Globalization by William R. Nester

Full Title: Globalization: A Short History Of The Modern World
Author/Editor(s): William R. Nester (1956-)
ISBN: 0230106919, 9780230106918
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Published Place: New York
Published/Copyright Year: 2010
Language: English
Physical Description: 22 cm
LCCN: 2010014445
Edition: 1st Edition [View All Editions]
Number of pages: 181 (vi, 181 pages)
Globalization > History
International Relations
World Politics

Introduction: globalization, perils and prospects
Modernity and its discontents
The rise and fall of civilizations
From feudal to modern Europe
Global imperialism's first wave
The nation-state
Liberalism and nationalism
The industrial revolution
Global imperialism's second wave through World War I
Peace, prosperity, and collapse
The rise of communism and fascism
The anti-colonial struggle
World War II and the postwar liberal global system
The Cold War from 1947 to 1968
The Cold War from 1969 to 1991
The post Cold War world
The post September 11 world
Into the 21st century: the Faustian dilemma.
"International politics began with the emergence of the first organized states thousands of years ago. Global politics is more recent
it appeared about five centuries ago when the European powers began to mesh the world's far corners together through conquest and trade. Today we live on a planet characterized by globalization or the ever more complex economic, cultural, technological, and environmental interdependence among all people everywhere. Until recently globalization's development was slow. Although countries increasingly traded, allied, and negotiated with each other, the divisions among them far outweighed the ties, and nations often settled their conflicts with war or the threat of war. However, since 1945, despite or more likely because of the "Cold War," globalization has developed rapidly and profoundly. Today all humans are formally tied to all others through their country's membership in the United Nations and numerous other international organizations, along with the immediate benefits of global trade, telecommunications, travel, and the internet. Yet globalization has a dark side
it destroys as well as creates jobs, wealth, and lives, while every human lives under the shadow of potential nuclear and ecological extinction. How did humanity reach a stage of history so filled with such an array of prospects and perils Globalization: A Short History of the Modern World explores that all powerful force for good and evil from the Renaissance through today and beyond"

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