Principles And Practice Of Geriatric Medicine by editors, M.S. John Pathy, Alan J. Sinclair, John E. Morley

Full Title: Principles And Practice Of Geriatric Medicine
Author/Editor(s): M. S. J Pathy; Alan Sinclair; John E Morely; John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470090553, 9780470090558
Publisher: Wiley
Published Place: Hoboken, NJ
Published/Copyright Year: 2006
Language: English
Physical Description: Illustrations included,
Edition: 4th Edition [View All Editions]
Number of pages: 2 v.

Historical perspectives
A biological perspective on aging
Immunity and aging
Physiology of aging
Aging of the brain
Psychological aspects of aging
Neurochemistry of aging
Neuropathology of aging
The demography of aging
Social and community aspects of aging
Sexuality and aging
Physical fitness and exercise
Transportation, driving, and older adults
Smoking in the elderly
Alcohol use and abuse
On the evolution of all-cause and cause-specific mortality in the age class 75-84 years: a worldwide overview
Elder abuse
Smart homes
Preventive geriatrics
Polypharmacy, is this another disease
The problem-orientated approach to geriatric medicine
Oral health
Oral disease
Epidemiology of nutrition and aging
Absorption of nutrients
The anorexia of aging
Weight loss in older adults
Vitamins and minerals in the elderly
Obesity in the elderly
Changes in gastrointestinal motor and sensory function associated with aging
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Liver and gall bladder
Sphincter function
Diseases of the pancreas
Anemia in older persons
Disorders of hemostasis
Disseminated intravascular coagulation
Anticoagulants in the elderly
Management of leukemia in the elderly.
Epidemiology of heart disease
Cardiac aging and systemic disorders
Arrhythmias in the elderly
Ischemic heart disease in elderly persons
Valvular disease in the elderly
Mechanisms of heart failure
Heart failure in the elderly
Management of acute cardiac emergencies and cardiac surgery
Cardiac surgery in the elderly
Pathogenesis of atherosclerosis
Peripheral vascular disease in elderly persons
Venous thromboembolism
Cardiac cachexia
Cardiac rehabilitation in older people
Epidemiology of respiratory infection
The effect of aging on the respiratory skeletal muscles
Aspiration pneumonia.
Respiratory disease in the elderly
Pulmonary rehabilitation
Sleep disorders in elderly people
Neurological signs of aging
Headache in the elderly
Parkinson's Disease and parkinsonism in the elderly
Non parkinsonian movement disorders in the elderly
Normal pressure hydrocephalus
Epidemiology of stroke
Management of carotid artery stenosis
Acute stroke
Secondary stroke
Communication disorders and dysphagia
Stroke rehabilitation
Clinical psychology in physcial rehabilitation
Syncope and nonepileptic attacks
Peripheral neuropathy
Disorders of the neuromuscular junction
Sarcopenia and sarcopenic-obesity.
Muscle disorders
Motor neurone disease
Abnormalities of the autonomic nervous system
Control of chronic pain
Cervical and lumbar spinal canal stenosis
Spinovascular insufficiency
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Acute and chronic subdural hematoma
Communication disorders in dementia
Memory clinics
Cellular changes in alzheimer's disease
Clinical apsects of alzheimer's disease
Mild cognitive impairment
Vascular dementia
Other dementias
Treatment of behavioral disorders
Geriatric psychiatry
Organization of services in geriatric psychiatry
Depression in late life: etiology, diagnosis and treatment.
The older patient with down's syndrome
Drug misuse and the older person: a contradiction in terms
Disorders of the eye
The epidemiology of hearing in aging population
Auditory system
Disorders of the vestibular system
Smell and taste
Age-related changes in calcium homeostasis and bone loss
Paget's disease of bone
Epidemiology of osteoporosis
Osteoporosis and its consequences: a major threat to the quality of life in the elderly
Gait, balance, and falls
Foot problems in the elderly
Hip fracture and orthogeriatrics
Diseases of the joints
Back pain
Water and electrolyte balance in health and disease
Endocrinology of aging.
The pituitary gland
Thyroid disorders
Ovarian and testicular function
Type 2 diabetes mellitus in senior citizens
Gynecology and the older patient
The aging bladder
Prostate diseases
Urinary incontinence
Renal diseases
Cancer and aging
Oncological emergencies and urgencies
Breast cancer in the elderly
Multidimensional geriatric assessment
Function assessment scales
Skin disorders in the elderly
Pressure ulceration
Perioperative and postoperative medical assessment
Anesthesia in older people
Health issues in the aging female
Ethical issues
Restraints and immobility.
Diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology
Infectious diseases
Infective endocarditis in the elderly
Infections of the central nervous system
Geriatric medicine education in Europe
Education in geriatric medicine in the United Kingdom
The contribution of family doctors to the primary care of older people: lessons from the British experience
Carers and the role of the family
Nurisng home care
Clinical audit of health care
Improving quality of care
Resident assessment instrument/minimum data set
Nursing (UK)
Geriatric occupational therapy: focus on participation in meaningful daily living.
Systems of health care: the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia
Geriatric day hospitals
Health and care for older people in the United Kingdom
Geriatrics in the United States
Geriatrics and gerontology in Japan
Care of the elderly in Israel: old age in young land
Geriatric medicine in China
Aging in developing countries
Geriatrics from the European union perspective
Delivery of health care in India
Geriatrics in Latin America
Management of the dying patient.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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