Saponins In Food, Feedstuffs, And Medicinal Plants edited By W. Oleszek And A. Marston

Full Title: Saponins In Food, Feedstuffs, And Medicinal Plants
Author/Editor(s): W Oleszek; A Marston (1953-)
ISBN: 0792360230, 9780792360230
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Published Place: Boston, MA
Published/Copyright Year: 2000
Language: English
Physical Description: Illustrations included, 25 cm
LCCN: 00030658
Series: Proceedings Of The Phytochemical Society Of Europe ( Volume 45 )
Number of pages: 291 (x, 291 pages)
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Machine generated contents note: 1. Analysis and isolation of saponins from plant material
A. Marston, J.-L. Wolfender and K. Hostettmann
2. Bioactive saponins from some plants used in Indian traditional
Shashi B. Mahato
3. Micro-extraction and characterization of saponins in peanut meal
and soybean flour using HPLC and FAB mass spectrometry
J.A. Singleton, L.F. Stikeleather and C.A. Haney
4. LC-MS and LC-MS/MS analysis of saponins and sapogenins -
comparison of ionization techniques and their usefulness in compound
A.D. Muir, K.D. Ballantyne and T. W. Hall
5. Separation of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) saponins as their borate
complexes by capillary electrophoresis
A. Tava, M. Chiari and W. Oleszek
6. Single run HPLC separation of escins Ia and IIa by means of a Waters
symmetry shield C8 column
S. Apers, L. Pieters, A. Vlietinck, A. Vercruysse and A. Foriers
7. Polyhydroxylated steroidal saponins from Asteroidea (starfish)
A.A. Kicha, A.I. Kalinowsky, N. V. Ivanchina and V.A. Stonik
8. Production of a diverse library of plant natural products for bioassays
M. Steward, R.J. Nash and M.I. Chicarelli-Robinson
9. Structure determination of saponins with cardiotonic activity by
circular dichroism
J-G. Dong, A. Kawamura, J. Guo, I.A. Zanze, K. Nakanishi and N. Berova
10. Non-NMR methods for structure elucidation of saponins
T. Schopke
11. A triterpenoidal saponin and other new constituents from Terminalia
S.K. Srivastava, S.D. Srivastava and B.K. Chouksey
12. Chemistry and bioactivity of saponins from some Sri Lankan plants
U.L.B. Jayasinghe, G.P. Wannigama and Y. Fujimoto
13. Oat root saponins and root-infecting fungi
A. Osbourn, J. Carter, K. Papadopoulou, K. Haralampidis,
M. Trojanowska and R. Melton
14. Chemo-ecological role of spirostanol saponins in the interaction
between plants and insects
J. Harmatha
15. Localizations of saponins, fu'ranocoumarins and other phenolics in
fruits and shoots of some Rutaceae, Umbelliferae, Caprifoliaceae
and Leguminosae
A.M. Zobel, J.A. Lynch, W. Oleszek and K. Wierzchowska-Renke
16. Triterpene glycosides from sea cucumbers (Holothurioidea):
structure, function and evolution
V.I. Kalinin, S.A. Avilov anti V.A. Stonik
17. Production of ginseng saponins by cell suspension cultures of
Panax notoginseng in bioreactors
J.J. Zhong
18. Saponin production by cell/callus cultures of Panax species
A. Mathur, A.K. Mathur and A. Gangwar
19. Use of 4C-labeled alfalfa saponins for monitoring their fate in soil
M. Okumura, A.B. Filonow and G.R. Waller
20. Chemical and pharmacological studies on triterpene saponins, escins,
from horse chestnut seeds
M. Yoshikawa and H. Matsuda
21. Biologically and pharmacologically active saponins from plants:
recent advances
M.A. Lacaille-Dubois
22. Physicochemical characteristics of interaction of saponins from
Holothurians (sea cucumbers) with cell membranes
LA. Gorshkova, S.G. Ilyin and V.A. Stonik
23. Biological activity of deltoside from Allium nutans L.
L.S. Akhov, M.M. Musienko, Y. Shishova, V.P. Polishuk and W. Oleszek
24. Glycoside based adjuvants
F. Ferreira and J. Llodra
25. Actual and potential applications of Yucca schidigera and Quillaja
saponaria saponins in human and animal nutrition
P.R. Cheeke
26. Dietary saponins and human health
A. V. Rao and D.M. Gurfinkel
27. Sustainable production of Quillaja saponaria Mol. Saponins
R. San Martin
28. Beneficial effects of saponins on animal production
H.P.S. Makkar and K. Becker

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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