Johannes Bugenhagen by edited And Translated By Kurt K. Hendel

Full Title: Johannes Bugenhagen: Selected Writings, Volume I And Volume II
Author/Editor(s): Johann Bugenhagen (1485-1558); Kurt Karl Hendel (1944-)
ISBN: 1451465556, 9781451465556
Publisher: Fortress Press
Published Place: Minneapolis MN
Published/Copyright Year: 2015
Language: English
Physical Description: 24 cm
Number of pages: 2 volumes (xiii, 1458 pages)
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Theology > Early Works To 1800
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Johannes Bugenhagen: Reformer beyond the limelight
Part I. The man and his times. Instruction of Johannes Bugenhagen Pomer that the opinion concerning the sacrament that is read in the Psalter translated into German under his name is not his; A short history . . .; Dr. Johannes Bugenhagen's answer to the question whether one can wage war for the sake of the gospel in order to defend it with the sword; A Christian sermon over the body and at the funeral of the venerable Dr. Martin Luther, preached by Mr. Johann Bugenhagen Pomeranus, doctor and pastor of the church in Wittenberg; Christian Admonition of the venerable Sir Doctor Johannes Bugenhagen Pomeranus, pastor of the church in Wittenberg, to the praiseworthy region Bohemia, Silesia and Lusatia; How we fared in the city of Wittenberg during this past war . . .
Part II. The Theologian. Concerning the high priestly office of Christ and the eternally lasting purification of His blood; An Open Letter to the Christians in England in which a Christian life is described; Judgment of the churches of Wittenberg . . . against Osiander; Concerning the Christian Faith and proper good works against the false faith and devised good works; A letter by Johannes Bugenhagen Pomer to the very honorable city of Hamburg; A Christian open letter to Lady Anna; The 29th Psalm Interpreted by Dr. Johann Bugenhagen Pomer . . .; Instruction Concerning Private Confession; Concerning the Evangelical Mass; Several Christian reflections concerning the mass and other ceremonies; An open letter against the new error concerning the sacrament of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ; An open letter by Mr. Johann Bugenhagen Pomer, Pastor in Wittenberg, regarding a question concerning the Sacrament; An open letter by Johannes Bugenhagen Pomeranus to the honorable city council of Bremen against the Enthusiasts; Reports of the Disputation in Flensburg concerning the most honorable Sacrament . . .; Against the Thieves of the Cup
Part III. The Exegete. The first Psalm of David . . .; A beautiful revelation of the antichrist; Concerning the realm and priesthood of Christ. The 110th Psalm of David
Part IV. The Pastor. Concerning the Marriage of Bishops and Deacons; A very useful little book concerning monastic chastity and Christian confession to be read by every Christian as a comfort. Furthermore, an instruction concerning Christian absolution; What one should think about monastic life; Marriage Matters; Admonition to all Pastors and Preachers of the Gospel in Electoral Saxony
Part V. The Church Organizer and Social Reformer. The Christian Order of the honorable city of Braunschweig.
Martin Luther did not reform the church by himself. Throughout his life, and in the decades after it, many others spent their careers and risked their lives in the pursuit of a renewed church. They, too, made crucial contributions to the Wittenberg reform movement. In this landmark set, an extensive collection of writings from Johannes Bugenhagen, Luther's pastor, friend, and colleague in reform, are presented for the first time in English. The vast majority of these works have only been available in their original, sixteenth-century editions. Called by some the Second Apostle to the North, Johannes Bugenhagen (1485-1558) was a pivotal figure in the organization of the Lutheran movement in northern Germany and in parts of Scandinavia. His writings and diverse reforming activity made a lasting impression on church administration, education, the care of the poor, worship, and theology. Representing the fruit of many years of labor, Reformation scholar Kurt K. Hendel has organized this extensive collection thematically, introducing us to Bugenhagen the man, the theologian, the exegete, the pastor, the church organizer, and the social reformer.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

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Released Date: 20150728

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