of theory and practice. It seeks to make advancements in the discipline by promoting strategic research and innovative activities in marketing. The book highlights the use of data analytics, intelligence and knowledge-based systems in this area. In the era of knowledge-based economy, marketing has a lot to gain from collecting and analyzing data associated with customers, business processes, market economics or even data related to social activities. The contributed chapters are concerned with using modern qualitative and quantitative techniques based on information technology used to manage and analyze business data, to discover hidden knowledge and to introduce intelligence into marketing processes. This allows for a focus on innovative applications in all aspects of marketing, of computerized technologies related to data analytics, predictive analytics and modeling, business intelligence and knowledge engineering, in order to demonstrate new ways of uncovering hidden knowledge and supporting marketing decisions with evidence-based intelligent tools. Among the topics covered include innovative tourism marketing strategies, marketing communications in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the use of business modeling, as well as reflecting on the marketing trends and outlook for all transportation industry segments. The papers in this proceedings has been written by scientists, researchers, practitioners and students that demonstrate a special orientation in strategic marketing, all of whom aspire to be ahead of the curve based on the pillars of innovation. This proceedings volume compiles their contributions to the field, highlighting the exchange of insights on strategic issues in the science of innovation marketing.

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