Advertising And Promotion by George E. Belch & Michael A. Belch

Full Title: Advertising And Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective
Author/Editor(s): George E Belch (1951-); Michael A. Belch; Class of 1953 Fund
ISBN: 0078028973, 9780078028977
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
Published Place: New York NY
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: English
Physical Description: 29 cm
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Number of pages: 842 (xxxiv, 842 pages)
Sales Promotion
Communication In Marketing
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PART ONE: Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications
1. An Introduction To Integrated Marketing Communications
The Growth of Advertising and Promotion
The Role of Marketing
The Marketing Mix
Integrated Marketing Communications
The Evolution of IMC
A Contemporary Perspective of IMC
Reasons for the Growing Importance of IMC
The Role of IMC in Branding
The Promotional Mix: The Tools for IMC
Direct Marketing
Digital/Internet Marketing
Sales Promotion
Publicity/Public Relations
Personal Selling
IMC Involves Audience Contacts
The IMC Planning Process
Review of the Marketing Plan
Promotional Program Situation Analysis
Analysis of the Communication Process
Budget Determination
Developing the Integrated Marketing Communications Program
Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control
Perspective and Organization of this Text
2. The Role Of IMC In The Marketing Process
Marketing Strategy and Analysis

6. Source, Message, And Channel Factors
Promotional Planning through the Persuasion Matrix
Source Factors
Source Credibility
Source Attractiveness
Choosing a Celebrity Endorser
Source Power
Message Factors
Message Structure
Message Appeals
Channel Factors
Personal versus Nonpersonal Channels
Effects of Alternative Mass Media
Effects of Context and Environment
PART FOUR: Objectives and Budgeting for Integrated Marketing Communications Programs
7. Establishing Objectives And Budgeting For The Promotional Program
The Value of Objectives
Planning and Decision Making
Measurement and Evaluation of Results
Determining Integrated Marketing Communications Objectives
Marketing versus Communications Objectives
Sales versus Communications Objectives
Sales-Oriented Objectives
Communications Objectives
DAGMAR: An Approach to Setting Objectives
Characteristics of Objectives

Assessment of DAGMAR
Problems in Setting Objectives
Improving Promotional Planners' Use of Objectives
Setting Objectives for the IMC Program
Establishing and Allocating the Promotional Budget
Establishing the Budget
Budgeting Approaches
Allocating the Budget
PART FIVE: Developing the Integrated Marketing Communications Program
8. Creative Strategy: Planning And Development
The Importance of Creativity in Advertising
Advertising Creativity
What Is Creativity
Different Perspectives on Advertising Creativity
Determinants of Creativity
Planning Creative Strategy
The Creative Challenge
Taking Creative Risks
The Perpetual Debate: Creative versus Hard-Sell Advertising
Creative Personnel
The Creative Process
Account Planning
Inputs to the Creative Process: Preparation, Incubation, Illumination
Inputs to the Creative Process: Verification, Revision
Creative Strategy Development
Advertising Campaigns

Behavioral Learning Theory
Cognitive Learning Theory
Environmental Influences on Consumer Behavior
Reference Groups
Situational Determinants
Alternative Approaches to Consumer Behavior
New Methodologies
New Insights
PART THREE: Analyzing the Communication Process
5. The Communication Process
The Nature of Communication
A Basic Model of Communication
Source Encoding
Analyzing the Receiver
Identifying the Target Audience
The Response Process
Traditional Response Hierarchy Models
Alternative Response Hierarchies
Implications of the Alternative Response Models
The Social Consumer Decision Journey
Cognitive Processing of Communications
The Cognitive Response Approach
The Elaboration Likelihood Model
Summarizing the Response Process and the Effects of Advertising

Consumer Franchise-Building versus Nonfranchise-Building Promotions
Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion
Objectives of Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion
Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion Techniques
Contests and Sweepstakes
Refunds and Rebates
Bonus Packs
Price-Off Deals
Loyalty Programs
Event Marketing
Summary of Consumer-Oriented Promotions and Marketer Objectives
Trade-Oriented Sales Promotion
Objectives of Trade-Oriented Sales Promotion
Types of Trade-Oriented Promotions
Coordinating Sales Promotion with Advertising and Other IMC Tools
Budget Allocation
Coordination of Ad and Promotion Themes
Media Support and Timing
Sales Promotion Abuse
17. Public Relations, Publicity, And Corporate Advertising
Public Relations
The Traditional Definition of PR
The New Role of PR
Integrating PR into the Promotional Mix
Marketing Public Relations Functions
The Process of Public Relations

Creative Aspects and Mood
Budget Considerations
Evaluation and Follow-Up
Characteristics of Media
Appendix A ASICS America Summary Flowchart
11. Evaluation Of Media: Television And Radio
Advantages of Television
Limitations of Television
Buying Television Time
Network versus Spot
Methods of Buying Time
Selecting Time Periods and Programs
Cable Television
Measuring the TV Audience
Advantages of Radio
Limitations of Radio
Buying Radio Time
Time Classifications
Audience Information
12. Evaluation Of Media: Magazines And Newspapers
The Role of Magazines and Newspapers
Classifications of Magazines
Advantages of Magazines
Disadvantages of Magazines
Magazine Circulation and Readership
Audience Information and Research for Magazines
Purchasing Magazine Advertising Space
The Future for Magazines
Types of Newspapers

Creative Brief
The Search for the Major Selling Idea
Developing the Major Selling Idea
Contemporary Approaches to the Big Idea
9. Creative Strategy: Implementation And Evaluation
Appeals and Execution Styles
Advertising Appeals
Advertising Execution
Creative Tactics
Creative Tactics for Print Advertising
Creative Tactics for Television
Client Evaluation and Approval of Creative Work
Guidelines for Evaluating Creative Output
10. Media Planning And Strategy
An Overview of Media Planning
Some Basic Terms and Concepts
The Media Plan
Problems in Media Planning
Developing the Media Plan
Market Analysis and Target Market Identification
To Whom Will We Advertise
What Internal and External Factors Are Operating
Where to Promote
Establishing Media Objectives
Developing and Implementing Media Strategies
The Media Mix
Target Market Coverage
Geographic Coverage
Reach versus Frequency

Determining and Evaluating Public Attitudes
Establishing a PR Plan
Developing and Executing the PR Program
Advantages and Disadvantages of PR
Measuring the Effectiveness of PR
The Power of Publicity
The Control and Dissemination of Publicity
Advantages and Disadvantages of Publicity
Measuring the Effectiveness of Publicity
Corporate Advertising
Objectives of Corporate Advertising
Types of Corporate Advertising
Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporate Advertising
Measuring the Effectiveness of Corporate Advertising
PART SIX: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control
18. Measuring The Effectiveness Of The Promotional Program
Arguments for and Against Measuring Effectiveness
Reasons to Measure Effectiveness
Reasons Not to Measure Effectiveness
Conducting Research to Measure Advertising Effectiveness
What to Test
When to Test
Where to Test
How to Test
The Testing Process
Concept Generation and Testing

Direct-Marketing Objectives
Direct-Marketing Strategies and Media Direct Selling
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Direct Marketing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing
15. The Internet: Digital And Social Media
The Growth of the Internet
Why the Rapid Adoption of the Internet
Web Objectives
The Internet and Integrated Marketing Communications
Advertising on the Internet -Web 1.0
IMC Using Social and Other Media -Web. 2.0
Sales Promotion on the Internet
Personal Selling on the Internet
Public Relations on the Internet
Direct Marketing on the Internet
Internet Metrics
Audience Measures and Measures of Effectiveness
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet, Digital and Social Media
16. Sales Promotion
The Scope and Role of Sales Promotion
The Growth of Sales Promotion
Reasons for the Increase in Sales Promotion
Concerns about the Increased Role of Sales Promotion

Opportunity Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Target Market Selection
The Target Marketing Process
Identifying Markets
Market Segmentation
Selecting a Target Market
Market Positioning
Developing a Positioning Strategy
Developing the Marketing Planning Program
Product Decisions
Price Decisions
Distribution Channel Decisions
Developing Promotional Strategies: Push or Pull
The Role of Advertising and Promotion
PART TWO: Integrated Marketing Communications Program Situation Analysis
3. Organizing For Advertising And Promotion: The Role Of Ad Agencies And Other Marketing Communication Organizations
Participants in the Integrated Marketing Communications Process: An Overview
Organizing for Advertising and Promotion in the Firm: The Client's Role
The Centralized System
The Decentralized System
In-House Agencies
Advertising Agencies
The Ad Agency's Role
Types of Ad Agencies

Other Types of Agencies and Services
Agency Compensation
Commissions from Media
Fee, Cost, and Incentive-Based Systems
Percentage Charges
The Future of Agency Compensation
Evaluating Agencies
Gaining and Losing Clients
Specialized Services
Direct-Marketing Agencies
Sales Promotion Agencies
Public Relations Firms
Digital/Interactive Agencies
Collateral Services
Integrated Marketing Communications Services
Pros and Cons of Integrated Services
Responsibility for IMC: Agency versus Client
4. Perspectives On Consumer Behavior
An Overview of Consumer Behavior
The Consumer Decision-Making Process
Problem Recognition
Examining Consumer Motivations
Information Search
Alternative Evaluation
Integration Processes and Decision Rules
Purchase Decision
Postpurchase Evaluation
Variations in Consumer Decision Making
The Consumer Learning Process

Rough Art, Copy, and Commercial Testing
Pretesting of Finished Ads
Market Testing of Ads
Establishing a Program for Measuring Advertising Effects
Problems with Current Research Methods
Essentials of Effective Testing
Measuring the Effectiveness of Other Program Elements
Measuring the Effectiveness of Sales Promotions
Measuring the Effectiveness of Nontraditional Media
Measuring the Effectiveness of Sponsorships
Measuring the Effectiveness of Other IMC Program Elements
PART SEVEN: Special Tonics and Perspectives
19. International Advertising And Promotion
The Importance of International Markets
The Role of International Advertising and Promotion
The International Environment
The Economic Environment
The Demographic Environment
The Cultural Environment
The Political/Legal Environment
Global versus Localized Advertising
Advantages of Global Marketing and Advertising
Problems with Global Advertising

The Lanham Act
State Regulation
Regulation of Other Promotional Areas
Marketing on the Internet
21. Evaluating The Social, Ethical, And Economic Aspects Of Advertising And Promotion
Advertising and Promotion Ethics
Social and Ethical Criticisms of Advertising
Advertising as Untruthful or Deceptive
Advertising as Offensive or in Bad Taste
Advertising and Children
Social and Cultural Consequences
Summarizing Social Effects
Economic Effects of Advertising
Effects on Consumer Choice
Effects on Competition
Effects on Product Costs and Prices
Summarizing Economic Effects
22. Personal Selling (Online).
Types of Newspaper Advertising
Advantages of Newspapers
Limitations of Newspapers
The Newspaper Audience
Purchasing Newspaper Space
Newspaper Rates
The Future for Newspapers
Online Delivery and Multiple Platforms
13. Support Media
The Scope of the Support Media Industry
Traditional Support Media
Outdoor Advertising
Alternative Out-of-Home Media
In-Store Media
Miscellaneous Outdoor Media
Transit Advertising
Measurement in Out-of-Home Media
Promotional Products Marketing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Promotional Products Marketing
Measurement in Promotional Products Marketing
Yellow Pages Advertising
Other Traditional Support Media
Advertising in Movie Theaters
Nontraditional Support Media
Branded Entertainment
Guerrilla Marketing
Miscellaneous Other Media
14. Direct Marketing
Defining Direct Marketing
The Growth of Direct Marketing
The Role of Direct Marketing in the IMC Program

When Is Globalization Appropriate
Global Products, Local Messages
Decision Areas in International Advertising
Organizing for International Advertising
Agency Selection
Creative Decisions
Media Selection
The Roles of Other Promotional-Mix Elements in International Marketing
Digital and Social Media
20. Regulation Of Advertising And Promotion
Self-Regulation by Advertisers and Agencies
Self-Regulation by Trade Associations
Self-Regulation by Businesses
The Advertising Self-Regulatory Council and the NAD/NARB
Self-Regulation by Media
Appraising Self-Regulation
Federal Regulation of Advertising
Advertising and the First Amendment
Background on Federal Regulation of Advertising
The Federal Trade Commission
The Concept of Unfairness
Deceptive Advertising
The FTC's Handling of Deceptive Advertising Cases
Developments in Federal Regulation by the FTC
Additional Federal Regulatory Agencies

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

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