Volatile Landscape edited By Ramzy Mardini

Full Title: Volatile Landscape: Iraq And Its Insurgent Movements
Author/Editor(s): Ramzy Mardini
ISBN: 0981690548, 9780981690544
Publisher: The Jamestown Foundation
Published Place: Washington, DC
Published/Copyright Year: 2010
Language: English
Physical Description: Colored map included, 23 cm
Number of pages: 323 (323 pages)
Insurgency > Iraq
Iraq > History > 2003-

Introduction : The surge, the leap, and the great fall : sectarianism and nationalism during the al-Maliki government, 2006-2010 / Reidar Visser
Part I : The counterinsurgency years.
Chapter one : before counterinsurgency. Post-2005 provincial election terrorist trends in Iraq / Mahan Abedin
Foreign involvement in the Iraqi insurgency ; Terrorism and complex warfare in Iraq / Ahmed Hasim
Anbar province and emerging trends in the Iraqi insurgency ; Assessing the impact of Iraq's 2005 parliamentary election on the insurgency / Mahan Abedin

Chapter two : evolving trends and insurgent groups. Divisions within the Iraqi insurgency / Lydia Khalil
Al-Qaeda and Iraq : too soon to declare victory / Michael Scheuer
Sufi insurgents groups in Iraq / Rafid Fadhil Ali
Uncertainty facing Iraq's awakening movement puts U.S. strategy at risk / Ramzy Mardini
Mergers and acquisitions within the Iraqi insurgency / Pascale Combelles Siegel

Iran charged with infiltration and sabotage of Iraq's Awakening Councils / Rafid Fadhil Ali
Kurdish Islamist groups in northern Iraq / Rafid Fadhil Ali
Iraq's Islamic Mujahideen profiled by jihadi websites (Two parts) / Abdul Hameed Bakier
Al-Awda Party and the Ba'athist dream of return in Iraq / Rafid Fadhil Ali

Chapter three : insurgent tactics and methods. Jihadi website advices Mujahideen on equipment to bring to Iraq / Erich Marquardt
Al-Qaeda adapts its methods in Iraq as part of a global strategy; Al-Qaeda's Islamic state of Iraq turns to YouTube ; Iraqi jihadi offers online lessons on ambush techniques ; Al-Qaeda's Islamic state of Iraq absorbing fighters from other Jihadist groups ; Jihad wants you : al-Qaeda seeks skilled recruits in Iraq ; Islamic state of Iraq gives advice on infiltration routes into Iraq ; Jihadi forums detail tactical use of silenced weapons in Iraq ; Ex-Ba'athists turn to Naqshbandi Sufis to legitimize insurgency / Abdul Hameed Bakier

Persuading the uncertain and punishing the recalcitrant : al-Qaeda seeks to absorb Iraq's Awakening Councils / Murad Batal al-Shishani / Insurgent attacks on the Iraqi energy sector / Rafid Fadhil Ali
Islamic state of Iraq brings Internet propaganda to the streets / Abdul Hameed Bakier

Chapter four : faces of the insurgency. A profile of al-Qaeda's new leader in Iraq : Abu Ayyub al-Masri / Abdul Hameed Bakier
The Shi'a Zarqawi : a profile of Abu Deraa ; Harith al-Dhari : Iraq's most wanted Sunni leader / Lydia Khalil
Becoming an ayatollah : the new Iraqi politics of Muqtada al-Sadr / Babak Rahimi
Reviving the Iraqi Ba'ath : a profile of General Muhammad Yunis al-Ahmad / Rafid Fadhil Ali
The Abu Omar al-Baghdadi tapes : supposedly imprisoned Islamist claims he still leads fight against U.S. occupation / Andrew McGregor
Muqtada al-Sadr's radical rival : a portrait of Qais al-Khaz'ali / Rafid Fadhil Ali

Part II : Iraq's north and south.
Chapter five : the security scene in southern Iraq. Understanding the roots of the Shi'a insurgency in Iraq / Ahmed Hashim
The Sadr-Sistani relationship ; Shi'a power struggle unfolds in Diwaniya ; A Shi'a storm looms on the horizon : Sadr and ISCI relations ; The militia politics of Basra / Babak Rahimi
The surge, the Shi'a, and nation building in Iraq / Reidar Visser
The Hakim-Sadr pact : a new era in Shi'a politics ; What directions for the Jaysh al-Mahdi after the Basra offensive / Babak Rahimi
Iraqi Shi'a factionalism and Iran's role in the Basra fighting / Reidar Visser
Confronting the Sadrists : the issue of state and militia in Iraq / Rafid Fadhil Ali
The Mumahidun : Muqtada al-Sadr's new militia ; In the aftermath of Iraq's 2009 provincial elections : Shi'a militancy takes a blow from Nouri al-Maliki's mainstream / Babak Rahimi

Chapter six : Iraq's dangerous Kurdish-Arab rivalry. Strategic implications for Northern Iraq's Kurdish oil industry / Lydia Khalil
Iraqi military operation in Diyala province risks renewal of Kurdish-Arab conflict / Ramzy Mardini
Arms shipment to the Kurds may be a sign of conflict between the KRG and Baghdad . Emrullah Uslu
In the aftermath of Iraq's 2009 provincial elections : a dangerous year ahead for Iraqi Kurds / David Romano
Rising Arab-Kurdish tensions over Kirkuk will complicate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq / Ramzy Mardini
Challenges to U.S. proposal to pacify northern Iraq may lead to extended American military presence / Ramzy Mardini
Iraq's security is Kurdistan's security : an interview with KRG intelligence chief Masrour Barzani / Wladimir van Wilgenburg
Key to Iraqi stability lies in resolution of the conflicting interests of Kurds and Arabs / David Romano

Part III : Iraq since the June 30, 2009 withdrawal.
Chapter seven : a volatile security environment. Latest surge of violence in Iraq tests al-Maliki's government / Babak Rahimi
The implications of Abdul Aziz al-Hakim's death for Iraqi security / Babak Rahimi
Iraqi insurgents take the offensive as parliamentary elections approach / Ramzy Mardini
Diplomacy fails to defuse Iraqi anger over alleged Syrian role in Baghdad's "Bloody Wednesday" / Rafid Fadhil Ali
Al-Qaeda in Iraq operations suggest rising confidence ahead of U.S. military withdrawal / Ramzy Mardini
No place like home : Iraq's refugee crisis threatens the future of Iraq / Rachel Schneller

Chapter eight : insurgent strategies since U.S. withdrawal. Jihadis ask how the Mujahideen will control an Islamic state of Iraq / Abdul Hameed Bakier
Jihadis turn their eyes to Syria as a post-Iraq theater of operations / Murad Batal al-Shishani

Jihadis debate methods of financing the Mujahideen network in Iraq / Abdul Hameed Bakier
Militant Iraqi nationalists struggle with approach to al-Qaeda's Islamic state of Iraq / Pascale Combelles Siegel
The changing strategic posture of Iraq's insurgents / Ramzy Mardini

Chapter nine : the changing political landscape. The politics behind Iraq's second parliamentary election / Joel Wing
Who speaks for the Shi'a of Iraq / Rachel Schneller.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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