Iraq Between Occupations edited By Amatzia Baram, Achim Rohde, And Ronen Zeidel

Full Title: Iraq Between Occupations: Perspectives From 1920 To The Present
Author/Editor(s): Amatzia Baram (1938-); Achim Rohde (1969-); Ronen Zeidel
ISBN: 0230107109, 9780230107106
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Published Place: New York
Published/Copyright Year: 2010
Language: English
Physical Description: 22 cm
LCCN: 2010025499
Edition: 1st Edition [View All Editions]
Number of pages: 279 (vi, 279 pages)
Iraq > Politics And Government > 1921-1958
Iraq > Politics And Government > 1958-

Introduction: Iraq: history reconsidered, present reassessed /
Amatzia Baram, Achim Rohde , and Ronen Zeidel

Part I.
Iraq between a nation-state and ethnosectarian divides: a reappraisal:
* One Iraq or many: what has happened to Iraqi Identity /
Phebe Marr;
The clash of identities in Iraq /
Sherko Kirmanj.
On the brink: state and nation in Iraqi Kurdistan /
Ofra Bengio;
Kurdish leadership in post-Saddam Iraq: national challenges and changing conditions /
Michael Eppel

Part II.
Aspects of Iraqi history under the monarchy:
Iraqi democracy and the democratic vision of Abd al-Fattah Ibrahim /
Orit Bashkin;
Women under the monarchy: a backdrop for post-Saddam events /
Noga Efrati

Part III.
The Ba'th era and beyond:
Revisiting the republic of fear: lessons for research in contemporary Iraq /
Achim Rohde;
Sadr the father, Sadr the son, and the "Revolution in Shi'ism", and the struggle for power in Hawzah of Najaf /
Amatzia Baram;
On servility and survival: the Sunni opposition to Saddam and the origins of the current Sunni leadership in Iraq /
Ronen Zeidel;
The performance of the Iraq Armed Forces in Operation Desert Storm and the impact of Desert Storm on its performance in Operation Iraqi Freedom /
Pesah Malovany;
Management of Iraq's economy pre and post the 2003 war: an assessment /
Joseph Sassoon

Part IV.
Iraq after the surge /
Michael Eisenstadt;
Amateur hour in Iraq: a worm's-eye view on the failure of nation building /
A. Heather Coyne;
Until they leave: liberation, occupation, and insurgency in Iraq /
Judith Yaphe.
"This edited volume represents a re-examination of the most central issues in the history of the Iraqi nation state until the American occupation (1920-2003) and, in the light of that history, a re-evaluation of developments under the occupation (2003-2008). By re-visiting Iraq's history, the contributors are offering a fresh look at the contradictions, oscillations and development of the Iraqi nation and its sense of identity, as well as the American occupation, and are suggesting what it all may mean in terms of the future of Iraq"
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"A fresh look at Iraqi history through the twentieth century until today, this book identifies continuities and breaks in the Iraqi experience. It combines chapters that provide each an expansive bird's-eye view of a key issue spanning a century with chapters that focus on more specific case studies that have been largely overlooked so far but such that are of great significance for Iraq's present and future. Some of the events and developments discussed were enforced from the outside and some grew out of particular and historically changing configurations within Iraqi society, but all are highly relevant to the understanding of contemporary Iraq. Written by leading scholars in the field, the chapters focus on such topics as the changing features of the of Iraqi identity, the rise of Iraqi nationalism alongside competing identities, ethnic and sectarian communalism, the role of women, Iraq's military history, the Iraqi economy, state building after the 2003 invasion, and a comparative discussion of the British and U.S. colonial adventures and the implications of those developments for the future of the country. The volume raises some pertinent questions on the way Iraqi history and present are interpreted and adds knowledge to the existing scholarship"
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

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